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WooCommerce Headless Multivendor marketplace development with NextJS is developed in a manner in which the frontend of the website remains separated from its backend. The front end and back end of the website are associated with APIs.

WooCommerce headless marketplace offers excellent server-side rendering(SSR), improved core web vitals, enhanced google page experience, and uses microservice. This results in an enhanced user experience and faster page loading. Whereas NextJS and ReactJS are used for front-end web development and the backend is developed using WooCommerce.

We are an official Next.js agency partner. Also, we offer the same kind of solution on the Vue Storefront.

Highlighted Features

 Improved Core Web Vitals

It offers improved core web vitals for all the web pages.

 Extremely Fast Website Performance

Next.JS also improves the website performance and makes it ultra-fast.

 Google Page Experience

Google page experience also increases with the use of Next. JS.

 SEO Impact on Website Ranking

It impacts the website's SEO and promotes your website on a search engine.

 Image Enhancement

Using NextJS the image optimization gets improved and the image loading also gets smooth.

 Speedy Edit Refresh

Whenever anything gets edited it gets refreshed within seconds after edit.

 Next.js Analytics Implementation

Next.js Analytics gathers online vitals from the real devices your visitors are using.

 Decoupled Structure Usage

It uses a decoupled structure in which it is easy to make changes.

Why Do We Need WooCommerce Headless Multi-Vendor Marketplace Using NextJS?

If you are looking for the finest technology to develop multi-vendor marketplace websites like Amazon, eBay, and other big giants? Next.JS could be the answer for your technology search. Next.js offers a variety of innovative and cost-effective options.

The primary necessity for any marketplace development is good technology. Particularly in terms of quick reaction and low-cost development. A WooCommerce Headless Multi-vendor Marketplace with React or Next is a nice option.

Core Web Vital Improvement

Core Web Vitals are applied to all the web pages. Improved core web vitals is one of the key features of Next.js.

  • Google provides Web Vitals as a resource for identifying quality signals that are required to provide a better web user experience.
  • Every site owner should use Core Web Vitals since it thoroughly audits the user experience.
  • Based on loading, interactivity, and visual stability, it assesses the user experience.

Superfast Page Response

The most amazing feature of Next.js and ReactJS is Server-Side Rendering(SSR).

  • When we use NextJS in the headless WooCommerce Marketplace it automatically adds the benefit of faster page response.
  • It makes the website more interactive after fetching the data in a super-fast way.
  • Whenever the browser loads the page, it sends the pre-rendered page from the server to the browser in minimal javascript code.

Smooth Website Handling due to Headless Structure

WooCommerce headless structure provides smooth website handling as there are no regular updates required.

  • It is easy to integrate other web services as it uses microservices architecture like; accounting software into the WooCommerce headless CMS structure.
  • WooCommerce requires frequent updates whenever anything new comes into development.
  • Only one-time front-end development is required in WooCommerce headless marketplace development.

Boosts Website Ranking

Website ranking on a search engine result plays an important role for your website. There must be good SEO to rank your website on search engines.

  • It provides customized index pages, metadata addition for the homepage, isolated metadata components, and code abstraction in components to improve website ranking. \
  • To achieve 100% accuracy, it uses Google Lighthouse. The Google Lighthouse tool is used to assess the quality of websites.
  • It also adds more styles to enhance the SEO ranking.

Finer Solutions for Vendors & Customers

Next.js takes advantage of a headless approach and offers the finest solutions to customers and vendors.

  • The vendors get effortless website development within minimum time and superior technology.
  • A separate seller panel and customer panel give a better experience to them.
  • It provides ease of using the marketplace website for the customers.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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