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Separate framing and working of front-end and backend is the key functionality of a headless architecture. In Shopify's headless multivendor marketplace users can make changes separately on the front end and back end. The headless solution uses API integration and microservices integration which makes the website performance better.

It also improved core web vitals, website rendering, and page responsiveness. Shopify headless Multivendor Marketplace provides vital features as compared to the monolithic Shopify Multivendor Marketplace.

Hydrogen is used for front-end web development and the backend is developed using Shopify. Hydrogen React-based framework is start fast, build fast, and feels fast so the user can experience the best services on your eCommerce store.

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Highlighted Features

 Flexible Designs

In headless architecture, users can apply multiple designs and layouts on their front panel as it's decoupled from the backend.

 Fast Performance

React.js helps to improve the performance of the website and a separate panel also helps with that.

 Multiple Tech Stack

Hydrogen React-based framework is not only based on GraphQL and react it also uses Tailwind CSS, Vite, and TypeScript.

 Microservice Integration

A headless multivendor marketplace allows integration with different services like social media, chatbots, etc.

 Offline Approachable or PWA

As it's based on React tools like SSR (Server Side Rendering), PWA creation is fast and easy.

 Customizable Marketplace

Due to react.js and decoupled panels customization is easy on the marketplace platforms as per user requirements.

 Easy Upgrades

Website maintenance is mandatory with time-to-time updates without downtime. A headless solution solves the problem and maintains the updates without downtime.

 API Integration

API integration is the first preference for integration and any type of data transfer.

Why do we need Shopify Headless Multi-vendor Marketplace?

Nowadays customer requires an eCommerce website with fast processing and good response like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc. If a user wants to create a website like a commonly used website they can go with a headless solution. Shopify Headless Multivendor Marketplace uses a hydrogen framework for frontend development so it could be a better option for a store owner to create a website with that.

React- based Hydrogen framework enhances the speed of the website and provides an enhanced experience to the customers. With Shopify Hydrogen, users can provide a rich catalog of the shopping cart and content gallery, With the help of these e-commerce stores, you will get a new powerful tool to engross customers to stay on your site.

If a user is searching for technology with high performance, faster speed, enhanced core web vitals, good ranking, and easy optimization. Shopify's headless platform is the answer to all customer’s queries.

Enhanced Performance

The headless solution enhances the website's performance in different aspects.

  • Decoupled panels increased website speed and performance.
  • Front-end modification doesn't affect the backend working.
  • GraphQL and React.js boost website performance.
  • Hydrogen react-based framework facilitates the user doing customization and enhances performance.

Improved Security

The headless solution provides more security as compared to the monolithic solution.

  • Decoupled front end and back end provide improved security.
  • Due to separate panels, shopper authentication is secure and fast so any hacker won't be able to hack the website easily.
  • The headless solution provides user data protection for an enhanced experience.

API First Approach

API integration is the most required thing in headless commerce as with API we can't integrate any functionality, third-party tools, services, and front and back panels.

  • API is required for any third-party integration like PIM, Akeneo, MDM, etc.
  • API's first approach makes customization slightly easy for the developers.
  • In API integration data transfers easily and fast.
  • With the help of APIs, microservice can also be integrated with the website.

Improved Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are applied to all the web pages. Improved core web vitals is one of the key features of Hydrogen (React.js).

  • Google provides Web Vitals as a resource for identifying quality signals that are required to provide a better web user experience.
  • Every site owner should use Core Web Vitals since it thoroughly audits the user experience.
  • To enhance the user experience core web vitals work on loading, interactivity, and visual stability.

Advanced Solution for Everyone

Shopify Headless Multivendor marketplace provides a fully functional and advanced solution to the users based on hydrogen.

  • The headless solution provides omnichannel features so it can be easily accessible on any device.
  • It can be modified based on user experience, store owners can create offers, and different blocks and make it personalized.
  • The hydrogen framework increased the website speed and users will get an enhanced experience.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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based on 3 reviews
Portia Ramatsetse
Posted On - September 5, 2023
Good Support and service
All my questions were correctly answered, and my queries were resolved by vashu bhatt.

Thanks for the support once more.
Juan Capeans
Posted On - May 19, 2023
Excellent product with proper assistance
Great support. Easy to jump on a call and Vashu Bhatt was very helpfull to help us run auctions in our site. It took them only 20 minutes and they knew exactly what they needed to do to make our auctions run smoothly.

Thanks for your help! Highly recommended
Raymond del Rosario
Posted On - April 28, 2023
Good Service with complete solution
Feature sets offered were beyond our expectations. Highly recommended for startups looking to do marketplaces on top of Shopify.
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