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Laravel Bagisto Headless Multi-Vendor Marketplace helps to provide you with amazing digital experiences that manage the content and also deliver it to any channel. Using React.js/ Next.js you can easily do the reusing of the code. Using Vercel + Bagisto you can develop your headless eCommerce stores.

It will help you to improve your core web vitals, with better performance optimizations. You have good theme options also for the marketplaces. Having scalable architecture builds customer trust. We build the frontend using Next.js/React.js and the backend is developed using Laravel.

Note: We are an official Next.js agency partner. Also, we offer the same kind of solution on the Vue Storefront.

Highlighted Features

 Website Performance

Headless Multi-vendor Marketplace provides a very fast website. It helps in reducing the load time of a website.

 Scaling Potential

Due to its decoupled structure, it is highly scalable and can be customized to any extent. It would help you to enhance the user experience.

 Integration of Microservices Architecture

Based on microservice architecture, many services can be integrated. Microservice integration would help you in the process of adding multiple services.

 Enhanced Security

Decoupled nature provides more security in a Laravel Headless Multi-Vendor rather than the old traditional approaches.

 Significant Competitive Edge

It helps in attracting more customers more frequently, contributing to higher profit for your brand.

 Image Enhancement

Image loading and optimization become very smooth using Next.js. It would help improve website performance.

Why do we need Bagisto (Laravel) Headless Multi-Vendor Marketplace Module?

There are still so many people around that are not familiar with headless services and finding ways for their store to be more engaged, innovative, and intuitive. Using this module, you can achieve this easily. Headless multi-vendor Marketplace enhances the user experience by providing the utmost security features improving the website performance and making it ultra-fast. With the Next.js/React.js platform, a new powerful platform will be available to you to engross customers to stay on your site. It is faster as compared to traditional platforms and will take less load time.

Improvement in SEO

Having improved core web vitals is one of the most desirable points for website owners.

  • Using headless technology with Next.js can be applied to all web pages.
  • Improvement in SEO would help in loading, interactivity, and visual stability.
  • It impacts the website's SEO and promotes your website on a search engine.

Flawless Experience in Headless Marketplaces

Headless approch of website development provides you with smooth browsing of the website.

  • The modification will not affect the backend working.
  • Next.js/React.js will boost the website's performance.
  • The end users can experience the new and enhanced version of the frontend.

Easily Integrated with the Platform

Headless commerce can be integrated with your Laravel Marketplaces.

  • Headless Multi-vendor marketplaces can smoothly integrate with third-party services.
  • Both the frontend and backend can be well communicated through APIs.
  • In a short span, this microservices architecture allows a highly integrated platform for your experience.

Highly Advanced Solution

It provides you with the finest experience you can ever feel with eCommerce platforms.

  • Owners can get their fully fledged website within the time frame.
  • With a separate frontend and backend, it provides a very pleasant experience for the users.
  • Using the headless marketplace technique, you can rectify speed optimization.

Fully Secured and Scalable

These decoupled microservices architectures help you to improve the reliability of your platform which can easily be scalable as per client needs.

  • Decoupled structure supports high security.
  • Due to its decoupling, admin and user panels are secured so can’t be hacked easily.
  • It provides you with the protection of the data for an improved experience.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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