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CS-Cart Multi Vendor eBay Connector
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With the help of the CS-Cart eBay connector, multiple eBay accounts are managed by the admin. Simultaneously, importing/exporting in bulk. The CS-Cart admin can integrate two different platforms of eCommerce stores.

This connector is helpful for those businesses, that can manage inventory across both platforms from a single central location. This helps to simplify functions and reduce the time to organize the inventory.

Highlighted Features for CS-Cart Multi-Vendor eBay Connector

 Category Mapping

The admin can map and manage categories in CS-Cart or eBay stores for assigned products.

 Export/Import Products

The admin can export or import products in bulk or individually from CS-Cart to eBay and vice versa.

 Manage Policies

The admin can get and manages policies such as the Fulfillment Policy, Payment Policy, and Return Policy.

 Get Inventory Locations

The admin can get inventory locations such as merchants' locations, location names, and location types.

 Import Products within Interval

The admin can import the products from eBay that were missed while importing using the date range as well.

 Choose eBay Store

The admin can select their eBay Marketplace ID for importing the products as required.

Why need CS-Cart eBay connector?

The CS-Cart eBay connector helps e-Commerce businesses seamlessly manage their eBay sales alongside their other product sales. It is a software tool that allows the admin to integrate their CS-Cart e-Commerce platform with their eBay account.

This integration allows the admin to manage their product inventory between their CS-Cart store and eBay account. With a CS-Cart eBay connector, the admin can save time and increase efficiency with enhanced customer experience. (If you want to personalize your customer profile, you can check out our CS-Cart customer profile page need to purchase separately.)

CS-Cart eBay Connector Configuration

After installing this connector, this admin needs to generate an API credential from eBay and enter the required fields.

  • The admin will set product settings such as the default category, currency, and product status.
  • Need to add an eBay account credential for integration with CS-Cart.
  • The admin needs to enter some required keys for integration that include client ID, dev ID, client secret, Runame, and store name.
  • The product admin can activate or deactivate a variation-enabled product by choosing "Yes" or "No."

eBay Account Management

After eBay account approval, the admin can edit or manage the eBay account.

  • The admin can manage eBay product inventory.
  • The admin can manage category mapping.
  • Manage policies and inventory location.
  • The admin can delete the eBay account.
  • Mark the vendor name as default.

Export Products Management

After the eBay account gets approved, the admin can configure the account for export.

  • For export, the admin needs to select the vendor.
  • For the products to export, the admin can set payment, return, and fulfillment policies.
  • Inventory location for export can be set by the admin.
  • The admin can select individual-level or bulk products to export.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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ASSl Group
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Excellent Support
They are very efficient in responding to support tickets and resolving issues.
Victor Castro - Zigzaboo
Posted On - July 10, 2023
Excellent Support and service
Our company made the purchase of one of the webkul modules to synchronize various data from our website with a billing system, we had a problem due to misuse on our part, but webkul helped us a lot by giving us an excellent personalized solution, from true 100% recommended.
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