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Odoo Website Braintree ACH Payment Acquirer


Debit card payment for a purchase using Odoo Website Braintree ACH Payment Acquirer!


ACH Payment Acquirer is one of the latest payment methods used in the US. This method opposes the card system and permits customers to make payments directly via their bank account. Further, this method is cost-effective, has built-in account verification, and is easy to integrate.

Odoo Website Braintree ACH Payment Acquirer authorizes the customers to make transactions using Braintree ACH direct debit. The Odoo app accepts payment through a network check that settles the translation immediately. Or they can pay via Micro-Transfer, which takes three business days for payment settlement.

Further, the ACH direct debit is currently available in the US only. Also, configure the cron to update the status of Micro-transfer payments automatically; or do it manually from the payment transactions.

 Odoo Website Braintree ACH Payment Acquirer Features

Simple Odoo and Braintree ACH Integration

  • The module connects Odoo with Braintree ACH Payment Acquirer.
  • It permits Automated Clearing House direct debit payment from your bank.

 Verifies Customers While Transacting

  • The Odoo app authenticates the customers’ accounts and transactions via two methods.
  • It either perform a Network Check or a Micro-Transfer for customer authentication.

Swift Payment in Odoo

  • The Odoo App permits customers to pay directly from their bank account without any card.

 Module Availability to Vendor

  • Only US vendors can use the ACH direct debit payment method on their website.

Configuring Braintree ACH Direct Debit

  • The module allows adding the ACH Direct debit method on your Odoo website.
  • The Odoo app permits you to receive payments directly from customers’ bank accounts.
  • Enter the messages in the backend for various scenarios.
  • Also, select the payment journal to record transactions.
  • Provide merchant ID, public and private key, authorization process, and default merchant to configure the module.
  • Configure the maximum number of days to run cron.
  • Manually update the payment status or do it via the configured cron.

 Payment Form to make Payments on the Odoo Website

  • On the Odoo website, customers can pay the order by choosing the ACH payment option.
  • Customers need to fill in the form to make the payment.
  • They must fill in the routing and account number, account and ownership type, and first and last name.
  • After filling in the details, the module will verify the customer payment via any of the below-mentioned methods.
  • Network check that will identify the customer and make the payment instantly.
  • Or they can use the micro-transfer option, which will take a few days to complete the payment process.
  • The admin can also update the payment status manually from the Odoo backend.

Odoo Website Braintree ACH Payment Acquirer

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