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Odoo Website Shopping Assistant ( Odoo Chatbot ) using OpenAI


Improve client response time with Odoo Website Shopping Assistant ( Odoo Chatbot ) using OpenAI!

Training Odoo chatbots to respond quickly to client queries proves beneficial in the long run. It can help boost sales and offer several benefits. According to the research presented by DemandSage, the estimated income generation of Chatbot in 2023 is approximately around $137.6 million and is estimated to reach $454.8 million by 2027.

Upgrade your Odoo chatbot with our new module, Odoo Website Shopping Assistant ( Odoo Chatbot ) using OpenAI. It enhances the chatbot functionality by powering it with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. The Odoo app seamlessly integrates into your ERP system, offering exceptional client support. The GPT model provides NLP (Natural Language Processing) and delivers conversational answers to all queries.

The Odoo app uses GPT-3.5-turbo or GPT-4 (if you have access to it). Additionally, the module provides contextually relevant responses to queries. You can even add customized responses in a .txt file for answering all customer queries. The Odoo ChatGPT Chatbot provides customers with all the relevant details.

 Benefits of Odoo Website Shopping Assistant ( Odoo Chatbot ) using OpenAI

  • The Odoo app virtually communicates with users in a conversational language and has NLP.
  • It can address client queries anytime without any delay.
  • The Odoo ChatGPT Chatbot is scalable, cost-efficient, and can handle multiple clients at once.
  • The module provides accurate responses based on trained data consistently.
  • The AI chatbot can handle complex or sensitive inquiries effectively.

 Odoo Website Shopping Assistant ( Odoo Chatbot ) using OpenAI Features

Training the Odoo ChatGPT Chatbot

  • Train the Odoo chatbot by uploading data in the vector database.
  • The chatbot provides conversational answers using Natural Langauge Processing (NLP).

 Creating ChatGPT Chatbot from the Odoo Backend

  • It allows creating and deploying a chatbot from the backend.
  • Create fields whose answers you need to generate while creating a bot.

Query Response Based on Trained Data

  • The Odoo chatbot answers the client’s queries based on the trained data.

 Enable the Chatbot for Quick Response

  • You can enable/disable the chatbot option from the backend from the bot option setting in the channel menu.

Language Model for the Chatbot App

  • This chatbot app understands the natural human language as it uses LLM (Large Language Model).
  • The module smoothly functions on GPT-3.5-turbo and GPT-4 (if you have access to it).

 Training the OpenAI’s ChatGPT Powered Chatbot

  • You can teach the chatbot according to Odoo product data.
  • Or you can add custom product data accordingly in a .txt file.

Record selection for Chatbot Training

  • Train data based on all of your Odoo records.
  • Or train it based on specific data after selecting products.

 Selecting an AI Model for Chatbot Training

  • By default, the Odoo ChatGPT Chatbot uses GPT3.5-turbo for data training.
  • However, you can use GPT-4 if you have access to it.

Creating Odoo ChatGPT Chatbot

  • The module allows you to create an AI-powered chatbot in Odoo.
  • Select the model name for creating the chatbot.
  • Choose all or specific record types for Odoo chatbot creation.
  • The specific record requires you to select specific products.
  • You can add the available field and labels for generating content.
  • Configure the OpenAI Model (GPT-3.5-turbo or GPT-4).
  • Also, select the temperature and maximum tokens for configuring the bot.

 Asking Queries from the OpenAI’s ChatGPT Powered Chatbot

  • The customers can ask their queries from the chatbot.
  • The ChatGPT-powered chatbot provides customers with conversational answers.
  • Solves clients’ queries in seconds after analyzing their questions.
  • Generate content according to your requirement.
  • Add custom data in the form of a .txt file for client queries.
  • Train the chatbot so it can answer queries accordingly.
  • Enable/disable the chatbot conveniently from the Odoo backend.

Odoo Website Shopping Assistant ( Odoo Chatbot ) using OpenAI

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