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Magento 2 Multi Shipping Method with Price Range and Zip Range


Using the Magento 2 Multi Shipping extension, the admin can create multiple shipping methods based on various conditions. While creating the shipping method the admin can make use of various conditions like - weight range, zip code range, price range, and alphanumeric zip code to create a shipping method.

The admin can easily create multiple shipping methods using a CSV file. An example CSV file is available in which the admin can enter the respective details for each column value to create the shipping method. At the storefront, the customers will be able to see the applicable shipping method and can select it to proceed further to place the order as required.

Also, if you want to block certain shipping carrier methods within your Magento 2 store, you can check the Shipping Restriction for Magento 2 extension.

You can also check our Magento 2 Table Rate where the seller/admin can define shipping rates based on various parameters

Highlighted Features for Magento 2 Multi Shipping Method with Price Range and Zip Range

 Flexible Shipping Rates

Define shipping rates based on various criteria and create custom shipping rules and conditions to calculate shipping costs accurately.

 Multiple Shipping Methods

Create multiple shipping methods to offer different shipping options to your customers.

 Customizable Rate Calculation

Configure the extension to calculate rates based on your specific requirements and display shipping methods based on zip code, weight, or cart value.

 Shipping Method CSV Import

Import shipping rates using CSV files to easily manage and upload a large number of shipping rates.

 Zip Code Range-Based Shipping

Customize shipping rates based on zip code ranges, offering pricing for different locations.

 Implemented GraphQL

GraphQL has been implemented for the extension.

Why use Magento 2 Multi Shipping Extension?

The Multiple Custom Shipping Methods in Magento 2 plays a vital role in meeting the diverse shipping needs of e-commerce businesses and is widely used.Its significance lies in its ability to provide customized shipping rates based on various factors such as zip code range, weight range, price range, and alphanumeric zip codes.

This flexibility allows businesses to accurately calculate shipping costs, offer transparent pricing to customers, and enhance their overall shopping experience.As an admin, if you want to create multiple shipping methods for the delivery of products where only price, weight range, and zip code range are used for displaying the created shipping method, you can check the Multiple Shipping Methods for Magento 2 extension.

Initial Configuration Multi Shipping Method

The Magento 2 store admin will make the initial configuration settings after installing the Magento 2 Multi Shipping extension. So, the admin will be able to:

  • Enable this shipping method by choosing a yes option.
  • Set the Method title Visible at the storefront to the customers.
  • Select to show the shipping methods based on zip code, weight, or cart value.
  • Choose to ship to applicable countries or all countries as required.
  • Choose to display an error message if the shipping method is applicable else select the option as disabled.

Lastly, save the configuration settings to make the initial settings for the shipping method.

Create Multiple Custom Shipping Methods in Magento 2

After the admin has completed the initial configuration settings, the admin will have to add and manage the shipping methods as required. Here, the admin can create multiple custom shipping methods in the Magento 2 store. To do so, the store admin will:

  • Tap the Add Shipping button to add a new custom shipping method using the table rate.
  • Download the sample table rate shipping CSV file.
  • Add the data in the table rate CSV file to accordingly add the shipping method.
  • Upload the file and tap the Save Shipping button to save the respective shipping method.
  • Create multiple shipping methods with different shipping rates as required.
  • Edit the created shipping rates as required.

Shipping Method Visible At Checkout

After the admin has created the shipping methods with their conditions, the applicable shipping method will be visible to the customers at checkout time. So, the customers will:

  • See the respective shipping method at the checkout time.
  • The shipping method is also visible in the shopping cart at the time of the shipping availability check.
  • Select the respective shipping method to place the order.
  • View the details of the selected shipping method in the order history section for the respective order.


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