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Multiple payment methods, Odoo Website Datatrans Payment Gateway!

The online payment market is expanding rapidly. As per reports, in 2022, the global payment market was valued at $2.2 trillion. And it is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9.2% from 2023 to 2027.

Odoo Website Datatrans Payment Gateway adds an advanced payment solution to your Odoo. It offers a diverse range of secure payment methods. Further, the module delivers effortless transactions that enhance customer satisfaction and boost ROI.

The Odoo app improves the customer experience by delivering a dedicated and secure payment method. Additionally, the payment gateway can be used for accepting payments globally.

 Odoo Website Datatrans Payment Gateway Features

Adding the Datatrans AG to Odoo

  • The module links Odoo with Datatrans AG.

 Secure and Safe Payment

  • Datatrans is a 3D secure and PCI DSS-compliant payment solution.

Odoo Website Checkout

  • The Odoo app offers a seamless and user-friendly payment method on the Odoo website.

 Selecting the Payment Option

  • Datatrans AG provides multiple payment methods for customers to choose the desired one.

Odoo eCommmerce Expansion

  • The module offers multiple payment methods to help you expand and reach customers globally.

 Transaction Recoding in the Odoo Backend

  • The module records every transaction in the Odoo backend, and you can conveniently check the details as required.

Connecting Datatrans with Odoo

  • The module allows linking Odoo with Datatrans AG payment.
  • You can simply configure the module with Datatrans Merchant ID and Dashboard Password.
  • Record every transaction in the Odoo backend by adding a journal while configuring.
  • Enter the display names and select countries and supported payment options.
  • Add the messages according to the listed scenarios.
  • The Odoo backend provides options to track and record every transaction.
  • Test and enable it for payment on the Odoo website after configuration.

 Transaction Through Datatrans Payment

  • Customers can choose the Datatrans payment option at checkout.
  • The module makes payment convenient and seamless.
  • After payment, the payment gateway redirects you back to Odoo.
  • The Odoo app adds another global payment option to complete the transaction.
  • Customers can choose the available payment method to pay for the products.
  • They can check the payment status after finishing the payment process.
  • Odoo automatically generates the order number on payment success.

Odoo Website Datatrans Payment Gateway

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