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Odoo Royal Mail Proshipping Delivery Carrier


Accurate delivery through Odoo Royal Mail Proshipping Delivery Carrier!

Customers expect timely delivery of their orders in today's fast-paced world. But how is this possible in this busy world?

When you have so many options? It is challenging to decide which one to choose.

Odoo Royal Mail Proshipping Delivery Carrier offers an efficient shipping option available for the buyer. The admin can manage the shipping method from the Odoo backend. Admin can choose a specific order and calculate shipping for it.

The rating popup will show the different rates of Royal Mail Proshipping Delivery Carriers. Admin can track the shipment as well.

The admin will also be able to see the tracking status. The feature also allows customers to inspect and track their orders.

 Odoo Royal Mail Proshipping Delivery Carrier Features

Odoo Shipment Generation

  • After confirmation, shipping labels and tracking information get generated automatically.
  • The generation of the shipment is completed after the validation.

 Configure the Default Shipment Value

  • When generating packages, the system will use these default values by default.
  • Set the default packaging options for domestic and international shipments.

Order Combined with Tracking

  • Create a Royal Mail invoice for each package daily.
  • Package tracking is available to admins via the backend and customers via a tracking link.

 Odoo and Royal Mail Pro Shipping

  • Place orders for both front and back-end delivery.
  • Set up shipping choices for both domestic and foreign orders.

Royal Mail proShipping delivery carrier configuration

  • Royal Mail Proshipping Delivery Carrier Provides different integration levels.
  • You can set the margin for the delivery from the odoo backend.
  • This Odoo app also allows you to set the maximum value for free delivery.
  • You can easily configure the delivery with Royal Mail Proshipping Delivery Carrier credentials.
  • It also allows you to use a shipper address from your Royal Mail account.
  • You can also set the desired company for this shipping method.
  • With this Odoo app, you can set a fixed price for your delivery.

 Odoo Royal Mail Proshipping Delivery Carrier Crawn Scheduler

  • Option to run the cron scheduler to create Royal Mail Proshipping manifest.
  • Create models for cron scheduled actions.
  • Frontend cron manual execution can be enabled or disabled.
  • You can set the execution frequency time from the Odoo backend.
  • It provides an option to Toggle Scheduer's activity.
  • You can also configure execution frequency.
  • Set the priority of the cron Scheduler.

Odoo Royal Mail Proshipping Delivery Carrier

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for Odoo Royal Mail Proshipping Delivery Carrier.

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