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Salesforce Advanced Live Currency Converter


Salesforce Advanced Live Currency Converter- If you are looking forward to updating the currency’s conversion rate then here is the solution for you- “Salesforce Advanced Live Currency Converter”.

The application is user-friendly. You have to set the time frame which automatically updates the conversion rate of currency accordingly. You can also set an API for currency conversion.

Salesforce Advanced Live currency converter automatically converts and updates the currency rates as per your scheduled time.

Install and configure the application and set the job to schedule the conversion (based on day, time, and week). There is the option to use different APIs for the conversion process. You can also check out the logs as well.

Salesforce Advanced Live Currency Converter features:

  • Supports advanced currency management:
    • Manage dated exchange rates for accurate historical currency conversions.
    • Provides flexibility in handling currency rates for specific dates.
  • Schedule rate updates on a daily, hourly, or weekly basis at a specified time:
    • Allows users to set up automatic rate updates with different time intervals (daily, hourly, or weekly).
    • Enables scheduling of rate updates at a specific time to accommodate user requirements.
  • Automated currency rate synchronization:
    • Automatically synchronizes currency rates at regular intervals.
    • Keeps currency rates up-to-date without manual intervention.
  • Send error emails during the conversion process:
    • Notifies users via email in case of any errors during currency conversion.
    • Sends error alerts to keep users informed of any issues.
  • Multiple API services:
    • Integrate with various API services for currency conversion. It includes Currency Converter API, Fixer, European Central Bank, Currency Layer, Open Exchange Rates, and Oanda.
    • Provides flexibility in choosing different API services based on user preferences or availability.
    • Access the scheduled conversion logs:
      • Allows users to access logs of scheduled currency conversions.
      • Provides visibility into past conversion activities.

 Salesforce Advanced Live Currency Converter- Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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