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Opencart Bulk Order Quote - Every buyer likes a good deal, and buying products in bulk could be one of the best. Here's a module for purchasing the products in bulk and enable the customers to make a quotation request for the same in Opencart. It's an admin driven module where admin can select the specific customer groups who can request for the product quote and can set the custom price for the same.

Opencart Bulk Order Quote Features -

  • The customer has the provision to add the custom quote for products to buy in bulk.
  • The customer can add the quote request in the form of the shopping list.
  • This could help in creating multiple requests for different products.
  • The customer can communicate with the admin or assigned sales representative via conversation system.
  • Buyer can view the bulk orders and price and many more.
  • Fully dynamic & admin driven module.
  • Option to add a custom price for products.
  • Admin can select the particular customer groups which can request the product quote.
  • Admin can also set Quote option for particular products.
  • Admin can set the minimum quantity of product for which buyer can request the quote.
  • Admin can create Sales Representative. Admin can enable or disable the Product Quote module.
  • Admin can set the status of a quote as Approve, Unapprove, Decline, Sold, or Time Out.
  • Buyer can add the order to the cart only when his quotation has been approved.
  • Admin can select the customer groups who can request the product quote.

Opencart Bulk Order Quote Configuration

Opencart Bulk Order Quote module allows the customer to quote their custom price along with the quantity to the admin. Admin can do the configuration of this module. Admin will enter the email id, name and minimum quantity on which quote will be applicable. All the notifications will come on the entered email id.

  • Admin will enter the minimum quantity for which quote can be applied.
  • Admin will enter the email id and name for getting notifications.
  • Quote will be applicable to those products only for which quote status is enabled.
  • Admin can choose if the quote request is enabled for all product or for the specific product.
  • Admin can enable or disable the product price,request quote button on product page.
  • Admin can select customer groups who can quote for the product.

 Sales Representative

Admin can create sales representative to Quote request, who can complete the quote. For this first admin needs to create Sale Representative by entering-

  • Username
  • First Name & Last Name
  • Email Image
  • Password
  • Then Enable the status of the Representative.

On quotation page, the admin can assign the quote request to respective Sales Representative.

Custom Order Quote System- User Management

On the front-end, the customer can see the “quote product” option on the product page on which admin has enabled the quote system. After login, the customer can quote that product by providing “quote quantity”, “price per unit” and message.

Customer can view their quotations under the tab “Quote Requests”. Here the customer can view their quoted product list, with quote id, product, quote quantity, quote price, status of the quotation & date added, along with an option to view or delete the quote. The status tab shows the button of 'Add to cart' if approved by the seller. After clicking on 'Add to Cart' option, the customer can see their total price with Quote Discount.

  • Customer can provide quotations to the “quote” enabled products.
  • Customer can edit or delete the quotations from “Quote Requests” list.
  • Customer can see the total price with Quote Discount.
  • The customer can create the Shopping list for multiple quotes.

 Shopping List

Shopping list serves the functionality of creating multiple Quote request. This gives more managed and systematized way of handling a request.

  • Admin can give the limit to Number of the shopping list in quote order.
  • The customer can add new shopping list or can edit the existing shopping list.


+ For add

* For bug fixed


+ Sales Representatives

+ Shopping list

+ Notifications

+ Quote statuses

+ Quote Orders

+ Chat System for quotation

+ Mail Templates

+ Added for version 3.x


+ Updated for version 2.0.x, 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

Opencart Bulk Order Quote Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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