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Prestashop Marketplace Supplier -You can have the best e-commerce site in the world, but without a reliable supplier for the products you sell, it can be a struggle to keep items in stock (especially if you’re not making them from scratch on your own.)

With the help of this module, Sellers can create Suppliers and can even assign products to these suppliers. Seller has full authority to add/edit/delete any created supplier. They can also add/change product assignments to these suppliers. Seller and admin can add supplier description and meta details in multi-language.

Note: This module is an add-on to the marketplace module. To use this module you have to first install  Prestashop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace

Prestashop Marketplace Supplier Features -

  • Marketplace seller can create suppliers for their products.
  • Admin can edit or delete the seller’s suppliers.
  • Admin can allow/disallow sellers to assign admin’s suppliers to their products.
  • Seller can assign suppliers to existing products also.
  • Easy to assign products to the suppliers.
  • Admin and seller can add supplier description in multi language.
  • Admin and seller can add supplier meta title, description and keywords in multi language.
  • The module is MultiShop Compatible with PrestaShop Advanced Multi-Vendor Marketplace version 5.4.0/3.4.0 and above.

Sellers Can Create Suppliers

Sellers can easily create their own suppliers and add them on their products.

  • Go to seller Panel > Supplier tab.
  • Click on Add new supplier.
  • Fill the details of the supplier to be created and Add.

That’s it. This way sellers can easily add supplier on a product.
Sellers can also add admin created supplier on their products.

Seller Suppliers

  • Sellers can add any number of suppliers they want.
  • Suppliers can be easily edited or deleted by the sellers from the suppliers list available.
  • Sellers can add multiple products to the supplier.
  • Products can be applied to suppliers from both edit supplier page and add/edit product page.
  • Seller can directly create a new supplier from the add/edit product page as well.

Admin Configuration

  • Admin can allow sellers to create their own suppliers for their products by using this module.
  • Admin can choose to manually approve suppliers created by the sellers.
  • Admin can allow sellers to use admin created suppliers as well.
  • A list of all the suppliers created by the admin is available in back office for admin to view.
  • Admin can view the list of products associated with any supplier.

Prestashop Marketplace Supplier Support -

For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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