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Magento Marketplace Booking And Reservation
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Magento Marketplace Booking And Reservation - Now adding booking product from marketplace profile is easy to done using this module. Seller can add/edit his booking products and also can see all the booked/reserved product history.

This module is an add-on of Marketplace Module . To use this module you must have installed first webkul Marketplace Module.

Magento Marketplace Booking And Reservation Features -

  • Magento Marketplace Booking and Reservation is an addon for “Magento Marketplace”. Using this module, seller can able to add his own booking product and can modified booking also.
  • Working well with all browser like chrome Firefox, IE e.t.c.
  • Seller can add/edit booking product from his profile and add booking slots by two types “One booking for many days” and “Many Booking in a day” and also can make it disable also.
  • See all booked product history from seller’s account.
  • Dynamic Managed bookings by admin panel also. Admin can also manage reservation and booking for individual product. 

Magento Marketplace Booking & Reservation at Front End

Using Magento Marketplace Booking & Reservation module, the seller can make the product available for booking/reserving for a certain period of time. This add-on helps in booking any product from the provided time slot and date slot. Seller can edit/delete the booking products and also can see all the booked/reserved product history.

The seller can add “new booking” from the front-end under the “booking & reservation” tab.

  • Allows the seller to add new booking.
  • Availability to view all the booking.
  • To enable or disable the booking feature for any product.

One Booking For Many Days

Our Magento Marketplace Booking & Reservation module provides booking from two way. One Booking For Many Days is one of them. Here seller can select “ from date”, “to date” and the seller can add booking slots by entering the required “time of booking” and “booking day” under “add booking” tab.

  • The seller can add as many booking slots under “add booking” . The seller can select the “booking slot timing” and “buffer cache time after each booking”.
  • Booking Slot timing is the time period for which the bookings will be applicable i.e., booking will be valid till the time mentioned in the “booking time slot”.
  • Buffer cache time after each booking is the time between two the two booking slots.

Many Booking In A Day

The second booking feature of Marketplace Booking & Reservation is Many booking In A Day. In this, seller select “from date” and “to date” on which the seller wants to provide booking of the product.

Now the seller will set the booking time slots in minutes. Seller will also set the days start time and days end time for booking.

Seller can also seller will select the “booking time slot” and “buffer cache time after each booking”.

Marketplace Booking & Reservation At Buyer's End

Now the buyer can select the product having the booking options. Before adding the product to the cart, buyer have to select the booking slots for that particular product. If the booking slot is available for the timing which buyer seeks, then buyer can book that slot and proceed with the payment.

If any particular slot which buyer wants to book has been already booked by someone else then it will show as “ booked “.

Admin Management

Our module also provides the Booking feature to the Admin. Admin can add booking feature for any product from the back-end. From the back-end, admin can see and manage the booking system. Admin can view the order details of the booked item and even delete the details from the back-end.

This add-on helps in booking any product from the provided time slot and date slot. To use this module you must have installed first webkul marketplace module.

Marketplace Mobile Application

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Magento Marketplace Booking And Reservation Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

based on 1 reviews
Stefano Loscari
www.wiccazone.com/ (GB)
Posted On - October 15, 2015
the marketplace extension will be one of the best buys you have ever made!
purchased this extension a few weeks ago - and am currently in the process of moving my website's current platform to this one.
It is really easy to use.
Your sellers and their customers will find it really user friendly (which my current platform isn't) and in this day and age, it is all about making it as painless as possible for the customer (this extension provides this). Your sellers won't be put off either because of the ease of use for them to set up a store and populate it with products.
The guys who created the extension, have been nothing but helpful with me and they have solved any problems very quickly indeed.
I would recommend this product to anyone. However. don't just expect to install this extension - and throw your shop up.
These guys have done their very best to make sure it is as easy as possible, but Magento itself has a learning curve.
Once you have it all worked out though - the marketplace extension will be one of the best buys you have ever made!
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