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Magento Marketplace Correios Shipping - Our Magento Marketplace Shipping module provides Correios Shipping method for shipping the product. The Correios shipping manages the Brazilian postal code system. Using this shipping module vendor / seller can manage their shipping and order from vendor panel print invoice, and can enter tracking ID, and complete shipping management from seller panel.

This module is an add-on of Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed first webkul Marketplace Module

Magento Marketplace Correios Shipping Features -

  • Admin can enable/disable the module.
  • Admin can set the Correios shipping method name that will be shown from front side.
  • Admin can also add delivery time from their end.
  • Admin can set Handling fee as Fixed or Percentage.
  • Seller can enter the tracking ID by which buyer can track their order.
  • Seller can print Invoice of individual order.
  • Ability to download Invoice and Shipping Slip easily.
  • Seller can add Invoice & Packing slip address, VAT, TAX information.

Admin Management

In Magento Marketplace Correios Shipping, the admin can enable/disable this Webkul Marketplace Correios shipping and provide this shipping facility to the customers. Admin can select the “Allowed methods” used for this shipping and those methods will be displayed on the checkout page.

Admin will provide the “Account code and Account password”, for setting Correios method. The API for “Account code and Account password” is provided by the Correios itself.

  • Allow the admin to enable/disable the shipping method.
  • Allow the admin to approve/disapprove the order.
  • Admin can set Handling fee as Fixed or Percentage.

Seller Management

In Magento Marketplace Correios Shipping, seller can manage the shipping process. On the front-end, seller will have to set the length, breadth and height of the package to make that item available for the Correios Shipping. Seller can add the package details on the existing products.

  • The Seller have to set the package length, breadth and height.
  • Allow seller to set Invoice, shipping slip address, VAT, TAX information
  • Availability to download Invoice and shipping slip.

Buyer's End Benefits

Correios is a state-owned company that operates the national postal Service Of Brazil. For the Webkul marketplace, we have created a shipping add-on for the same known as Magento Marketplace Correios Shipping. The Correios shipping manages the Brazilian postal code system.

  • Buyer can see this shipping option on the checkout page.
  • Choose any “Allowed method” for product shipment.

Generating Invoice & Tracking No.

After the approval of the order by the admin (order is only approved when full payment is done by the customer), seller can generate the invoice. After generating invoice, seller can set the tracking number, shipping details and save it. Now the order status will be “completed”.

The Seller can download the invoice slip and shipping slip for that particular order and can even print both the slips.

  • Admin can approve/disapprove the order.
  • The Seller can cancel the order.
  • The Seller can set the tracking id and shipping detail.

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Magento Marketplace Correios Shipping SUPPORT -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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