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CS-Cart Mangopay Payment Gateway facilitates CS-Cart store/e-commerce website to accept card payments. It works well in both staging and production modes. So, provide a hassle-free payment process into your CS-Cart store by integrating Mangopay. Users can update their KYC details in the plugin. So it will provide a more personalized experience. It also provides an amount holding facility in the Escrow wallet. Which helps the users to place the order with more security. Also, customers can complete the payment for their orders using the payment gateway. Which allows them to use their credit/debit card.

Highlighted Features

 Global Reach

Mangopay is a global payment solution that will enhance the reach of your store.

 Enhanced Payment options

The customer can choose the Mangopay payment while making the checkout.

 Secure Payment

The Mangopay payment method is 3D secured, which will provide secure payment to the customers.

 Amount Holding Option

The Mangopay payment gateway provides an option to hold the amount in the Escrow wallet.

 Multiple Card options

Customers can use various debit or credit cards to complete the payment.

 Admin Wallet Creation

The admin has the option to create the ESCROW wallet for getting the payment from the customers.

Why do we need CS-Cart Mangopay Payment Gateway?

Mangopay is a European Payment service provider that provides online payment services worldwide. It supports multi-currency, so it’s easy to take payment from the customer. Also, the customer can use a debit or credit card to complete the payment.

It also uses the KYC feature to ensure user identity and authentication. So, it will provide a secure payment to the store owners and users.

The CS-Cart Mangopay payment gateway provides the facility to integrate the Mangopay payment gateway with the CS-Cart store. The Mangopay payment gateway works with the CS-Cart online payment method because the offline CS-Cart payment method is restricted.

Initial Configuration

When the user purchases the CS-Cart Mangopay Payment Gateway extension, some initial configuration is required to enable the Mangopay option on the front end.

  • The admin needs to install the add-on first on their CS-Cart store.
  • Once the add-on is enabled, the admin can set some basic settings.
  • The admin will require a Mangopay client ID to configure the payment gateway.
  • Admin needs to create an account on Mangopay where they will get the client ID.

Create Mangopay Wallet

The admin needs to create a Mango Pay or ESCROW wallet to complete the payment by the Mangopay payment gateway.

  • The admin needs a Client ID and Client Passphrase to create the ESCROW wallet.
  • Admin will choose the currency for the payment compilation via Mangopay.
  • Select the payment mode as a test or live.
  • After the CS-Cart wallet system creation, the admin will get the Mangopay User ID and Wallet ID.

Add KYC Information

When the Mangopay wallet is created, the admin needs to verify the wallet by adding KYC details in the CS-Cart Store.

  • The admin needs to add the document name that they will use to verify the details.
  • Select the document type for the KYC verification, like an Identity card.
  • The admin can upload the document image as well.
  • The admin can select the file from the device or upload any URL.

Customer End Mangopay Payment

The customer can use the Mangopay payment gateway for payment completion.

  • On the payment page with all available payment methods, Mangopay will show.
  • Customers can choose the Mangopay payment, it will redirect them to the Mangopay website.
  • Customer will enter their credit/debit card details and process the payment.
  • Once the order is placed, the user will receive the success message.
  • Users can also check and track the order status in CS-Cart.

PCI DSS Compliant Payment Method

A collection of security guidelines is called PCI DSS. These are made to ensure that every business maintains a secure environment. When you accept, process, store, or transmit a customer's credit card information, you must do this.

  • It has set up all essential safety protocols to safeguard credit card information.
  • Businesses can be guaranteed that the credit card data of their clients will be handled safely.
  • It complies with regulations set by the industry.

Mangopay Technical partner

MANGOPAY helps you accept and organize your payments to grow and internationalize faster and smarter.

Enjoy the benefits that MANGOPAY offers you when you apply through the WEBKUL Partner Portal. Sign up now to get partnership package benefits.

  • Special Pricing - Benefit from discounted rates depending on your business type and model. This will differ per platform and you will need to discuss with your account manager.
  • Dedicated Technical Account Manager - MANGOPAY Technical Support team will be at your disposal in English, French, and German to help on integrations where needed.
  • Social Media Mentions - When your platform goes live with MANGOPAY, they can share it on different social media channels to boost traffic to your website.
  • Blog Exposure - MANGOPAY is always looking for new content to share and write about. Do you have a story about your platform or journey to share?

CS-Cart Mangopay Payment Gateway Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.com/ticket

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