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CS-Cart Product Package Builder: This module allows the admin to combine the multiple products with a custom discount as a bundle. Bundling of products is a marketing strategy where the store owner can sell their bundle of products as a single or one product.

Customers can look at a single source for multiple solutions that means the customer can look for a single product and can purchase the associated product. The admin has the option to set the discount for the single product in the bundle or can discount on a full package of the product.

Highlighted Features

 Multiple Products in a Single Unit

Admin can set multiple numbers of products in a single package to sell.

 Discount Offer

Customers can purchase the package of product at a good and attractive discount.

 Dynamic Price and Quantity

Admin can set dynamic prices and can even set the quantity for the particular package.

 Increase Revenue

The main motive of the module is to encourage customers to buy more items in a single go with better options. In turn, sales volume increases rapidly.

Why do we need a product package builder plugin?

This module helps in marketing multiple numbers of products in a single unit or package. The customer now can purchase multiple products in a single package instead of purchasing each product separately. It provides a huge opportunity for store owners to promote their business.

The admin can set a special price and custom discount which attracts customers to purchase the product.

Basic setup at Admin-End

After the installation of the module, the admin has to set the products under a particular package. Admin can set the product price as well as quantity of the product.

  • The admin has to add a new package from the product page.
  • Select the category of the product package.
  • Configure the packaged product and add the product list.

Frontend view page

Customers view the packaged product under the respective categories and can purchase the same as per their choice.

  • Package product listed on the frontend page for the customer.
  • Customers can select the quantity of a single product or the packaged product.
  • Customers can see the original price as well as the discount price set by the admin.

Time-saving and Efforts

Customer saves their time as well as the money, they needn’t have to look around the store for the product.

  • Customers can order the product with a single click with their comfort.
  • Instead of looking for a different store for the different products they can order on a single go.
  • Customers don’t get frustrated while shopping as they get many more options while shopping and needn't have to keep adding a single product to the cart.

CS-Cart Product Package Builder Features -

  • Well integrated with CS-Cart MultiVendor.
  • It has the functionality to create any number of packages.
  • Any number of the product can be added to the package.
  • It has the option of a whole package or per product discount which is assigned by the admin.
  • Can create as many special packages and give customers more opportunities to buy more at special prices.
  • Functionality to 'Apply Main Price' for product package to display the package price as to product main price.
  • Separate view page of the package for Admin.
  • Provide an Interactive interface for both Admin and Customer.
  • Very Easy Handling and Configurable from Admin's end.

CS-Cart Product Package Builder Video Tutorial -

For a detailed video tutorial please check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qs6uJxpiMC0

CS-Cart Product Package Builder Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.com/ticket

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based on 1 reviews
Posted On - March 8, 2019
Good Support!
The site we built was very complicated and this plugin fit the bill. The plugin could use some polish of some aspects as it can it can have orthogonality issues. However this is partly due to the high degree of customisation we required but we had good support and communication with webkul which helped immensely.
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