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Salesforce Smart Multi Weather Information
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Salesforce Smart Multi Weather Information - This app is a weather exhibit application that unveil weather of default selected city, Lead, Accounts, Contacts and Contracts in a very beaut manner. There is a multiple theme concept that can be managed by your need from the admin panel. Here weather of different cities can be pomped at user view page.

Salesforce Smart Multi Weather Information Features -

  • It manages the weather views of multiple cities on user screen.
  • Multiple weather show is only available at default setting at user end.
  • Can easily track the present weather status of particular city.
  • The feature is available in Lead, Accounts, Contacts and Contracts.
  • Based on City Name provided the weather of Lead, Accounts, Contacts and Contracts will be displayed.
  • Advanced features and easy to use.

Salesforce Smart Multi Weather Information Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

based on 11 reviews
Robert Demoss
Posted On - April 1, 2019
This App does exactly what I wanted! Gives me account and contact weather!
I needed an app that gave me the current weather for both accounts and contacts. This is a very helpful tool in sales, and creates some good talking points. After installing the app I noticed that the info bar on the side only showed one day of weather. As a result, I contacted the developer, and 24hrs later they had me installing an upgrade with a scroll bar so that I can see 5 days of weather. Ajit was very helpful and very nice.
Michael Slater
Posted On - October 13, 2017
SuperEasy to use, just loved the App and support!
An absolute treat to watch it appearing on the homepage and other object page with the complete weather information. A great way to schedule meetings with your Leads and clients based on their weather conditions. Simply timesaving and of course, not to forget the quick support and demo provided by one of the Salesforce Consultants, Ajit from Webkul. Thank you Ajit for being so precise during the session. You just made my day!One thing which can be added in the weather info part is the amount of precipitation likely to occur in the upcoming days just to have a fair idea about the rainfall in a city on a given day.
Daniel Vaughan
www.deloitte.com (US)
Posted On - August 24, 2017
Simply Amazing! That's what I needed.
Thank you Webkul for creating such a wonderful and lightweight application that made weather forecasting look so easy. And thank you Ajit for providing such a wonderful demo of this Application, you were absolutely spot on, right from the beginning and you had answers to my every query regarding its layout. You were just outstanding!! Thanks a lot Mate!

However, one thing I would like to suggest that it should have been a bit easy to use it on my iPad as well. There was some issue in the orientation of this App on Leads' page. It appeared to be slightly distorted from where I wanted it to be. Rest everything was just perfect!

Thanks again Webkul for creating such an amazing app.
Mani Bhushan
hpe.com (IN)
Posted On - August 9, 2017
Very Helpful app with wide range of features!
I am really impressed by the diversity of features the app provides and real-life help they offer. It's beautifully designed with a very engaging UI which makes it really easy to explore the app. Also, thanks to Salesforce team and especially Ajit for their valuable time in helping with a tour through the app.

Certainly a must for Enterprises. Will recommend to my colleagues for sure.


Collin Mitchell
Posted On - August 8, 2017
Awesome App!
Great App! Super easy to install and great customer service. We have never had any issues with this app.
Phil Walton
Posted On - July 7, 2017
Summertime for British people is all about complaining about the weather!
Summertime for British people is all about complaining about the weather (similar to the other 3 seasons actually), here is a free app that will help you bore people around the world with your knowledge of their local weather. Maybe we could teach the world such local weather phenomena like muggy, pelting down, fine rain, pea soup, that sort of thing??
Fulton Calvery
Posted On - April 21, 2017
Fits is Salesforce nice
A good way to see current and forecasted weather. Very quick customer service.

Some ideas for further enhancements:
weather previous 7 days.
precipitation in the last week
precipitation this year

Thanks for a great app.
Jonathan Wren
Posted On - April 21, 2017
MultiWeather Customization
The basic application worked great. After I installed the application, I was really wanting to get it customized to show a 5 day forecast, due to my company scheduling customer 3-5 days in advance it would help make the decision to schedule or not. I worked with Webkul sales and developers and they were able to customize to app to my specifications. The customer service is amazing and they are a outstanding company to work with. Thank You Again Webkul, I am very Happy!!!
William Jesse Robertson
Posted On - April 21, 2017
Great Customer Service
I really like the app. The customer service is great. I pointed out a display issue, and it was quickly resolved. This is exactly what my users wanted - an opportunity to see the local weather of leads they were calling.
Mike Staniewski
Posted On - April 21, 2017
Great, in theory
This app chokes when you introduce a space into the address, e.g. San Antonio. Needs work...
Richa Upadhyay
Posted On - April 21, 2017
Quick reference for overall weather information
Distinguished application created.. easy to use, consumes very less Salesforce limits. Its beautiful to see the real time weather information on the objects. A must have!!
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