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Helpdesk For Magento : Helpdesk For Magento module provides the support to their customers. It is a software suite that enables customer support to receive, process, and respond to service requests. Help desk builds on the definition to serve their customers by creating a powerful ticket-management platform that allows you to centralize all tickets with ticket status, priority, types and many more. We can easily increase the productivity by automating our ticket management via SLA, Events & Triggers, Ticket Rules etc. Help desk enables the support with web, email.

Helpdesk For Magento module is the best helpdesk module for the Magento store owners and admins. With the help of this module customers can generate tickets for the store and the store owner/admin can easily manage those tickets in this module.

UVdesk : Cloud-based helpdesk system

Webkul is proud to announce our cloud-based helpdesk system "UVdesk". UVdesk is super handy to use with tons of features like ticket generation via email, knowledge-base, online form builder, automatic actions or workflow, reports, customizations and much more.

Helpdesk For Magento Features -

  • Working with All the Templates ( Including Responsive Themes) and source code is Open so can be easily customised.
  • Allow admin to create ticket status, ticket priority, ticket types, ticket custom field.
  • Allow to Merge tickets.
  • Allow split thread as new ticket.
  • Allow admin to create customers.
  • Allow admin to create organization and manage tickets based on Organization level.
  • Allow admin to create multiple Agents and agent level.
  • Admin can create unlimited agent group.
  • Allow admin to create roles.
  • Admin can define business hours and holidays based on SLA's.
  • Allow admin to prepare responses with action.
  • Allow admin to create support center category.
  • Email tickets fetch support.
  • Reply by email.
  • Admin can create Service level agreements (SLA).
  • Complete Agents management system.
  • Event Triggers support found.
  • Custom fields support for tickets.
  • Complete and flexible ACL system.
  • Ticket Lock feature support.

Email piping

Email piping Helpdesk For Magento system is one and only helpdesk system in the world provides email piping feature that means your support staff / agent can reply directly from ticket system they don't need to login in to inbox and reply from their .

  • Ticket creation based on new email arrival .
  • Supported with IMAP , POP3 and SMTP .
  • SSL/TSL encryption.
  • Works with all the mail services from gmail to yahoo to zoho .
  • Email read and reply directly from helpdesk system .
  • Supported by all media types
  • All headers / Mime Type supported
  • Email fetch in to helpdesk system

Roles and ACL system

Roles and ACL system - Roles and ACL system are the backbone of any scalable helpdesk system , Magento Helpdesk works out of the box in ACL system . Store admin can create as many roles he/she want to .

  • Multiple roles creation
  • multiple access level for the agents
  • Various permission level e.g - ticket assignment , ticket creation / update / delete

SLA - Service level Agreement

Service level agreement is another important aspect of any serious helpdesk system , WebKul support system add more features on it not just the static priorities flags

  • Custom priorities flags e.g (high , urgent , normal)
  • Time period Assignment for every flag .
  • Assistant agent assigned automatically in case ticket is open or not solved within time period
  • Different SLA policies

Support Center

As per many surveys and reports , customers / users does not create new tickets if they find the issues solved in previous reply or in most asked questions

  • Multiple Support Center creation.
  • Support Center assignment based on department.
  • Easy search for Support Center.

Business hours and holidays

Business hours and holidays management within the support system is hard to manage as your customer may exist in various country and geolocation and time-zone . HelpDesk system manage that part beautifully .

  • Admin can set business hours
  • Admin can add holidays based on their country and location
  • Multiple set of business hours

Custom Fields

As helpdesk is needed on various range of industries from vertical to horizontal webkul helpdesk extension provides options for custom fields using this feature store owners can create support form with multiple and different fields as needed .

  • Unlimited fields supported
  • field validation supported
  • All html input type support found

Event triggers

Event triggers are kind of observers in standard design patterns like to trigger some event when one action has been fired or acted . Helpdesk system is super smart to understand that part and we have added this features .

  • various event triggers for the events
  • admin can set the triggers before or after the event
  • super useful and well integrated with helpdesk SLA system

Magento Helpdesk Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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Posted On - October 9, 2019
Great service and support
Great customer service, thank you so much
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