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CS-Cart Daily Deal: module allows customers to bargain for things that are only available for a limited period. The customers will be more inclined to buy as a result of this. The store will promote the idea that a limited-time offer will keep buyers focused on the concept of "get it before it's gone".

Moreover, with this extension, you can attract new customers with a well-presented display of things you are promoting, By using the CS-Cart daily deal add-on you can increase your selling by the effective promotion of certain products at a discount.

Highlighted Features

 Schedule Future Deals

There is a feature that allows you to schedule future deals for the customers.

 Period Of the Deal

By using this feature admin can set the period of the deal.

 Timer Display

It signifies the ending or beginning of an offer or deal by counting down from a specific date or numbers.

 Layout Specification

The layout can be customized to present deals on certain pages by the admin.

Why do we require a CS-Cart Daily Deal extension?

This module is a perfect choice if you want to grow your sales as it attracts new users and converts them into loyal users. Customers are encouraged to purchase as soon as possible. By using this extension vendors offer attractive daily promotions to the customers. The CS-Cart daily deal module increases sales and client retention.

Option to set up CS-Cart Daily Deals Block

From the backend, the admin can set or add the block for the daily deal module. In addition, the admin can customize the block characteristics to meet their needs, as well as the product limit that will be presented for the daily deal extension.

  • The Block Name and Template can both be edited by the admin.
  • The admin has access to construct a preferred bow to show at the frontend for a flash sale using a bow wrapper.
  • Admin can set the font color.

Establish Cs-Cart Daily Deals Information

The admin can view a list of all the Daily Deals and can add/edit, and modify daily products under Marketing -> Daily Deals. Admin also has the capacity to operate many deals at the same time.

  • The admin can create new daily deals.
  • Store Owner set out the daily deal price and deal duration.
  • The admin can set the period of the deal.
  • The admin can set the status of the deal.

Display of Daily Deals to Customers

On the front end, the daily deal offering will be shown off every product. You can design various offerings such as festive sales, Christmas sales according to your choices.

  • All the daily deals are visible to the users on the homepage.
  • Users can see the daily deals product image, product price, and discount price.
  • Users can view the daily deals' time and days before the deal expires.

CS-Cart Daily Deal Features (Version 1.0):

  • Functionality of scheduling of future deal is available.
  • Functionality of automatic activation of future deal is provided.
  • For single time frame single deal can be generated, clash of other deals are not possible during that time span. In version 2.0 this feature has been removed. The upgraded version 2.0 supports multiple deals activation for single time frame.
  • The functionality of reverting back to the default price from the deal price is implemented once the deal ends.
  • The functionality of automatic deactivation of deal after the deal ends is available.
  • Flexibility of showcasing deals in different page at any desired positions to have a beaut look on websites.
  • Easy to select products, set discounts and create daily deal.
  • Easy to upload own banner sale label.
  • Flexible countdown timer is available.

CS-Cart Daily Deal Video Tutorial For Version 1.0 :

For detailed video tutorial please click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8XBZNbO2Zc&t=1s

CS-Cart Daily Deal Additional Features (Version 2.0):

Along with the features of version 1.0, we have added below mentioned features in version 2.0.
  • Well integrated with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.
  • Functionality to set deal on a complete category and set discount globally for all the products in the category.
  • Option to set deal on all the products of vendor just by selecting vendor. Admin can set discount globally for all the products of selected vendors.
  • Functionality to run multiple deals at a time.
  • Option to set desired deal label and set css accordingly at admin end.
  • Functionality to allow product vendor to edit selected product fields while the deal is running.
  • Option to show or hide timer of banner as per admin choice .
  • Functionality to use ribbon wrapper and design the desired ribbon to display at frontend for daily deal.

CS-Cart Daily Deal Video Tutorial For Version 2.0 :

For detailed video tutorial please click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SZPSJcfQSYA&t=202s

CS-Cart Daily Deal-

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.com/ticket

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based on 3 reviews
Posted On - February 21, 2017
Excellent Support!
Webkul providing excellent support, they are fast in responding your tickets, helpful and also very cooperative.
Posted On - February 15, 2017
Really great addon
This addon is very useful and attractive for customers.
I had few issues/conflicts (maybe due to my third-party theme) but the staff resolved them all without complaining. They were in touch all the time and very kind.
The addon now is ready and im very satisfied.
Keep up the good work.. Its not only a great addon that will bring more customers, but your excellent attitude and concern about every single customer.
Ainy Suhaillah Younus
www.mayashopperz.com/ (MY)
Posted On - February 16, 2016
Awsome Extension
Webkul is one of the best developers and Daily Deal is one of the best and suitable add-on for cs-cart software. Awesome!
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