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Prestashop Mobikul - Prestashop mobikul mobile app will help you to convert your PrestaShop store into a complete mobile native applications for iOS and Android devices. The apps will allow your customers to have all the functionalities similar to your PrestaShop website on their Android & iOS phones. With Mobikul mobile app you can enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

Now, if you wish to track and manage your orders in an efficient way PrestaShop Mobikul Delivery Boy App, can be a perfect solution. It can help your customer to even get connected with the ordered product. With the help of REST API, we can replicate any functionality on your website into the mobile app. The app is synchronized in real-time with the website, to provide consistency.

So, its time to increase your sales by converting the website to an app.

Importance of Prestashop Mobile app

In the era of mobilization, the mobile app plays a vital role to make the e-commerce store easily accessible. With a dynamic increase in sales of smartphones revenue generation with an app can help a lot.

The major reason for such upthrust is-

  • Highly advanced and usable features.
  • Configurable from admin end and customizable from code end as per requirement.
  • Faster functioning.
  • Works natively with the device.

Highlighted Features

 Push Notifications

The most attractive feature of a Native mobile app is to build a connection between customer and store owner. The notifications are meant to share messages about offers, discount, and many other details.

Quick Search

The app builder support multiple types of search method- Search by Typing, Voice Search and Search via Machine learning-AI (Text detection and Object detection).

 Enhance Conversion By Multiple Payment Gateway Support

The Prestashop app supports multiple payment gateways which convenience of payment. Thus, helping in easy conversion of sales.

Offline Mode

The Native mobile app builder can effectively work with the pre-loaded pages in low or no internet connection. Offline mode features can help in case of sudden internet failure.

 Easy Usability

The app is convent enough for the app user to easily navigate through and place the order. With the feature of Enhanced Layered navigation, the functionality can be easily achieved.

Quick Sign-up and Sign-in

The allows the app user to quickly register through a sign-up form and log in the app to allow them to use the features of the app.

 Multi-currency support

The Prestashop mobile app builder allows localization of the customer by allowing easy conversion of currency as per choice.

Deep Linking

With deep linking feature whenever the app user hits the URL they will be redirected to the app rather than on a website. Caution- For iOS App, it must contain https. The deep-linking will not work on HTTP.

 Admin customer Query

The customer can ask any sort of questions with regard to admin with regard to the store in the ‘Contact Us’ section.

Return Management

The app supports Prestashop's- Default feature of Merchandise Return wherein the list of returned product on the store will be visible.

Open Code and Highly Customizable

It is an open source application so that you can easily customize your application as per your need. You can edit everything like: application color, layout, page design, logo, etc. as per your business requirements. The benefit of open code-

  • Transparency of code
  • Easily check all the codes and change it as per your requirement.

Please Note - It is a paid feature. If you want the Mobikul Mobile Application with the source code then you need to select the option “Mobile App with source code” in the source code option during the purchase of the Mobikul Mobile App on the Store.

Push notification

Push notifications are very much beneficial for the customer as well as for the admin.

  • The customers can be benefitted by getting an informative notification about the launch of new products, deals & sale, festive offers, etc. Admin can send unlinited notifications to the customers.
  • Admin can send different types of push notifications like- Product, category, discount, others. For example- starting with special price, deals & Sale, Auctions etc.
  • This helps in uplifting your business sales.

Enhanced Layered Navigation

  • Mobikul app builder offers layered navigation feature which is a user-friendly navigation system in order to search the desired product.
  • By using this feature customers can browse product catalog in the most convenient way.
  • Use this feature to provide your customer with an easy and comfortable way to sort and display various brands.
  • Attractive and ordered website view.

It will reduce the searching time by filtering the products, customers can easily set their requirements in layered navigation and the products will be filtered according to their needs at the same time.

Interactive Theme

Easily capture client attention by having an amazing theme which offers by default in the Mobikul PrestaShop module.

  • Equip your store with an interactive theme that will increase uses to browse your brand.
  • Enhance your store’s appearance with this feature
  • You don’t have to install any module or addon to your Mobikul, we are providing it by default.
  • Supports on your Android / iOS mobile phones as well as your tablets.

Multiple Payment Gateway

These days m-Commerce is getting bigger and bigger, so having an online payment system at your online store is a must. Our Application is enabled with Multiple Payment methods, which you can select as per your business and audience.

  • Your customer can place a product by choosing the right payment gateway as per their convenience from their Android or IOS device.
  • It includes secure/safe and quick processing.
  • Multiple secure Payment Gateway in PrestaShop mobikul app helps to increase customer experience by offering various payment option.

Note: By default, Prestashop mobikul mobile app supports all the default payment gateways provided by Prestashop. Also, we provide free integration with one payment gateway as per your requirement.

Pure Native App Built On Java And Swift

The app is fully native in nature to extract the advantages of the device on which it is running. They are built for a dedicated operating system so render better performance. The app is build as following-

  • Android app is codes are written in Java on Android Studio framework
  • iOS apps are coded in Swift using Xcode.

With the advantage of a native app, this app can give its user a better user experience and enhance the interaction with the app.

GDPR In Mobile Application

With accordance to the regulation set by the EU to safeguard the personal data of its citizens. It doesn’t enforce the app user to bid by terms and conditions which they are not willing to. The EU has lead postulate to safeguard the data of their citizens which the app abides by.

  • The GDPR feature can be enabled from the admin end.
  • Enable or disable the set of terms and conditions can be accepted or decline as per the choice of app user on Sign up Page, Account Information Page, Address page, Shipping page, Payment page, and on Review Page.
  • State the terms and Condition for the above pages.

You can implement GDPR is your website using the Prestashop GDPR Compliance | Data Protection & EU Cookie Law.

Multi-Lingual Support and RTL Layout Support

The Prestashop application supports multiple languages this is done to make the app features understandable by the application users. It localizes the app by converting the language into the desired language. The app has a special feature of support the layout when the language is in RTL. That is, in RTL language format, the layout of the app is also changed to RTL.

  • Better Customer Interaction.
  • Optimized UI.
  • Effective conversion rate from countries following the language format.

Product Search Via Image - A.I | Machine Learning

This feature will allow you to upload an Image to find similar products available in store, Through this feature, the app user just needs to upload an image. A relevant set of results would be fetched and displayed.

  • Users upload an image by their smartphone(Android & IOS) of the stuff they are looking for and find visually similar products on the online marketplace.
  • This App will help you to enhance the customer experience.
  • One can upload the image whether from Android and IOS device.
  • Find a similar product which you wish by uploading an image from the smartphone.

Offline mode

This module comes with major functionality that allows users to scroll through the app even if there is no internet connection.

  • This app will run smoothly without the internet because of its support offline mode functionality.
  • This will allow the customer to keep app data/records on their phone when it’s required to access the app without an internet connection.
  • With this feature, users can visit the pages which were earlier visited by them.

Complete Features List

  • Supports all types of products viz. standard, virtual, pack, and combination.
  • The store owner can easily add/manage categories, sub-categories, products, etc.
  • Layered navigation feature enables the users to easily filter the products through product attributes thus simplifying the search process.
  • Promote your store by allocating the vouchers to the users which can be used by them for getting a discount for future purchases.
  • Generate more traffic to the app by allowing the users to share the products through social media channels, emails, etc.
  • Improve the search experience of the users on the app by allowing them to search the products via text, voice, and image.
  • Users can browse and shop with confidence on the app without fear of data loss as the app is GDPR compliant.
  • Option to the customers to raise a return request for the products and gets the refund or replacement for the return made.
  • Generate more traffic to the store by displaying attractive banners in a slider.
  • The mobikul app provides real-time synchronization feature so that whatever information is updated on the website gets automatically reverted on the mobile app.
  • The push notification feature allows the store admin to provide relevant information to the customers such as upcoming sale, newly added products, etc.
  • The app even works in an offline mode, so the users can scroll through the app even if there is no internet connection.
  • Supports all the default payment gateways provided by Prestashop.

Superhero Seller

The Prestashop extension has been ranked as ‘Superhero Seller’ at PrestaShop Add-ons Marketplace. As stated in Prestashop Official Add-ons Marketplace- The award is meant to state the rank of an expert developer who renders good products and quality support. There are basically four criteria:

  • His/her seniority
  • The average rating of all of his/her products (customers ratings)
  • The total number of positive ratings (greater than or equal to 4 stars)

The quality of his support (response time and quality) For other Prestashop extensions refer here- https://store.webkul.com/PrestaShop-Extensions.html

Just Job: Italian E-commerce Mobile App

Just Job is an online e-commerce platform that provides a variety of products in Italy. The Prestashop Mobikul has assisted this organization to produce the amazing Prestashop based mobile apps.

The apps are last updated in 2019 with amazing features that let the customer buy and train themselves. The app supports the combination of products either grocery, or fashion, or tea. It is a single way of job where the customer can get all the required entities.

  • To download the reference Android application, click here.
  • To download the reference iOS application, click here.

Boyngirl - Happy Shopping For Mother And Baby

Boyngirl is the Kuwait based application that has a special collection for the babies and mothers. Around 15000 ranges of products are available that can be easily purchased from mobile applications.

Prestashop mobikul has helped the client to reach and maintain the exact decency of the Apps interface. The customers can select the desired clothes, gifts, maternity clothes for the mother, and babies. Free installation is provided for products like nursery furniture, car shop, etc.

  • To download the reference Android application, click here.

Zervinco - Online Store for Perfumes and Deodorants

Zervinco - Prestashop native mobile app has made the process more convenient and hassle-free for Zervinco that help to them take evolution in online consumer behavior.

Apart from this, By using a fully functional app, now their customers can easily access and do online shopping without having a laptop or desktop from anywhere and anytime and share about the product and service quality.

  • To download the reference Android application, click here.
  • To download the reference iOS application, click here.

Tecnolandia - Online Marketplace for Household Appliances

Tecnolandia - Tecnolandia is a small company, they are marketing electronic household appliances like a microwave, TV's, refrigerator and more products in Paraguay. As they have transformed the store into PrestaShop mobikul app that helped a lot Tecnolandia to increase customer interaction with their business to promote sales.

As they had shared their words about the mobikul app with us "The app was extremely fast to program, they made it even easier for someone like me that understands a bit about e-commerce and PrestaShop"

  • To download the reference iOS application, click here.

Meltri - Indonesian Online Marketplace for Household Goods

Meltri - An online shop providing the best household and industrial needs items. They have a huge range of products and are happily serving many clients all over the Indonesia region. Conversion of the PrestaShop website to a Mobile App has helped the business a lot.

In words of the client - "We have been working together for more than a year. With a lot of customization in the app that we purchase from Webkul. It's a great product with great support. And we still continue to working together with Webkul so our apps can satisfy our customer need."

  • To download the reference Android application, click here.
  • To download the reference iOS application, click here.

Ekonzomiz - Online Marketplace Application

Ekonzommiz is an online marketplace that connects vendors with customers. It is the golden platform fo the sellers in the central African region o start their online shop in this marketplace and get featured to the active customers.

The mobile apps created by Prestashop Mobikul and gives leverage to the customers to find their favorite sellers. The customers can make easy mobile payments. The seller can manage their customers and store product details. Also, they can accept customer payments.

The customer can easily order from the mobile application, track the order, and receive it on time.

  • To download the reference Android application, click here.
  • To download the reference iOS application, click here.

Prestashop Mobikul Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

based on 13 reviews
Posted On - May 31, 2020
Webkul is one of the most professional companies
I had taken prestashop apps package. I would say webkul is one of the most professional companies I have ever dealt with.
During the development phase, the staff responded very quickly to any ticket and issue.
They are always welcoming and understanding.
I would go with them in the future for other apps related to our specialized e-commerce sites.

Our app has gone into many cycles till satisfaction.
Honestly, Webkul reserved every penny you pay for what you get.

Thank you webkul team, for you efforts and understanding.
Posted On - March 27, 2020
Highly Recommended. 5 stars
I have to say thanks for everything, the App was easy to install and Mobikul's team made sure there was no question unanswered, i am not an expert on this subject and they cleared all my doubts, whatever i asked them i got a "WE CAN DO IT" response which i love not having "NO" as answer so they made every request possible in record time! thank you once again, i will definitely recomend you and will take into account for other projects related. 5 stars!
Posted On - February 7, 2020
Recomiendo este modulo
La atención es personalizada, siempre estan dispuestos a ayudarte en TODO, a quien puedo estoy recomendando este modulo y esa empresa. Siempre he tengo comunicacion fluida y exacta con el personal. RECOMENDADISIMO.
Michael Urresta
www.ecuamercio.com/ (US)
Posted On - April 16, 2019
Webkul is the Solution
When I think in getting solutions for my Ecommerce Platform, I think of Webkul. They have been such a blessing in our business. We have spent thousands of dollars in support and modules from them. We love their support team. They work very closely with us, and they always go the extra mile when we need help. We strongly encourage every business looking for tech solutions to partner up with Webkul. They are an honest and proactive company.
www.tecnolandia.com.py (PY)
Posted On - January 18, 2019
I have to say i am extremely happy with every member of the team from webkul that i was able to speak to, first of all, being in the other part of the world completely and having to adapt timings between my time and their time, however they always managed to reply and be very polite to reply at any time, sometimes even sundays which i also work from my home. The app was extremely fast to program, they made it even easier for someone like me that understands a bit about ecommerce and prestashop but i am no genius, they explained me everything, from account on google, to becoming developer on apple. I thought like many people that having an app was going to cost me thousands of dolars and they made it possible to actually have a working app for under 1000 U$D, After the app was done i requested them special modifications on the web page so that i could have some things more similar to my web and they either did it for free or charged me very little to what i thought it would be a lot of money! NOW 2 months later i am in the process already of changing the complete look of the app and they don't say no to anything and that's what i like the most, they DO IT ALL! i have to really thank you for taking your time and making whatever comes to my mind true with your team! i would definitely recommend anyone who wants to do whatever they want related to online not only app, webpage also to work with them. I had a bug on my webpage that had nothing to do with them, had it since before i hired them, and THEY COULD FIX IT. I sincerely thank everyone on the team for putting your efforts so I can work 100% in my country without worrying that some local company will overcharge me and do the job wrong (as they have done before and delivered me nonworking modules) so i would definitely recommend anyone once again to work with WEBKUL team.
if i had to do this again i would definitely hire you without a second thought!

thanks and wish you the best hope we keep working for a long time!
www.meltri.com (ID)
Posted On - January 10, 2019
Great Apps & Support
We have been working together more than a year. with a lot of customization in the app that we purchase from Webkul. it's a great product with great support. and we still continue to working together with Webkul so our apps can satisfy our customer need.
Posted On - December 10, 2018
Top notch !
Great support and product.
I've purchased many products from webkul and have to say that it's probably the best decision I've made this year ^^
love4shop.it (IT)
Posted On - November 13, 2018
praticamente un app professionale, fantastica, davvero sorprendente ma la cosa migliore in assoluto è l'assistenza, sempre precisi e cordiali, è stato un vero piacere scegliere webkul come partner ufficiale per il business online. Grazie!

(Practically a professional app, fantastic, really surprising but the best thing is assistance, always precise and cordial, it was a real pleasure to choose webkul as an official partner for online business. Thank you!)
www.erikch.com/shop/en/ (ES)
Posted On - September 26, 2018
Outstanding Support
Great service with nice people involved in customization, they understand all the premises without further explanation, very comfortable to work with.

Would reccomend to others 10/10
Daniel Hanspeter
www.myqandc.com/ (IT)
Posted On - August 23, 2018
Very Professional Development
Very professional development and quality product
www.cardyfren.com/ (ES)
Posted On - May 23, 2018
Great support team. I would recommend their services to everyone who's in need of a high quality app.
Thanks a lot!
Posted On - January 22, 2018
Great jobs, great team! Best developer so far. Will fix everything until you are satisfied.
Strongly recommend to everybody!
Creative TAG srls
creativetag.it (IT)
Posted On - October 9, 2017
Non potevo trovare partnership migliore per la mia azienda, sviluppano le app per mio conto in maniera perfetta ed il servizio di assistenza è fenomenale!
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