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Prestashop Marketplace Cart And Order Split
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Prestashop Marketplace Cart And Order Split - Earlier it was very difficult for sellers to manage their orders separately in marketplace, when customer ordered various seller products in single cart. Customers also face issues while ordering several seller products in single cart, as they cannot select separate shipping methods for seller products. This module resolves the seller and customer issue and provides an incredible functionality to marketplace.

With the help of this module, buyer can select the desired shipping method from the listed shipping methods for seller product if multiple seller products are added in single cart. This module will also generate separate orders for each seller and separate order ids will be generated at back-end. Admin can generate separate invoice for each order id. Buyer can view separate orders and can download separate invoice for each order.

Note : This module is an add-on of marketplace module. To use this module you have to first install  Prestashop Advanced Multi Vendor Marketplace

 Prestashop Marketplace Cart And Order Split Features

  • Buyers can select desired shipping methods for different seller products in single cart.
  • Buyer can even select different shipping methods for various products of single seller.
  • Order will split according to the seller products in the cart.
  • Admin can view the separate orders for each seller.
  • Separate order ids will be generated for each seller products.
  • Buyer can view the separate orders in their order history list.
  • Now, admin has option to enable any one of the functionality of the module at a time.
  • Admin can enable both the functionality at once.
  • Admin will not be able to disable both the functionality together at a time.

 Admin configuration

This module allows admin to split the cart and checkout, seller wise.
This will also allow buyers to check their products added in the cart seller wise and also to choose different shipping carriers for different sellers in the cart.

Admin can configure the module in 2 ways.

  • Display seller wise shipping
  • Display seller wise products

 Display seller wise shipping

This feature splits the cart seller wise and will give the option to the buyers to choose their preferred shipping carriers for each seller in the cart separately.
Buyers can add multiple sellers products in the same cart. At the time of checkout, the cart will be split such that the buyers will be able to choose different shipping carriers for each seller.
Display of shipping carriers for each seller, follows Prestashop standard way of showing shipping carriers at the checkout.

 Display seller wise products

Currently if there are multiple seller products in the cart, buyers cannot check which product belongs to which seller on the cart summary page. This may lead to confusion or doubts in the mind of the buyers.

This module offers a perfect solution to this problem.
Using this module admin can display the products from different seller separately in the shopping cart summary.

Buyers can easily view which products belong to which sellers, as now the products will be shown as per their respective sellers, if this feature is activated.

Simplified order and invoice management

Having troubles managing your marketplace orders and invoices when multiple sellers products are purchased in a single order ?

Well this module provides a hassle free management of your orders and invoices by breaking down the orders seller wise.

  • This module creates separate order ID’s for each seller’s order.
  • Admin can generate separate invoices for each order.
  • Buyers and Admin can view their orders with different sellers separately, as multiple orders will be created with different order ID’s but same order reference number.

Prestashop Marketplace Cart And Order Split Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

based on 2 reviews
Posted On - August 22, 2018
What we needed
The module does what we needed. Works in several languages. We wanted a slight customisation (display the seller list as a block on the frontpage) Also this was done quickly and for a reasonable price.
fogora.fr (FR)
Posted On - October 17, 2017
Excellent module
Ce module est juste génial, il fait exactement le job.

Le SAV est parfait, réactif, rapide et efficace, merci beaucoup !!
No Showcase.
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