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Product Differentiator for Shopify- Product Differentiator is a tool that will empower the buyer to choose the right product by comparing the features of the same category product, avoiding confusion, and getting the best product for all their needs. The app facilitates to compare products in terms of the features you assign to them.

So go ahead, assign features to products and let customers compare the products of your shop.

App Highlights:-

  • The app facilitates the merchant to establish a comparison tool for the customers.
  • Simple to configure labels, compare button colors, count pop-up heading, and much more.
  • Default feature assigned to all the products.
  • Choose the colors of your choice & manage the display design of your storefront.
  • Import products into the app.
  • Create Feature Categories and add default values to the categories for comparison.
  • Get all your Shopify store collections automatically added to the app.
  • Assign new features to the collection.

Compare Different Products

With the help of Product differentiator app, Merchant can allow the customers to compare different category products & Hence make them more confident in their buying decision.

To add features which can be compared, Admin can set it up from the backend.

  • Firstly, Admin can import the products in the app backend.
  • Create featured categories like General features, Specifications etc.
  • Add features under the “Featured categories” like RAM, ROM under specifications.
  • Start assigning the values under these features.
  • Then you’re all done!!

 A dedicated Compare page:

Via the Product differentiator app, Merchants will get a separate dedicated compare page where customers can clearly see the product’s different features & compare them easily. Customers can judget the quality & different features of the products via this dedicated page & become cofident while buying the product.

  • This separate page lists all the default features.
  • This dedicated page also shows the their assigned respective values of default features
  • Ease your customers in enhancing their buying decision.
  • Allow customers to judge the products perfomance by comparing different features.
  • Checkout the Demo now.

Why Should I Use The App?

Sometimes there are hundreds of products on your website that make it difficult for the customers to choose the product of their choice. Providing a product comparison functionality allows customers to compare similar products and make it easier for them to find the right product. The Product Differentiator app helps the merchant to allow buyers to compare the products of the same category, avoid confusion, and purchase the right product.

Product Differentiator Features

  • Buyers can compare products .
  • Admin can set features and default features for product comparison .
  • Admin can assign features to the product.
  • Admin can categorize features.
  • Dedicated comparison page.
  • Seamless Integration.
  • Cross browser compatible.
  • Easily configured and user friendly.

Product Differentiator Demo -

FrontEnd Demo :https://product-differentiator.myshopify.com

BackEnd Demo: If you need access from the backend (admin panel), please drop a request at support@webkul.com

Product Differentiator Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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based on 1 reviews
Ryan Alfredo
svsound-3.myshopify.com/ (US)
Posted On - December 7, 2016
Product is great.
This product is great! There are only a couple of these types of apps in the Shopify store and this one is the best in my opinion.
Not only is it a very flexible app, but the support team is fantastic and very helpful.
This app is a no-brainer if you wish to compare products on your Shopify store.
No Showcase.
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