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Magento 2 Marketplace Royal Mail Shipping integration allows store owners to integrate Royal Mail shipping to their stores. This will allow them to ship the products locally and internationally from the United Kingdom or the UK. Royal Mail provides the best courier service and postal service basically originated in 1516.

The admin will add the title of the shipping method that will be visible on the front end, also they will provide permission to the sellers for managing the shipping configuration from their end.

The interesting point is the admin will also manage the parcel, and size of the parcel, and also can select the countries for which the royal shipping service is available to process. Further, the shipping method provides the best service to the customer.

Note - This module is an add-on to the Magento 2 Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed Webkul Magento 2 Marketplace Module first.

Highlighted Features

 Set the Parcel Size

The admin can set the parcel size and weight according to the store.

 Fast and Secure Delivery

Customers will get fast and secure delivery with applicable methods.

 Universal Shipping Service

Royal Mail provides a universal shipping service.

 Seller End Credentials

The seller can add the client ID and secret for providing service to their customers.

 Currency Rate Setup

The admin can set the rates for the available countries.

 Multi-lingual Support

This supports multiple languages for the ease of customers.

Why Use This Module?

Royal Mail is one of the top postal service-providing companies with millions of happy customers and was established in 1516. Magento 2 Royal Mail shipping extension allows the admin to provide such a preferable postal service. This module will provide and add the handling fee and also calculate them as fixed or percentage.

There are multiple options as per the time provided for domestic orders. The shipping method will be visible in all the order details for the admin and or seller end. Also, the customer will check the shipping method in the invoice and shipping slips, thereby making it clear for all ends.

Integrate Royal Mail Shipping

After the installation of this shipping module, the admin will configure this module. For the configuration, an admin will do the following steps.

  • The admin can set the title of the shipping method.
  • It is a must for the admin to enter the client ID and Client Secret.
  • The admin can also specify the size and weight of the parcel.
  • The admin can select either all the countries or specific countries for shipping.
  • The handling fee can be set by the admin as fixed or a percentage.

Vendor Shipping Liabilities

Using the royal shipping marketplace module, the seller can also manage the configurations. The seller can generate the invoice.

  • After generating the invoice, the seller can set the tracking number, and shipping details, and save it.
  • The seller can Enter the Tracking Id for the Shipment.
  • The seller can cancel the order.
  • Sellers can generate the Shipping Label after entering the Tracking Id.
  • Sellers can generate the Invoice Label.

Generating Invoice and Shipping Slips

The invoice slip and shipping slip for that particular order can be easily downloaded by the sellers, and they can even print both slips.

  • After going to my order history, sellers can click on "Download Invoice Slip" or "Download Shipping Slip".
  • Even the seller can download the bulk invoice and shipping slips by going to "My Order History", then entering the date (to and from), and then can download the slips.
  • The seller can download/print the invoice and shipping slips.
  • The seller can download many shipping and invoice slips at once.

Provide Customer with Royal Mail Shipping

The buyer will have this shipping method on the checkout page if this shipping method is enabled from the back end.

  • The buyer will have various "Allowed Shipping Method".
  • The buyer can see this shipping option on the checkout page.
  • Choose any "Allowed method" for the product shipment.
  • Customers can get their products delivered from around the overall globe.

Seller Manage Shipping Permission

Being a marketplace module, there are many liabilities that are provided to sellers.

  • The sellers will also provide their customers with Royal Mail Delivery.
  • They need to add the client ID and Client secret at the seller’s end.
  • The seller will check the shipping in the order details.
  • Sellers will also print the invoice, and check the details.
  • The invoice and shipping slip will also be downloaded by the seller for all the orders at once.

Marketplace Royal Mail Shipping For Magento 2 Features -

  • The admin can Enable or Disable the Royal Mail Shipping method.
  • The admin can set the Royal Mail shipping method Title Name that is Visible on the front end.
  • The admin can set the Parcel Size and Weight Units.
  • The admin can set the Domestic Allowed Methods.
  • The admin can set it to Calculate the Handling Fee as Fixed or a Percentage.
  • The admin can set the Amount of the Handling Fee.
  • You can check the handy guide to U.K & International Parcel and Letter Service Prices.
  • The Origin for the Seller Store must be the United kingdom.
  • The shipping rate is Calculated according to the Product Weight and the Destination Country.

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