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Opencart Notify Me When Available
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Opencart Notify Me When Available module allows the customers to register for the notification of product availability when the product is out of stock. This module adds a “ Notify Me” button on the product page when a product becomes out of stock. The customer just needs to enter his/her name and email to register for product availability notification. Once the product become available the customer will be notified via mail regarding the availability of the product in the store.

Highlighted Features

 Alert via Email Notification

This module will send automatically the email notification to the registered customer when the product is back to stock.

 Both Guest User and Member Register Themself

The customer or the guest user can register themself for out of stock email message.

 Notify Admin about Customer Registration

An email goes to the admin when a customer registers themself for the product availability notification.

 Satisfy Customer Demand

The admin can analyze customer demand and increase the chances of making sales.

Use Case

Keeping the right inventory and meet customer demand on time is a consistently evolving challenge. Due to out of stock the inventory retailers lose their customers whether you're having a small or enterprise store.

Opencart Notify Me When Available module allows users to provide his/her email address to notify for the availability of out-of-stock products. So, the customer can get the notification via email when the product is back to stock.

Notify Subscriber by email when the product back in stock

A subscriber will receive an email notification regarding successful registration for an out of the stock product. When the product gets back in stock, then the subscriber will receive a notification email on their registered email id.

  • The user will be notified when the out of stock product gets back in the stock and it is available for the purchase.
  • Moreover Notification and communication through email Id of the registered customer.
  • The admin can make more sales by notifying the customer about the availability of the product in stock.

Customize the alert email template

This module allows admin to select and customize the email template then automatically this will send to customers whenever products get back in stock. Also, an email will be sent to the customer and admin when the customer registered for the email notification.

  • The admin can edit the email template then it will use to send notify a customer for the customer registration.
  • The admin can set and edit the email template that will use to send notify the customer about the availability of a product.
  • The admin can even edit the mail template will be used to send a notification for the admin about the customer registration.

Manage Subscriber at one place

To send the notify when available admin can view a list of registered customers who are waiting for a notification. The admin can view the customers who are sent the product availability.

Here the admin can configure mail alerts for the customer registration, then send the Notify to the admin for registration and the customer can send a notification for product availability.

  • The Admin can view the list of registered customers notification.
  • To send the email alert may be configured by the admin.
  • The admin can view the list of notified customers about product availability.
  • The admin can enter a success message which can appear after the customer registration success.

Display Notify Me button on Product page

Opencart notify me and the Notify Me, the button will reflect at the store for out of stock products. If a customer wants a notification about the availability of the product then he can register themselves for notification.

  • A guest user can also register themselves for product availability notification.
  • Here user just needs to enter his/her name and mail id for registration.
  • The admin can edit the main button text.
  • The admin can edit the submit button text from the backend.
  • The admin can edit the success message that will be shown to the customer after a successful registration.

Supports Pre Order Stock

This addon is also one such solution that helps to engage that customer who wants to purchase that product which is either out of stock or in pre-launch. So with this module, the customer will notify via email if the product back in stock.

This addon also provides a separate option at the backend where admin can see waiting lists for those customers who had registered themself for availability alert. Waiting list includes below customer & product details of each request:

  • Customer Name
  • Customer Email
  • Product Name

Along with that, this module provides the various filter option to get specific information from the list.

 Opencart Notify Me When Available Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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