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Odoo SMS Notification: SMS Notifications boasts over a 95% open rate; much higher than mails. And on average an SMS is read within 90 sec of its delivery to the recipient.

Odoo SMS Notifications offers a Perfect Solution to your Mobile Marketing Campaign and improving customer convenience.

Create Odoo SMS template, send single and Bulk SMS, schedule automated condition-based SMS for orders and invoices and more.

Reach people offline - Curb dependency on internet and mails; reach out to customers, partners, vendors, clients, etc with Odoo SMS Notifications and alerts.


Please Note: The module acts as the base module to incorporate features of Odoo SMS. You would also need to integrate at least one SMS Gateway to use the Odoo SMS features.

Click Here To See The List of Available SMS Gateway With Odoo.

 Odoo SMS Notification Features

 Provides Structure to Odoo SMS module

  • The module installs all the necessary functions to send SMS from Odoo.
  • Send mobile message notifications and updates to customers, vendors or both.

 Integrate Multiple SMS Gateways

  • Integrate various SMS Gateways with Odoo such as Skebby, Plivo, etc.
  • Click Here to View the complete List of Our ODOO SMS Gateways.
  • Set Gateway priority so Odoo automatically picks the desired Gateway to send SMS.

 Create Odoo SMS Groups

  • Create SMS groups to send the message in bulk to people.
  • A single group or multiple groups can be selected to send the Odoo SMS.

 Create Odoo SMS Templates in Advance

  • Create and Save SMS templates to use later while sending the SMS.

 Enable/disable SMS Feature on User Basis

  • You can give access to Odoo SMS feature at the user level.
  • Only User with Odoo SMS feature enabled can send messages to people in Odoo.

 Send Single or bulk Sms to customers / send SMS individually or in bulk

  • Send messages to a single customer/vendor using the SMS form.
  • Or choose entire groups or multiple people to send the Odoo SMS.

 Set SMS Templates For Global or on Conditions-based Use

  • The templates can be set for use at - Global level or Condition-based.
  • Global Odoo SMS templates are available for all the Odoo SMS.
  • Condition-based are triggered for Odoo SMS only when the set condition is met.

 Auto send SMS to people

  • Assign conditions to automatically send SMS to customers from Odoo.
  • Odoo automatically picks the set SMS template once the condition is met in Odoo.
  • The SMS is then automatically sent to the specific customer(s).

 Creating Conditions Based SMS Templates

  • Choose from different given conditions to set for the Odoo SMS template.
  • Set conditions such as; order confirmed, invoice validated, an order placed, etc.

 Manage Sent SMS history/records

  • The records of all the sent Odoo SMS is maintained in Odoo.
  • The User can view the details of each sent SMS by opening the record.

 Auto-Delete the Record

  • Enable Auto-delete Feature for Odoo SMS.
  • Auto-delete can be set at individual template level.
  • If enabled, sent SMS list and delivery status are not stored in Odoo for those SMS.

 View Delivery Status of Sent SMS

  • The delivery status of the sent Odoo SMS is available in Odoo.
  • Check the delivery status for SMS as - sent, failed or delivered.

 Track SMS Reach With Delivery Status

  • The delivery status of the sent SMS is stored in the Odoo backend. (if auto-delete is not enabled for that SMS thread or template).
  • The delivery report can be read as - sent, delivered or failed.
  • Use delivery reports to see which customers are reachable and which contacts are needed to be updated.

 Allow Odoo SMS Feature Access For SelectedUsers

  • The admin can restrict access to SMS features only for selected Odoo users.
  • The admin needs to enable the SMS notification feature for each User individually.
  • Once done, the selected user can access all the features of the Odoo SMS notification modules.

Manage the message templates from the Odoo backend

  • Here, you can create and add the templates from the backend.
  • You can set any template to send messages as per your wish.

 Create the group names for sending messages

  • You can easily create the group names for sending messages.
  • This will enable you to send messages only to customers to wish to as shown.

 Dedicated Support For Your Odoo SMS Notification Module

Webkul's dedicated support provides you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo SMS Notification Module.

For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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based on 2 reviews
Hussain Al-Hammad
Posted On - May 27, 2021
Quick and Professional
Quick and Professional.
We used Webkul since 2017 for Odoo development, and happy with them since that time. We used other companies as well, but Webkul is in our top list to reach for development and support.
Amar Idris
Posted On - May 27, 2021
A Testament to quality
i attest to quality of code and workflow implementation based on my experience throughout numerous projects i ventured with webkul. Great job and always keep an eye out for improvements
No Showcase.
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