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Opencart Aramex Shipping: The module provides the customer with the most trustable and fast shipping method that is applicable all over the world. The shipping method is highly manageable by the admin from the OpenCart backend. Admin can select the particular order and calculate the Aramex shipping for that order.

The rate will easily appear on the popup. The admin can also track the shipment. Tracking status will also be visible to the admin. The module also provides the customer to check their orders and track the orders.

Note - Opencart Aramex Shipping is also available as Marketplace Aramex Shipping

Highlighted Features

 Shipping Rate

The dynamic shipping method for freight calculation.

 Order Tracking

The admin and the customer can track orders.

 Quick Checkout Method

The customer can select the Aramex shipping while checking out.

 Generate Shipping Label

The admin can generate the shipping label under order history.

 Validate Zipcode

The Zipcode validation error popup appears whenever a customer enters the wrong zip code.

 Dynamic Shipping

The extension provides dynamic shipping, the admin can define the weight class (Kilograms, Pounds, Ounce, Grams).

Why Integrate the OpenCart Aramex Shipping?

Aramex shipping will allow a fabulous way of shipping techniques to fascinating multiple customers. It allows the customers to trust the professional shipping system. It helps the rate calculation to automate with the help of APIs.

This solution provides the system merchants with a time-saving solution wherein they can generate the invoice and shipping labels. This allows the systematization of the order shipping process.

Integrate Aramex Shipping Services

On the configuration page for Aramex Shipping, the admin can-

  • Enable/Disable the module.
  • Enter Aramex details on the configuration page - Account Number, Password, API version, Account Number, Account Pin, Account Entity, and Account Country Code.
  • Enter the Post Code, Weight Class, and City for Shipment of their products.
  • Set the Sort Order for the Shipping method.

Use of Aramex Shipping Service

The customer can make a quick and secure checkout using the shipping method.

  • On the checkout page, on entering the shipping address, Aramex Shipping with cost will be displayed to the customers.
  • The shipping cost will depend upon the address between the admin's address and customer shipping address and weight of the product.
  • This can be done in a few clicks.
  • The customer can further check the shipping details for the order.

Order Handling by Admin

  • Can view all the order details like shipping address, payment address, payment method used, product details etc.
  • Generate the shipment as per Pickup only, Shipment Only and Both.
  • Download the Aramex Shipping label.
  • Receive the tracking number from the Shipping Label.
  • Calculate Aramex Shipping charges.
  • Can even track the shipment and cancel the pickup.

 Order Tracking Information for Customers

  • Once the admin has generated the shipment of the order, the customers also can track their orders.
  • On the order history page, the customer will have the Track Order button.
  • On clicking the Track Order button, a pop-up will appear which will display the tracking information to the customers.

Fetch Cities & Validate Zipcode

  • The admin can enable or disable the Location search status.
  • The admin can select allowed pages for fetching cities (Checkout, Registration, and Customer Address).
  • Moreover, the admin can select allowed pages for address validation (Checkout Payment address, Checkout Shipping address, Registration, and Customer address).
  • Weight can be specified in (Kilograms, Pounds, Ounce, Grams) by the store admin.

  Opencart Aramex Shipping Features -

  • The codes are fully open and easy to use.
  • The admin will enter the account details generated from the Aramex website.
  • The admin will enter their pin code and city for the shipment of their product(s).
  • The admin can specify the weight class (Kilograms, Pounds, Ounce, Grams).
  • The admin can generate the various shipments like Pickup only, shipment only, and both.
  • The admin can calculate the Aramex Shipping charges.
  • The admin can even track the shipment.
  • The admin can cancel the pickup.
  • The admin can generate the shipping label.
  • The admin will receive the tracking number from the Shipping Label.
  • Customers also can track their orders.
  • The dynamic shipping method for freight calculation.
  • The Customer can search the Aramex cities.
  • The Admin can enable/disable the Search Location functionality.
  • Validate the address and city postal code.

 Opencart Aramex Shipping Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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based on 2 reviews
www.yourlifeinpaint.com/ (LB)
Posted On - May 4, 2020
Unmatched Support and Extensions Quality!
I have been working with webkul since 2017, since then their support was unmatched by any other extension developer I worked with!
Lately I have purchased Aramex Live rate Opencart extension. The integration with Journal 3 theme was flawless, I was missing some configuration so they intervened Immediately and fixed it.
Thumbs up for these guys!
Posted On - June 10, 2017
The best extensions Developer online
I have bought Aramex Shipping module for Opencart and I am using Mijoshop Theme.
I did the integration myself and went through some errors after I accidentally uploaded the wrong folder. I contacted Support team and they acted swiftly to solve my problem and they fixed it immediately and explained the reasons behind the errors. Now my store can show live shipping rates form ARAMEX.
Thumbs up for these guys (Y) I recommend them for everyone.
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