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      Opencart Hyperlocal Mobile App

      Opencart Hyperlocal Mobile App: Opencart Hyperlocal App converts the Opencart Hyperlocal website to a native app. Now ordering food, grocery, receiving travel facility is just a touch away. The app can be accessed from anywhere and anytime via smartphone. The app is useful for both buyers and sellers. The seller can add the location of their store and add shipping list. The shipping list will display the rate of shipping which the seller wishes to charge. The buyers can set their location according to which the products will be visible to them.

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      Opencart Hyperlocal Mobile App: With the Hyperlocal Mobile App, you can easily convert your online hyperlocal marketplace store into a native app. This app will allow you to explore localized market products without the hassle of exploring each store physically. It will help the customer to choose and compare the best products.

      The app allows a customer to enter the location manually or select it from Google Map or by auto detection via GPS. The seller can add the deliverable area, the rate of the shipping and seller origin.

      This will help to manage the shipping more effectively as the seller can define the shipping rates and the regions where a seller will ship the product.

      The seller will have a separate dashboard allowing the seller to manage the orders, sales, and the buyers.

      This app can be used in multiple scenarios like groceries, medicines, food delivery, travel facilities, and personal care.

      Please Note - This App is an add-on of the following modules that are listed below. It means you need to purchase and install the following modules in order to use the app:

       Highlighted Features


      The customer can enter any desired location and can buy products near you.

       Custom Shipping Rates

      The admin can set the custom shipping rates based on the region and product price.

       Offline Mode

      The application can be operated even when the internet connection is not present. The pages visited in case of net connection can be re-visited in case of the network is absent.

       Fingerprint Authentication

      The app offers integration secure fingerprint scanning during the login for security. It is supported in devices with the fingerprint scanner.

      Why use the Opencart Hyperlocal Mobile app?

      This Mobikul solution aims to increase the interaction between the local vendors and customers. This time-saving solution can ensure faster and easier delivery of products.

      The seller can also know the details demand of customers living in the local area and add the products as per them. The vendors can even add the shipping rate as per the distance and weight range. This can be done via a CSV file upload in the mobile app.

      Seller Management

      • In the seller dashboard, the seller will be able to analyze the sales on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
      • Total orders, total sales, and the total number of buyers can also be managed through this dashboard.
      • The seller can even view the location where the seller is based.
      • The latest Order can be viewed with their order date, price, and to whom it is getting shipped to.
       Seller Management

      User Location

      The app uses the buyer's current location which can be detected automatically or set manually. This will remove the seller and product that don’t deliver in the respective location.

      • The buyer can type the location name and select the location from the auto-suggestions appearing there.
      • The buyer can even locate the current location from Google maps.
      • The third option with the buyer is to select the location as detected by the GPS.

      (Note - Here if the customer has added a product to cart then on change of location the products in the cart will be deleted.)

       User Location

      Ease Of Product Ordering

      With the interactive user interface, the customer will be able to purchase the product and checkout with just a few clicks. The customer location can be changed and based on that seller of that particular area visible on the marketplace page.

      • Faster delivery process
      • Customers need not worry around in search of nearby searches.
       Ease Of Product Ordering

      Push Notification

      The Native app provides the facility of sending information to customers via notification from time to time. It is an effective method than emails and SMS. As they end up in the spam box of the customer. Though notification the admin can share information about the offer, discount, and other deals with the customer.

      • It is a faster mode of communication.
      • The efficient way of spreading information.
      • Attracts more customers.
      • Increase the buyer's knowledge regarding the various products.
       Push Notification

      Upload Custom Shipping Rates

      The mobile app allows the vendors to upload the shipping rates in the form of CSV. The price of shipping can be added by the seller to manage the shipping cost much easier.

      This bulk uploading makes the app highly useful for the vendors.

      • Shipping rates calculation automation.
      • The seller can specify there shipment management cost.
      • The app saves the time of the vendors.
      Upload Custom Shipping Rates

      Native app Solution

      This application works natively on the devices of the user. This makes the app an efficient solution that could take advantage of device-based features like user location detection and push notifications.

      • User-friendly solution.
      • Increases the customer's engagement to increase conversion.
      • Language Usage- Kotlin/Java for Android and Swift for iOS.
      Native app Solution

      Marketplace Based On-Demand App

      Any hyperlocal solution is meant to serve the customer with more than one seller filtered as per the location. The customer henceforth can shop from more than one seller operating nearby. The customer can get the product or service as per the demand.

      • Choices of product purchase.
      • More variety of products.
      • Services and products received by customers whenever demanded.
      Marketplace Based On-Demand App

      Complete Features List

      The native app is having multiple features that keep the user engaged and help in sales incrementation.

      Customer-Centric Features - Ease them to buy a product from the app

      • The customer can change the current location manually (selection by auto-suggestion), or locate the position on Google maps or selection current location as suggested by GPS.
      • The app supports Multi-Lingual Functionality.
      • The app user can easily checkout with the product in the cart without any hassle.

      Seller Centric Features - Effective Store Management from the app-

      • CSV upload with the Shipping Rate details.
      • The seller origin can be entered to identify the shipping charges.
      • The seller can manage the store orders, total buyers and total sales.
      • Easy and quick management of products and orders using the application by sellers.

      Dondolo Shop - Online Hypermarket Based Out in Uganda

      Dondolo Shop - Based out from Kampala, Uganda, Dondolo does online and offline selling to individuals, companies, NGOs, and local & foreign government agencies. It deals with mobiles, gadgets, computers, electronics, fashion, auto spares, and other categories.

      Learn how a complete e-commerce marketplace solution is built for web, mobile & POS channels and also helping sellers to manage their physical stores.

      Dondolo Shop - Online Hyper market Based Out in Uganda

      PayEats - Order You Favourite Food Stuff

      PayEats is one of the food delivery applications provided by the Opencart Mobikul Hyperlocal App. The app has the best feature to deliver and distribute the products in specific time duration.

      The customer just requires to register the application either from the android and iOS mobile app, then they can add various products like vegetables, fruits, poultry, meats, legumes, spices, and dairy products also the dry products too. The customer can pay the amount by cash on delivery payment method.

      PayEats - Order You Favourite Food Stuff


      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

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      Fast and appropriate support

      Posted On - August 11, 2020

      Great support and shared all necessary details. Thank You

      Webkul is a very professional team

      Posted On - July 1, 2020

      Webkul is a very professional team, provide a complete solution, it's you right choice. The support of sales and technical teams is patient and professional.

      Webkul is a go to partner for e-commerce and apps

      Posted On - July 1, 2020

      Working with Webkul has been a great experience. they are quick to respond and resolve issues immediately. in a short period, we were able to customize 2 apps for both android and ios. There selection of resource/solution covers all type needs and niches.

      Webkul support is very cool

      Posted On - May 15, 2020

      Webkul support is very Cool with amazing customer support services and very fast respond, I would say great satisfactory for Webkul Sales and Support team for my Application NiqMart, delivery in time and the team are very welcome good respond on every question we raised in ticket, Let's keep that level and Thanks very much. -Edy-

      All is fine!

      Posted On - February 26, 2019

      Webkul - professionals! All work correctly, quickly and securely!

      This was long hard job for my project, but guys are professionals, who do his work step by step!

      I will cooperate in future with Webkul! Thank you so much!

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       Frequently Asked Questions

       What is a hyperlocal marketplace?
      The hyperlocal marketplace is a marketplace in which the customer will be able to see and buy the products from the nearby market.
       What can I do post-purchase of the application?
      Once, you purchase the app from Webkul store you can download the Prerequisite PDF file. To know more, please follow the link -
       Can the seller manage the sales and orders?
      Yes, the seller can view the sales, total orders, total income, and buyers.
       Can the customer get the app along with the source code?
      Yes, you will get the mobile apps with the source code. For this, you need to select the option"Mobile App with Source code" during Add to Cart.
       Does Mobikul provide white Labeling (labeled) Mobile Apps for eCommerce Store?
      Yes, Mobikul provides white label and fully customizable native Apps for your eCommerce Store. You can get the complete details by clicking here.
       What languages are used for creating the Native Mobile App?
      "Technical details for the Native iOS & Android app- Android --> Android Studio as an IDE with coding language as Kotlin/ Java. iOS --> XCode as an IDE with coding language as Swift 5."
       What is the version of Android Studio?
      For now, the product supports the 3.5.1 version of the Android Studio. However, if you wish we can make the code compatible with the latest Android Studio version. You need to inform us of the same on This might take a few days but we will try to achieve this as soon as possible.
       What are the minimum and maximum Android OS support?
      The minimum Android OS support is for version 5.0 (Lollipop) and the maximum is up to version 9 (Pie). However, for now, Android 10 support will be on request.
       What design pattern is implemented in Android?
      The app uses the MVVM (Structural) Architecture design pattern in Android.
       Is there Android OS 10 support?
      For this, you need to share the request on
       What is the version of Xcode?
      This iOS app uses Xcode version 11.
       Does the latest iOS code support iOS 13 and 14?
      The code is compatible with the latest iOS 13. However, for the upcoming version 14, the code will support the same once it will be out for public use.
       What are the minimum and maximum iOS version supported?
      The minimum iOS support version is 9.0 and the maximum iOS version is 13.
       What design pattern is implemented in iOS?
      The app uses the MVVM (Structural) Architecture design pattern in iOS.

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