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Admin Buyer Chat for WordPress WooCommerce: WordPress WooCommerce Admin Buyer Chat Plugin is a chat system that helps the admin and the buyer to start the conversation. This chat plugin establishes real-time direct communication between the admin and the buyers.

Any buyer can start to chat with the admin. The buyer can ask queries related to the product that the admin is selling or any upcoming product information, and the admin can also reply to any buyer about their queries. Admin can chat with multiple buyers at the same time. A healthy conversation between a buyer and an admin leads to more sales conversions.

Please Note - Socket.IO and Node.js server setup assistance will be provided with this plugin.

Highlighted Features

 Multiple Instance Chat

This module supports several chats running at one time.

 Chat Window Configure

The admin will customize the chat window from the backend of the admin store.

 New Update on Chat

On top of any new chat message that arrives, pop-up notifications will appear.

 Using Emojis to chat better

For better contact, emojis can be used when chatting.

What is the use of this module and why should I use it?

The Admin Buyer Chat system is the quickest and easiest way for customers to contact the admin. An admin can handle several queries and respond to customers at once. The admin will provide each customer with a customized experience using the chat system.

Admin Buyer Chat for WordPress WooCommerce has multiple applications, enabling customers to log in easily as well as sign up from the chat window. Customers and admins can also share files, images, and documents through chat messages.

Manage Admin Buyer Chat

The administrator will configure the Admin Buyer chat Module. In this part of the module, the administrator can:

  • Set the title of the chat window and the login button to be available at the customer end.
  • Select the chat window position.
  • ▪ Set the image size for the profile picture.
  • Select the extension of the customer profile picture.
  • Configure the color of the customer online and the offline chat window.
  • Select chat window background as a color background or image background.
  • Set the error message that the customer will receive if the server stops.
  • In terms of hostname and port, fill in the server settings.

Track Chat Conversation by Admin

After configuring the module, the admin will see the new tab in the admin panel as "Store chat" The admin will see a window that has a list of buyers after clicking on this tab. By clicking on it, the admin may start a chat. The admin will do the following things here:

  • Admin can chat with many customers at a time.
  • Set the status of chat as busy, offline, and online.
  • Admin can filter the chat history as the last 24 hours, last 7 days, and forever.
  • Check for a customer in the search bar by name.

Admin and Buyer Communication

When the customer opens the chat window, the customer can see the name of the admin. A buyer can chat with an admin and have the following options:

  • The chat window can be used by both registered and unregistered buyers.
  • Unregistered customers can log in/sign up first for the admin chat.
  • The buyer is able to download and report the chat history to the manager.
  • The buyer can start and end the conversation.
  • Change the chat window's status as online, busy, and offline.
  • In the Customer Chat window, the date and time will be visible.

  Admin Buyer Chat for WordPress WooCommerce Features

  • Admin can chat with multiple buyers at the same time. 
  • The admin and buyer can change the status to Online, Busy, and Away. 
  • Smiley/Emoticon support for an interactive chat between users. 
  • Buyer list for the admin. 
  • The Admin can search a customer by typing his name in the search box provided on the top of his chat window. 

 Admin Buyer Chat for WordPress WooCommerce Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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