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Magento POS Native App Builder: Magento POS Native App Builder will convert the Magento based store into the native POS mobile application. The Mobikul Point of Sale (POS) Application has tremendous features and functionalities with the great user experience. The app will provide a user-friendly experience to your sales agents. The sales agents can easily handle the application on their tablets.

The Native Application where the merchant /sales agent can easily create the orders by using the application on his tablet device. Also, it works in offline mode.

Please Note:

  • Point of Sale System For Magento (POS) module is required to build this app, so please purchase it separately if you haven’t.
  • Only Android app will be developed, to know about the iOS app please contact us
  • Magento POS Native App is supported to work on tablet devices of 7-inch minimum (and above) screen size.
  • Online payment method integration will require paid customization work, please contact support@webkul.com

  Magento POS Native App Builder Features

  • Offline mode/Online mode
  • Real-time synchronization
  • Barcode scanning
  • Easy product search
  • Order on Hold
  • Easy checkout process
  • Print receipt
  • SKU product search option
  • Interactive Homepage
  • Sales agent can add new customers
  • Native application

 Offline mode

  • The module is very beneficial for businesses that combine offline and online presence in their operations.
  • When the store is having poor or no internet connection then POS panel can even work in offline mode.
  • In offline mode, all the orders, and transaction are saved locally.
  • When the internet is available for use, then the agent can easily synchronize the offline data to the online data.

 Add Product To Cart

The salesperson can add products to the cart by various methods like:

  • Adding Products By Clicking - can add products by clicking on the products. The number of clicks on a product is the number of units of that product added to the cart.
  • Adding Products By Using Barcode Reader - can add products to the cart by scanning the barcode of products.
  • Adding Product By Using Product’s SKU - can add products to the cart by their SKU.

 Adding New Customers

  • The Salespersons first needs to select the customer to proceed further for placing the order.
  • If a customer is registered then, the salesperson can easily search for the customer and add the customer name.
  • Else, a customer is not registered then, the salesperson will add that customer first.

 Manage Orders

The Salesperson can view and manage orders like-

  • View the complete list of the orders including all the online and offline orders.
  • Easily distinguish the offline and online orders because the offline orders will have an offline icon.
  • Can even sync the offline orders to online orders and data.
  • Can even manage the cart-on-hold orders.

 Cart on Hold

  • The salesperson can put the cart on hold for the later processes and can continue to process on the held cart when required.
  • Can view and manage the orders which are on hold.
  • The salesperson can delete the whole cart from the held order list.
  • The salesperson can checkout the held order to continue the further processes.

 Printer Settings

  • This feature enables the salesperson to connect their POS app with the printer device.
  • Using this, the salesperson can easily print the receipt of invoice.
  • This will work only in online mode.

 Event Counters

  • A red icon will appear over the respective menu option when an event occurs in the application.
  • The icon will also display the number which signifies the number of activities occurred in the application.
  • The Salesperson can simply click on the respective menu option to view the details.

 Magento POS Native App Builder Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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Great Support
Great Support
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