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Mobikul CS-Cart Vendor App: This app is an extension to the Cs-Cart Multvendor mobile app. Herein, the app provides vendor-centric features and functionalities to manage the orders, products, categories, and much more. It gives the seller an upper hand as they no more need a complete laptop or any other system to accomplish the seller end functions. Rather they can just pick up an app and accomplish all the tasks. This native app can be acquired from the Play Store and App store easily.

The Mobikul CS-Cart Vendor Application has tremendous features and functionalities with great user experience. The app will provide a user-friendly experience to your seller/vendor. Additionally, we do provide the customization service (a paid service). If you want to customize the application as per your business needs.

Highlighted Features

 Extension of Marketplace

Add-on to the CS-cart Marketplace app which gives seller centric features.

 Interactive UI

The app has a set of introductory pages that tell the functioning of the application.

 Seller - Centric Functions

The app allows the sellers to manage the data in the marketplace anytime and anywhere.

 Authenticated Login of Merchants

The registered seller can only log in to the app and can manage their data as displayed to the customer.

How the CS-Cart Vendor app gives an Edge to a Marketplace Owner?

The CS-Cart Vendor app will allow the vendors in the marketplace to work more efficiently using an app. This is because they can update or add any information related to the products, vendor profiles, and much more using the app itself. This time-saving solution will attract multiple customers to the marketplace making it versatile.

Vendor Product Management Tool

The vendor can now add, edit, or delete any product using any app. They can interact with the app-based solution to modify the details of the products as per requirement.

This saves them from getting into the hassle of managing a complete system to update the product-related data. The vendor can easily define the product shipping cost and special price as per product.

  • Quick product data update with the app.
  • The product images are no more trouble.
  • Anytime updates in data can be done.

Merchant's Profile Manager

A tool with which the vendors can add the details which make them identifiable to the customer. The app gives the facility to the merchants to sort faced to manage the profile using a website backend. It makes the process fast and easy.

Vendor's Account Information

The account details of the merchants can be edit easily to allow updates in the contact at any point. The update of the authentication password regularly makes the app secure for them. This can be done easily with the help of the application.

  • Accessible solution for personal seller details.
  • Can manage the login details anytime without any worry.
  • Highly interactive for the vendors.

Native app For Android and iOS device

This app is a native solution that works on the device. It can be easily downloaded and used by the merchant. The app offers an effective UI to keep vendors engaged.

  • The Android app codes are written in Kotlin on the Android Studio framework
  • The iOS apps are coded in Swift using Xcode.
  • Implementation of the camera feature is done in a better way.

  Mobikul CS-Cart Vendor App Features -

  • The add or edit product facility for the merchants.
  • Manage all the products by adding or editing them.
  • The merchants can enable/disable the product from the store.
  • The seller can edit the profile details for customers to recognize.
  • For increasing the sales of their product the vendors can manage the profile and add the logo.
  • The defining Vendor’s Administrator details for personal data records.
  • The seller can easily upload the product image by using the Camera or phone gallery.

 Mobikul CS-Cart Vendor App Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

based on 3 reviews
Posted On - December 9, 2019
Fast response time
Flexible, lean development team will be standing behind every step of the way. fast response time, smooth communication.
Posted On - October 22, 2019
Most Reliable Service
I have purchased this app. Webkul team really did a great job for me. I am totally satisfy and they are incredible. As they mention about the product, everything works like charm, I have the latest version of CS-Cart and they update it in no time. They are quick and responsive and dedicated in their services.
Posted On - January 15, 2019
Affordable and Durable
Good service and communication
affordable price . As described . we will do business again .
it needs some essential feature which is (deleting the product ) .
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