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Magento 2 Marketplace Vendor Mass Payment: The module Marketplace Mass PayPal Payment for Magento 2 will allow the admin to easily make the sellers payouts using the mass PayPal payment option. The admin at a time can make the payout to a maximum of 500 sellers. This extension will surely help the admin to make the payouts easier and quicker.

Please Note:

  • The sellers need to fill in their correct PayPal details under their Manage PayPal details account menu option.
  • This module is a Marketplace Add-on, so you must install Webkul Magento 2 Multi Vendor Extension first.

Highlighted Features

 Quick Payouts

The admin will easily pay up to 500 sellers in a single attempt for sales of their product via mass payouts.

 Mass Payment History Record

The admin can cumulatively view the seller's payment done in the backend. This will allow them to keep a good record of such transactions.

 Seller Transaction Check

The seller can also view the record of transferred money in the transaction section.

 Unclaimed Transaction Management

The admin can cancel the payment of unclaimed transactions where the seller details are not present.

Why Use The Multi Vendor Mass PayPal Payment?

This module is perfect for the admin to quickly transfer the payments to the seller. If one is having a huge Marketplace where multiple sellers are operating. It becomes difficult for the admin to monitor each transaction.

Henceforth this module allows the admin to payout for the sales of the seller to products. Additionally, they can also check out the unclaimed transactions in the store to quickly cancel the payment of such transactions. The seller, on the other hand, can view these payments received from the front end.

 Seller Mass Payment Via PayPal

The extension allows the admin to payout the seller for the sales of their product. It allows them to process a bulk payment via a Paypal account. The process involves the admin registering the Account details on the Magneto store.

This Payment procedure helps a good admin and seller relation helping the store to get more sellers. This will improvise the profit margin with a variety of products.

  • Quick Payment Processing with Merchant PayPal Id.
  • Paypal Account connectivity using a Client ID and Secret ID.
  • A secure transaction between admin and sellers.
  • Error-free transaction of payouts to seller accounts.

 Seller Paypal Account Management

Now if the sellers in the Magento store wish to take advantage of the mass payout. They need to enter the Paypal details of their account in the required fields. This will allow them to receive the money easily in their Paypal account.

  • Receive the sold product payment in their account.
  • Increment of trust over the admin.
  • Find transaction details in a single place.

 Mass Payout Upto 500 Sellers at Once

This extension allows to mass select the sellers to whom the payment is to be made. It easies the store owner to process payments to sellers without any hassle. The process allows the admin to pay for the transaction in a go with Paypal Mass Payment.

Here the seller can see the respective payment received in the transaction list section.

  • Admin can manage the unclaimed transaction by cancelling the payment of such transactions.
  • No chance of missing the payouts.
  • Faster Payment Delivery which could be verified at the seller and admin end in Magento Store.


  • The admin can save his PayPal details.
  • The admin can do a Mass PayPal payment to the sellers.
  • The admin can Pay 500 Sellers in one Attempt.
  • The admin can also add the payment note while making the payment to the sellers.
  • Mass Payment History check by admin and can cancel the unclaimed payment made.
  • The sellers can save their PayPal Details under their account panel.
  • The sellers can view the complete transaction information.
  • The codes are open source and it can be customized as per the need.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/. You may also check our quality Magento 2 Extensions.

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