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Odoo Bridge For Magento:  If you are a managing your website on Magento which is one of the most used and powerful E-Commerce platforms then you must be aware of its versatility and flexibility. However, since it is exclusively built for E-Commerce it lags behind when it comes to efficient inventory, accounting, and reports management.

Odoo being one of the most flexible, scalable and comprehensive ERP solutions has a strong grasp of inventory, accounting, CRM and reports management. Our module  “Odoo Bridge For Magento” allows the user to combine and harness the potential of both Magento and Odoo and therefore to efficiently and effectively manage the Sales at Magento end and inventory, customers, accounting, reporting and much more at Odoo end.

Please Note: This module is a package of two modules, one for Magento end and other for Odoo end. You need to install one file on Magento and other on Odoo end.

 Odoo Bridge For Magento Features -

  • Bidirectional product sync.
  • Bidirectional category sync.
  • Real-time product and product categories sync from Magento to Odoo.
  • Sync of Magento configurable products as odoo variants.
  • Real-time order sync from Magento to odoo.
  • Bidirectional order status update.
  • Auto-generation of order invoice in Odoo when the order is invoiced in Magento.
  • Customer sync from Magento to odoo.
  • Real-time inventory sync.
  • Tax mapping.
  • Payment mapping.
  • Shipping carrier mapping.
  • The delivery for an order gets automatically done at Odoo’s end when the order gets shipped at Magento’s end.
  • Automatic synchronization of Tracking Id to Magento from Odoo once delivery for an order is generated in Odoo.
  • Compatible with Odoo POS, inventory will automatically sync at both ends Magento and Odoo during order/delivery at Magento or POS.

Centralized Order Management :

Magento Order :

  • Real-time order sync from Magento to odoo without any manual intervention.
  • Any order status update at odoo end will be updated at Magento also

Odoo Order :

  • The order that is processed at odoo end will affect the status of the order at Magento end.
  • The tracking ID generated for an order also gets synchronized from Odoo to Magento.

Centralized Inventory management :

Delivery Order :

  • The module has been designed in such a fashion that whether the order source is Magento, odoo or POS the order delivery update on odoo, the inventory will be updated on Magento without any manual intervention.

Purchase Order / Incoming Shipment :

  • If there is any update in inventory due to purchase order or due to any incoming shipment, the inventory is updated at Magento end.

POS Order :

  • The module helps you manage the POS inventory update to be synced to odoo and Magento.

Centralized Accounting And Customer Database Management :

  • This module will help you manage all your invoices at one place, ie. at odoo end. Since the orders get synced from Magento to odoo thus helps to maintain the invoice very easily. All the invoice will be generated and maintained at odoo end.
  • Moreover, you can import the customer database from Magento to Odoo and manage your Magento store customers in the Odoo.

Odoo Bridge For Magento Extensions/Plug-ins:

We have a whole list of modules that can be installed with Odoo Bridge For Magento to suit your needs. Check them out >>>


  • Want to synchronize custom attributes and options from Magento to Odoo!!

Variety governs your ability to cater to different customers on your website. Import custom attributes and options of the products from Magento to Odoo with Custom Attribute Odoo Bridge For Magento Extension. The custom attributes and their respective values are imported and can be viewed in the product form.

Click here for more information about the extension >> Custom Attribute Odoo Bridge For Magento


  • Handling multiple shops separately in Magento becoming tedious?

Reduce laborious efforts and time consuming manual management of multiple shops in Magento one at a time with Multishop MOB Extension For Magento. Manage your multiple Magento Shops in single Odoo database. Generate separate pricelist for each shop. Though at one place the data can still be easily managed and segregated store wise in the Odoo.

Intrigued! Visit the Page for more information >> Multishop MOB Extension For Magento


  • Looking for something to manage Magento store in multiple languages?

Working with multiple languages on your Magento store. So, don’t limit the functionality of your management system. Just translate the details and description of products, product categories, attributes etc to any desired language while importing to Odoo. Map any language on the Odoo and Magento’s end and manage the products in any language you want in the Odoo.

Visit the store page for more details >> MOB Multi Language Extension For Magento


  • Do you want to handle Magento store returns in the Odoo?

Synchronize the returns in the Odoo Automatically with MOB Credit Memo For Magento Extension. Auto-generate draft credit memo and reverse deliver for a returned products on your Magento store in real time. Also, maintain the record of the returns in the Odoo.

Click Here to know more >> MOB Credit Memo For Magento


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Dedicated Support for your Odoo Bridge For Magento Module

The Webkul's dedicate official support provide you with the customizations and troubleshooting solutions for your Odoo bridge for Magento Module and its extensions.

For any query or issue please CREATE A TICKET HERE

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based on 47 reviews
Posted On - April 7, 2021
Superb connetor module
Amazing fast and stable connection bridge between odoo and magento.
This is really helping our company move forward on the ecommercefield on another level.
The customization they provide is very good and excellent feedback or support
Posted On - February 26, 2021
Very good module
Very good and functional module and perfect support from the team.
Will use it again for another project.
Posted On - October 17, 2019
Une société vraiment TOP
Une équipe très pro avec des modules qui fonctionnent à merveille. Il est possible de customiser tous les modules et ce pour des prix très corrects. Je recommande chaudement cette société. La SAV est rapide et toujours courtois.
sudokeys.com (FR)
Posted On - October 1, 2018
Very useful connector and Support
I've been using this module for 3 months, and it's really a very good product for Magento <=> Odoo synchronization.

Very good and reactive support from Webkul team !

www.baby-steps.nl (NL)
Posted On - September 27, 2018
Perfect Bridge
3 years ago webkul connected also with great succes magento 1 to odoo 8.0 and now they installed the connector on my new magento 2 shop. It is an intensive journey to test and solve little things and the webkul guys are doing a very great job. There are specialists on odoo and magento wich help you very good. The next step is maybe an migration too a newer version of odoo. I am very satisfied and want to thank Saleem, Ankur and Ashish for their great support and everyone who was involved with this project.
masta.nl (NL)
Posted On - September 25, 2018
Excellent connector
Excellent connector. We first used the Magento 1.9 to Odoo 8 connector, then the Magento 1.9 to Odoo 10 and now the Magento 2 to Odoo 10 connector.

Support has always been excellent. Installation service is great, discovered problems are fixed very fast. Customization is always possible.

As far as I know, this is the only good option to connect your Magento 2 store to the Odoo ERP systeem. With this connection you can combine the Magento webshop functions with the ERP functions of Odoo the create a complete omnichannel business solution.
Posted On - February 19, 2018
Best extension to synchronise Magento with Odoo
I have used this extension the last two years and it works as described.
Before I have tested another modules from other developers and it's not the same.
But the best part is the support from developer.
Grillikauppa.com (FI)
Posted On - November 14, 2017
Complex but not complicated
Let's face it: It has not been easy. But it could've been 100 times worse. We run very complicated environment with dozens of workflows and payment methods, 11 shop and 5 countries and all related shipping methods.

We have customized MOB quite a few times, but it has offered us very complex integration which would never have been possible by building from ground up.

Instead of pure code, we have access to configurate everything and manually fix problems in the integration.
www.GoSupps.com (AE)
Posted On - August 9, 2017
Excellent Extension and Great Support
We have used this extension for more than 6 months now and it's been a really great extension to support us to integrate with our Odoo ERP system, now as anyone knows you will always have customization work you need to implement and there will be the other great part Webkul will provide: an excellent and reliable customization service... 5 stars indeed.
Posted On - January 23, 2017
Great Extension with Great Sales Support!
In a word, "Awesome"! Developers are also helpful and punctual.
Posted On - January 23, 2017
Very efficient solution
We are now using this extension since more than one year with magento 1.9.1 and Odoo 8.
It's working like a charm and provides us a nice integrated solution.
Support is also very reactive and provides 100% solution very quickly.
Recommended !
Posted On - January 23, 2017
Critical For Our Growth
This extension is really helping our company go to the next level. It provides excellent, intuitive connections which are easy to use and configure. We required several modifications to the extension for our unique business case and Webkul was available to do custom-coding which was fast, well-priced and very well-communicated. They have been really fantastic to work with.
The extension itself is clearly coded and we have been able to configure it to do everything we have needed so far. Definitely recommended.
Posted On - January 23, 2017
This extension works prefect!
This extension works in magento 1.9.2 and odoo 9, webkul support team is very fast response.
Thank you webkul
Posted On - January 20, 2017
Works Perfect
After extensive testing I can say, that this is the best module I've ever seen for Magento and Odoo. It works just as you would expect. The synchronization between both platforms is very fast. For example, if I make an order on Magento and switch the tab as fast as I can to Odoo, the order is already there! Really great job. I also enjoy the possibility to have customization / additional modules added to this extension to further enhance it's possibilities.
About the support: It's really great! Very fast and more competent than I could have ever imagined. I have always enjoyed talking to them.
Thank you so much for this extension. It's definitely worth more than it's price!
Posted On - January 20, 2017
Excellent bridge and excellent support
This bridge runs from the first moment as described.
The module allows you to synchronize perfectly Magento with Odoo, but best of all is their customer service attentive and effective.
I also needed the service customization to adapt the module to an extension of another supplier and the service was quite fast and at a reasonable price.
Posted On - January 20, 2017
Very nice
Super good support. Solve all problem we face.
5 stars
Posted On - January 17, 2017
Very Good Product & Best Support
If you want to synchronize data from Magento to Odoo this is the right extension. We work with Magento and Odoo 8 and with this extension you can bring efficiency in your daily work.
There is a excellent and fast support service from the supplier which helped us to correct some installation issues immediately. Yes, I recommend this extension.
Very good job done and thanks to the Webkul team.
Posted On - January 17, 2017
Absolute Excellent + First Class Support
The bridge is really a great product. We have tested a lot of connectors over the years - connectors to various multichannel-commerce-platforms, to ERP-solutions. But non ever worked our of the box (many did not even work at all). BUT the Webkul-Bridge is the first product which still makes me say "WOW".
It worked like a charm from the first day. Installation was easy and the features are amazing. For all the things you get, the price is much too low. Even 1900 USD would be a fair price.
The support is fast. They reply multiple times a day on tickets, help fast and are always there with additional ideas. I can also recommend Webkul for custom Odoo-jobs!
Posted On - January 16, 2017
Best solution for Magento <-> Odoo Sync
I've been looking for the best solution to synchronize magento and odoo for quite a while. This is the best solution I found. Plus: it has the best value-for-money ratio. We use it with Magento 1.9.1 and Odoo 8 (self hosted)
Although I needed some additional customization done by Webkul it's really worth it.
Definitive 100% recommend, but keep in mind to maybe spend some extra $ on customization afterwards.
Support and customization are super fast and professional. (Special thanks to Ashish and Vinay)
Keep up the good work. :)
Posted On - January 16, 2017
5 Star Product From A 5 Star Company
I chose the Webkul Magento connector based on cost to begin with as similar solutions offered less off an out of the box solution and required further costs to be included for development.
Due to bespoke setup that I required, I have sent many requests for customisation and changes to the existing platform and although not all changes could be done for free, the cost was minimal and completely viable for the whole project.
I have received prompt answers to all the questions and changes requested have been completed within 24 hrs which is a fantastic level of service.
The connector works exactly as as stated and there have been no issues.
I can not think of any improvements to be made for the product as it just works!
Keep up the good work! :O)
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