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Opencart Marketplace Correios Shipping: Opencart Marketplace Correios Shipping allows the customers to select Correios shipping methods for their product delivery. It calculates shipping rates according to the product weight and distance between the seller and customer addresses.

The Correios Shipping manages the Brazilian postal code system. It provides the various shipping methods with and without the contract. The admin can add an additional estimated delivery time and handling fee for the Correios Shipping method.

Please Note:

  • This is an Opencart Marketplace Add-On, please install Webkul Opencart Marketplace Module first.
  • Opencart Marketplace Correios Shipping works for Brazillian Postal Codes only.
  • The shipping rates will be based on the delivery zip code, product weight, and product length.
  • This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.
  • Opencart Marketplace Correios Shipping module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.

Highlighted Features

 Experience A Hassle-Free Shipping Service

Correios is one of the most trusted and reliable shipping carriers in Brazil.

 Generate Shipments/Invoices

The sellers have the leverage to create Invoice & Packing Slips for the orders.

 Estimated Delivery Time And Cost Visibility

The customer will find the approximate delivery time along with the cost in the frontend.

 Error Message

If somehow any of the Correios Shipping Methods are not available, the customers will see an error message.

Why Use this module?

Shipping is one of the most crucial aspects of any E-commerce store. And is somehow responsible for making a brand’s name in the digital industry. The reason being that is an online store that manages to deliver the product/ order to their customers on time. And without causing any damage tends to have the customers’ goodwill intact. Unlike other stores fail to achieve timely delivery of the order.

Opencart Marketplace Correios Shipping is one such extension that allows the sellers of the marketplace to offer Correios shipping to their customers. It calculates shipping rates according to the product weight and distance between the seller and customer addresses.

This extension ensures on-time delivery and a damage-free order delivery as well. This, in turn, would keep the customers’ trust in your brand intact and this would affect the sales and revenue of a store, positively.

Supports Various Correios Shipping Services

Opencart Marketplace Correios Shipping module facilitates the various shipping services under the shipping method. It gives various options to the customer of Brazil to checkout with their convenient shipping service.

  • The shipping services will visible under the shipping method at the checkout page.
  • Multiple Shipping Method is a must-have for all kind of marketplace as it provides the facility for the seller to choose what kind of shipping methods they want to use for the shipment.
  • Also very easy for buyers as well to select the best and trusty shipping service.

Correios Shipping Option on Checkout Page

The checkout process is extremely convenient. Even a newbie can navigate through the checkout process and place an order smoothly.

  • The Brazilian customers can add the products into the cart in the usual way.
  • They can choose their respective shipping address.
  • On choosing the address, the Correios shipping methods shall be visible.
  • The customer can choose any feasible shipping method from the given options.
  • Complete the order purchase by making payment using the admin configured payment methods.

Easy Processing the Order

Once the buyer places the order, the sellers of the store can manage the shipping under their respective seller panels. The seller can:

  • Add a tracking number for creating the shipping slip.
  • View the complete order details associated with the invoice and shipping.
  • The sellers can even provide VAT and Tax-related information as well.
  • Provide enhanced shipping and delivery services to the customers of the marketplace.

Facilitate to Show Estimated Delivery Time

After adding the products, the customers can check and compare the estimated delivery time & cost, either on the cart page or checkout process. During the checkout process, the following options are available:

  • Select any of the available Correios shipping methods.
  • View the estimated shipping cost of each Correios shipping service.
  • View estimated delivery time (in days) of each Correios shipping service.
  • An error message is shown when Correios shipping is not available.
  • Add any comments with the order.

View Product Tracking Details

If the customers are shopping from the online eCommerce store, then the customers need to be updated about their orders. Tracking facilitates the customer to be updated about their order status.

  • Sellers can add the tracking number and send the tracking number to the customer in the text format so that they can track their order.
  • The customer can use that tracking number to track the status of their order.
  • The tracking will keep the transparency between the sellers and the customers as they are aware of their order shipment.
  • By using tracking software, the customer will have a picture of the business assets.
  • It provides Real-Time Asset Management and helps to improve customer service.

 Opencart Marketplace Correios Shipping Features

  • Set the title for the Correios Shipping Method for the front-end.
  • Select the tax class to apply with the Correios Shipping Method.
  • Configure the error message if the Correios Shipping Method is not available.
  • Show/hide the estimated delivery time on the front-end.
  • The admin can add additional delivery time for estimating delivery.
  • Select the allowed shipping methods for the customers.
  • Select a fixed or percentage-based handling fee.
  • Calculate handling percent fee amount including/excluding shipping.
  • Sellers can add the tracking number to their orders.
  • Sellers can download and print orders & invoices from the front-end.
  • The admin can transfer the shipping amount to the sellers.
  • Support multiple language translations.
  • The module source code is open for customization.

 Opencart Marketplace Correios Shipping Support

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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