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Marketplace Correios Shipping for Magento 2


Marketplace Correios Shipping for Magento 2: Marketplace Correios Shipping for Magento 2 provides Correios Shipping method for shipping the product. The Correios shipping manages the Brazilian postal code system. Using this shipping module vendor / seller can manage their shipping and order from vendor panel print invoice, and can enter tracking ID, and complete shipping management from seller panel.

Important Note - Marketplace Correios Shipping for Magento 2 is an add-on of Magento 2 Marketplace Module. To use this module you have to install Webkul Magento 2 Marketplace Module first.

 Marketplace Correios Shipping for Magento 2 Features -

  • The admin can enable/disable the module.
  • The admin can set the Correios shipping method name that will be shown from the front side.
  • The admin can also add delivery time from their end.
  • The admin can set Handling fee as Fixed or Percentage.
  • The seller can enter the tracking ID by which buyer can track their order.
  • The seller can print Invoice of an individual order.
  • Ability to download Invoice and Shipping Slip easily.
  • The seller can add Invoice & Packing Slip address, VAT, TAX information.

 Admin Configuration

After the successful installation of the extension, the admin will be able to configure the module for use at the front-end. The admin will be able to -

Note: For using the "with contract" shipping methods you need to have purchased a contract with the Correios shipping in the first place.

  • Enable or disable the module for use at the front-end.
  • Set the title of the shipping method that will be visible at checkout.
  • Select the shipping methods that will be available for use(The admin can choose from the without contract or with contract shipping methods).
  • Select to show the delivery time.
  • Enter the delivery time.
  • Enter the handling fee that will be applicable on the product.
  • Set the handling fee as fixed or percentage.
  • Set the default package length, width, and height that will be used if a seller has left these values empty for his products.

 Seller Configuration

After the admin has configured the module settings, the seller will have to set the package length, width, and height for each of his products. If these values have not been entered by the seller then the default values set by the admin in the module configuration for the package dimension will be used. Using this extension the sellers will be able to provide the Correios shipping method for shipping their products within Brazilian postal code.

  • Set the default package height, width, and length for each of his products.
  • The seller's(senders) address should be of the Brazilian postal code else the shipping extension will not display the shipping methods at the front end even if the customer has selected the destination address of the Brazilian postal code.

 Workflow at Customers End

The Brazilian customers will add the product as usual to the cart and will proceed for the checkout. After selecting the shipping address they will be able to see the without contract Correios shipping methods for selection and then they can easily make the payment using the allowed admin payment methods to complete their order purchase.

 Seller Management

After the buyer has placed the order the seller will be able to manage the shipping under their account panel. After the seller has generated the invoice, entered the tracking number to generate the shipment can view the complete order details. The seller will be able to -

  • Generate the invoice and the shipping slips for the orders.
  • Enter the tracking number for creating the shipping slip.
  • View the complete order details like - invoice and shipping.

 Marketplace Correios Shipping for Magento 2 Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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