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Odoo Mobikul Mobile App Builder: The Odoo Mobikul Mobile App Builder will convert your Odoo Store into a native mobile application. Now it is not necessary to have desktops/laptops to shop from your store.

The customers/buyers can easily visit your store by using the mobile application on the go. The mobile application has better user experience with splendid features and functionalities and it is fully compatible with your default Odoo Store.

The mobile application provides a user-friendly experience and enhances the customers’ engagement over the mobile platform. So what you waiting for, you must have a mobile app with great features & functionalities for your store.

Odoo Multi Vendor Mobile App - You can also convert your Odoo Multi Vendor Marketplace website into a mobile app.

 Highlighted Features

 Engage Customer

The app gives multiple features like interactive homepage, push notifications, and many other to increase the customer interaction.

 Easy integration of device based feature

Being native application, the usage of the device based feature in much easy and efficient.

 Push Notification To Make App Smart

The app can be made smarter as now you can share information instant updates or news to customers using push notifications.


This feature can lessen the efforts of the customer by adding smart search process. This may filter out many products and bring in the single desired product.

 Easy Checkout

The customer can do the checkout process in the app with a few simple steps (along with pre-filled information like address details) making the checkout process fast.

 Saving Products for later purchase

Wishlist can serve the purpose of saving the products for later purchase.

 How does it work?

You can create and publish the mobile app in just four simple steps:- 

Offer Discounts

Offer Discounts- This app allows you to provide the special discount on the products by using the key feature of Odoo Pricelist.

 RTL format Support

The Odoo apps provide easy support to the language written in RTL (Right-to-Left) format. That is, one can even see the app in Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, and other such languages.

The app here not only supports the format but also the layout. This will allow the customer with RTL format to easily operate the app.

  • Better Customer Interaction
  • Optimized UI
  • Effective conversion rate from countries following the language format.

 GDPR Compliance

With accordance to the regulation set by the EU to safeguard the personal data of its citizens. The app also ensures the same so that the app users data is safe and secure. It does not enforce the app user to bid by terms and conditions which they are not willing to.

  • The GDPR feature can be enabled from admin end.
  • Enable or disable the set of terms and conditions can be accepted or decline as per the choice of app user on Sign up Page, Account Information Page, Address page, Shipping page, Payment page, and on Review Page.
  • State the terms and Condition for the above pages.

You can implement GDPR is your website using the Odoo GDPR module.

 Unlimited Push Notifications

With app now the store owner can increase the sales to a higher level. They can send a notification to the customer.

These notifications are configured and managed by Odoo back end. To know more about the benefits of the push notifications to the store owner, please click here.

  • More reliable method of communication as compared to SMS, or mails.
  • The store owner can share any type of information- offers, discount, new arrivals, and other types of information.
  • The customer can connect to the store without visiting the same.

Now the store owner can manage the orders via- Odoo Mobikul Delivery Boy App.

 Real-Time Synchronization

This App synchronizes with your Web Store in real time. If the admin has made some changes at Odoo Back-end like adding products, Banners, Images of products, Product Sliders etc. then accordingly it will reflect in the Mobile app without any delay in time.

Mobikul uses all the latest and best technologies exist for the data exchange between your E-commerce store and mobile application. like:-

  • RESTful APIs to exchange data between the mobile application and your E-commerce store.
  • JSON or XML is used as the mode of data exchange between the E-commerce store and mobile application.

  Fully Native App- Built on Java and Swift

The native apps are meant to work on the dedicate device. It has a better user-friendly experience to engage your customer over the mobile platform. This will help to increase the conversion rate or revenue/sales.

The Mobikul Android app is codes are written in Java on Android Studio framework and iOS apps are coded in Swift using Xcode.

  • Better User Experience and interaction.
  • The more efficient response of device-based features like GPS, Machine learning and other device based functionalities.
  • Supports more Graphics.

Mobikul has got multiple other apps, please visit - https://store.webkul.com/Mobikul-App.html

 Complete Features List

  • Unlimited Push Notifications.
  • All Types Of Product Supported.
  • Ecommerce Mobile App Payment Gateway Supported.
  • Admin Can Track/Differentiate Orders Placed From App.
  • Admin Can Manage Price List.
  • Show/Hide Products On App.
  • Banner Slider.
  • Product Slider.
  • Real Time Synchronization.
  • Fully Native App.

 Odoo Mobikul Mobile App Builder Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

based on 9 reviews
Posted On - December 16, 2018
Very Good Job and so fast
We have use Webkull Odoo Mobile App for Android & iOS and we are very satisfied with the app for both versions. The Webkul solutions saved our time and our money.
We highly recommend the apps and solutions by Webkul they are really professional.
gy-trade.hk/ (HK)
Posted On - November 30, 2018
Very good app and the support service
The Apple and Android App is very good,and because we do some modification,so the the support service is very important,they technical support is very quickly(generally,we will get the reply at the next day after we send our question) and professionall.
A good support team.
Posted On - November 14, 2018
A very professional team
The Webkul team is a responsive and helpful team. All questions and questions are kindly answered. The application is very intuitive. It is a great product.
Posted On - October 16, 2018
Very professional team
We have already dealt with many odoo developers, but after dealing with webkul we found a different level of service and responsiveness, especially in after-sales service.
It was also wonderful to find solutions they always had and great ideas.
In fact, after our experience in purchasing the mobikul application, it represents a real presence on smart phones at a very suitable price and professional interface.
We highly recommend that you purchase this application for those who want to expand their e-commerce and presence on the phone platform professionally!
We also thank webkul team for the Patience with us and deeply cooperative with us and look forward to a long and close relationship between us.
www.dnimall.com (ID)
Posted On - September 28, 2018
Great Apps and Very Fast Support
Finally I have ios and android apps for my odoo ecommerce, this is very nice Apps and we Love It.
I have an amazing experience with fast and great support from Webkul, great work.
Thank you, I will buy another module after this one.
www.mwasm.com (SA)
Posted On - July 31, 2018
It's easy to manage and very good
great support the replay and fixed any issue very fast
and the theme is very creative
I recommended it
great support the replay and fixed any issue very fast
and the theme is very creative
I recommended it
Edgar Adrian
Posted On - March 8, 2018
Nice support Good Customization
Fast support!!!!!!!!!
Nice APP. We love IT.
Good customization. The always give me ideas to concluding the project.
Great Communication with the team. Always
www.twanda.ch (CH)
Posted On - December 7, 2017
The App I was waiting for for a long time
Easy to set up, easy to use, fully integrated with Odoo: exactly what I was looking for. Responsive support.
ticom.vn (VN)
Posted On - October 11, 2017
Thanks for sevice support ! Very good !
Fast support and good sevice, and team support so good
Fast support and good sevice, and team support so good
Fast support and good sevice, and team support so good
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