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Product RMA: WordPress WooCommerce Product RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) allows you to organize a system for customers to request a return without any effort. With the help of this module, the customer can return the products, and have them replaced or refunded within the admin-specified time limit.

Highlighted Features

 Guest Users

The guest user can also generate an RMA.

 Buyer Admin Communication

The admin and the customer both can communicate regarding any query of the RMA.

 RMA Status

The admin can change RMA status - approve, decline, and solve.

 RMA Reasons

The admin can create RMA reasons from which a customer can choose a valid reason.

 Email Notifications

Email notification of RMA for the admin and the customer as well.

 Shipping Label

The admin can also add a new shipping label.

What is the use of this module and why should I use it?

End-User satisfaction is very important for any business. By adding an RMA service to your store for the product will improve customer satisfaction. That’s why RMA is an essential feature of any functional e-commerce store. It provides the freedom to the customer to return and exchange the bought goods. The customers will be more confident while purchasing the product. It will create more transparency between the customers and the store owner.

RMA configuration

The admin can configure the RMA from the admin panel and can manage the RMA accordingly -

  • Can set the RMA time for customers to generate an RMA.
  • Can select the order statuses for which a customer can create an RMA.
  • Can set the return address for the products.
  • Can add shipping labels to be used while processing an RMA.
  • The admin can set the RMA policy.
  • The admin can create reasons so that the customer can add reason with the RMA.

Generate New RMA

The customer can generate an RMA to cancel/return/refund a product from the customer end

  • The customer can select the resolution type for an RMA.
  • The customer can choose the reason for an RMA.
  • The customer can attach an image to the RMA.
  • The customer can message the admin on an RMA.
  • The guest user can also generate an RMA.

The customer can manage the requested RMA and can download the shipping label as well if the customer wants to return the product.

Easy RMA Management

The admin can manage the RMA requested by the customer and can change the status of the RMA accordingly -

  • The admin can change the status of an RMA request as approve/decline/resolved.
  • The admin can choose shipping label from existing labels. The admin can add new shipping label for an RMA
  • The admin can reply with a message to the customer on the RMA
  • The admin can view complete details of requested RMA.

RMA Details and Conversation

After generating an RMA, the customer and the admin both can communicate regarding the RMA

  • Both can view easily complete order details.
  • The customer can put up a query for an RMA.
  • The admin can revert to customer's query.

The customer and the admin both can view RMA details like - order id, RMA status, delivery status, resolution type, products, etc.

 Features -

  • Using Product RMA, the customer can cancel/return/exchange the products.
  • The admin can manage RMA status as well as reasons.
  • The admin can set order status for RMA.
  • The admin can manage the return policy.
  • The buyer and the admin both can communicate at store end.
  • The customer can upload images while requesting RMA.
  • Email notification of RMA for the admin and the customer as well.
  • The customer can print RMA details and shipping label easily.
  • The guest user also can generate an RMA request.
  • The customer can choose the resolution type.
  • The admin can set per product RMA time management.
  • Provide shipping label upload option to Manage RMA page itself.
  • Introduced mail notification for conversation.
  • Supports multi-language feature added .pot file for translation.


For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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based on 7 reviews
Lou Belle
Posted On - December 27, 2021
Best Solution Ever
Even though I encountered a lot of problems with the Woocommerce Product Return RMA plugin and the bug resolution process was rather long, I still recommend this product because now the plugin is functional and has all the features. one needs to process returns of goods. And the technical support team is responsive and attentive.
Posted On - December 27, 2021
Good Plugin and Responsive Support Team
I recommend this plugin. If you face any issue with it as I did, don't worry, the support team is willing to help. They fixed a lot of issues for me and also took my improvement suggestions into account. So, even if at first, it didn't work well, now, I can say it's a good plugin.
Posted On - February 18, 2020
Feature Availability
This app is near exactly everything I was looking for, including having the ability for Guests to complete the return form without creating an account. When I downloaded the Plugin, there were a couple of bugs with the compatibility of my Flatsome Theme, but the customer support resolved literally every single issue and the plugin is running flawlessly. Havent seen plugin support like this in a while. 5/5
Posted On - January 21, 2020
Customer Support
Good support provide by the team.
Terry Ellis
Posted On - October 3, 2019
Great extensions and support
Great support, thank you!
Posted On - March 18, 2019
Customer Support
Support very fast and excellent. I really like the plugin and it's very useful!

Posted On - July 12, 2018
Customer Support
My problem was well documented but even so the support team helped very friendly. They even changed some CSS code so the plugin worked well with my theme.
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