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QloApps Marketplace- QloApps Marketplace is addon for QloApps which will allow you to work as an Online Travel Agent (OTA). With the help of our marketplace you will be able to convert your normal hotel website into a marketplace of hotels where the third party property owners will be able to list their properties on your website and on other hand you will get a commission on there bookings.

Your seller will have a separate dashboard where he will be able to manage his profile, hotels, room types, additional facilities and orders.

If you want to learn how to launch your free hotel website with the help of QloApps then Click Here

QloApps Marketplace version compatibility -

  • QloApps Marketplace v1.3.0 is compatible with QloApps version v1.6.x
  • QloApps Marketplace v1.2.4 is compatible with QloApps version v1.5.1
  • QloApps Marketplace V1.2.3 is compatible with Qloapps version V1.5.0
  • QloApps Marketplace V1.2.2 is compatible with Qloapps version V1.4.0
  • QloApps Marketplace V1.2.1 is compatible with Qloapps version from V1.2.0 to versions below V1.4.0

Highlighted Features

 Seller Dashboard

A separate dashboard for your hotel sellers from where they can view the sales and order stats.

 Seller Profile

Seller has all the options to manage his profile and details like email address, phone number and fax.

 Seller Room type Management

Seller can create new room types by adding basic information, occupancy, images, occupancy, pricing, rooms, amenities, additional facilities and SEO etc.

 Commission Management

Admin can set commission on the global level that means same commission for all sellers or seller wise commission.

 Approval Management

Admin can approve sellers, seller hotels, and room types automatically or manually.

 Email Notifications Management

Admin can decide on what event he want to send email notification to admin and seller.

 Orders Management

Seller can view list of orders received under Orders tab. Seller can view admin commission and his earnings from each order.


Sellers can view history of transactions between him and the admin with details like amount, payment mode, ID and status.

QloApps Marketplace Features -

  • Admin can create/delete sellers on marketplace.
  • Admin can manually or automatically approve/disapprove seller request.
  • Admin can allow/disallow sellers to agree to the terms and conditions.
  • Admin can manage seller profiles.
  • Admin can manage seller hotels.
  • Admin can manage seller room types.
  • Admin can manage commission rate and tax distribution.
  • Admin can manage seller orders.
  • Admin can manage and add payment modes for sellers.
  • Admin can select ‘Super Admin Email’ where all marketplace emails will be sent.
  • Admin can allow Sellers to use multiple language in Marketplace.
  • Admin can manage various mail configuration settings.
  • Admin can view total earnings of hotel marketplace as well as seller wise earnings in the back-end.
  • Admin can manage seller settlements from back-end.
  • Admin can allow/disallow display of Admin commission to sellers.
  • Admin can allow/disallow Advance Payment option to sellers.
  • Admin can allow/disallow sellers to create customer wise specific price.
  • To become Sellers, users can send seller request to the Admin.
  • Sellers can manage their profiles.
  • Sellers can manage their hotels.
  • Sellers can manage their room types.
  • Sellers can manage their orders.
  • Sellers can select payment mode provided by Admin and send account details to receive payments manually from admin.
  • Sellers can view sales information with graph in the dashboard on marketplace front-end.
  • Sellers can edit booked orders: they can change duration of booking dates, add discount, add rooms and reallocate or swap rooms.
  • Sellers can view their marketplace earnings and admin commission from the dashboard.
  • Sellers can add partial payments for orders.

Seller Registration

Any user can become a seller by clicking on list my hotel button in user accounts. The user will have to fill out his details and submit his request to become a seller on your website. Once the seller is approved on the basis of automatic and manual approval profile, he can proceed to hotel listing.

Set up Commission for sellers

Admin can charge commission from the sellers for every room booking on the marketplace. In QloApps Marketplace admin can set up percentage commissions with ease. Admin can:

  • Add different commission rate for different sellers.
  • Set a global commission rate same for all the seller.
  • Manage tax distribution.

Note - Commission is charged on the base price of the room type.

Alerts and Notifications

Admin can decide on which event he wants to send email notification to his sellers and himself. The following are scenarios in which the admin can setup email notifcations to seller or himself:

  • Seller Request Approval/Disapproval
  • Hotel creation, approval, disapprove, activate, deactivate, delete and update by admin or seller
  • Room type creation, approval, disapprove, activate, deactivate, delete and update by admin or seller
  • On new bookings of seller property

Separate Seller Dashboard

A separate dashboard is provided to sellers from where they can view sales and orders report of a day, month, or year. The seller dashboard has a graphical representation of these stats to give a better claritiy.

  • Sales generated(daily, monthly, or yearly)
  • Total orders received in a day, month, or year.
  • Most recent orders
  • Best Selling Room Types

SEO Management

QloApps Marketplace gives your seller an option to manage his meta title, meta description and URL. This allow the seller to make his room type do better at the search engine rankings.

Seller Order Management

A separate tab "Orders" is provided in the seller panel from where a seller can view a list of all the orders received on the marketplace. Seller can view admin commission and amount earned from each order. Also, the admin can configure the order statuses that will be available to sellers for updating the orders.

QloApps Marketplace Supported Addons -

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  • QloApps Marketplace On Desk Booking.(Buy Now)

QloApps Marketplace Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com.

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Posted On - September 13, 2023
Good SUpport and plugin
Rajat was very helpful and patient with my issue. He offered clear guidance and had knowledge on how to solve my issue. Thank you
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