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Prestashop AliExpress Dropshipping- The module helps merchants to import the product directly from AliExpress & start selling them on their own PrestaShop store.

Dropshipping is an eCommerce business model that helps you to sell products from your store without actually holding the inventory. This helps people to start their own eCommerce business with a much lower investment cost.

With our PrestaShop AliExpress Dropshipping module, an admin can import products and their combinations from AliExpress to his PrestaShop store and start selling them on the store. Thereafter, the automatic ordering process available with the module helps to place the order on AliExpress with a single click.

Highlighted Features

 Import Products

Easily import the product of AliExpress to PrestaShop with a single click.

 Create Products In Catalog

Choose to create the products in the PrestaShop catalog after importing them.

 Automatic Ordering Process

Place the order on AliExpress in a single click as all the information will be filled automatically on the checkout page.

 Low Investment Cost

Start your eCommerce business with a very low investment cost as you''' not need to hold any inventory.

Import Products From AliExpress

The admin can easily import products from AliExpress into his Prestashop web store and can start selling those products. The admin just has to install an extension for the Chrome browser that enables an import button on all the AliExpress products. The icon can be seen on all the product pages of AliExpress.

Note: A custom-built Prestashop AliExpress Product Importer Chrome Browser Extension on your Google Chrome browser for importing the products to your Prestashop store.

  • Import AliExpress Products to add to your store with ease.
  • Import product Combinations
  • Update Product information of the Imported Products
  • Order automation and much more...

Order Automation

When the products that are imported from AliExpress are purchased at your PrestaShop store, then all those orders will be visible under the AliExpress Orders section. The admin just needs to click the “Place Order” button and the admin will be redirected to the AliExpress website. After that, the admin just has to enter the payment information as the rest of the steps have been automated.

  • All steps from adding the product into the cart and entering the shipping information have been automated.
  • The admin just has to enter the payment information and click “Confirm & Pay” to place the order at AliExpress.
  • Then the admin will be directed to the “Review Your Order” section and the admin can manually confirm the order and then select the payment method to make the payment for the purchase

New Product Import Settings

This is a very crucial part as the admin needs to set the default settings of the product being imported from AliExpress. There are various things that need to be defined when a product is being imported from AliExpress.

  • Create a product in Catalog – Admin can decide whether he wants to create the imported product in catalog when synced from Aliexpress.
  • Product Status – Admin can decide if he wants to enable the product or not.
  • Admin can fetch product details like Product Features, Product description, Product packaging and Product combination by setting "additional info setting" to "by Curl" or "by Cron"
  • Display Packaging –  Packaging details will be displayed on the product page if imported from AliExpress.
  • Display AliExpress Shipping Time –  AliExpress shipping time will be displayed on the product page if the shipping time is imported from AliExpress.
  • Associated Categories – Admin selects the default categories associated with the newly imported product.
  • Default Category – Admin pre-decides the default category with the newly imported product.
  • Condition – Admin pre-decides the default Condition of the newly imported product  –  Old, New or Refurbished.
  • Visibility – Admin pre-decides the default visibility option of the newly imported product – Everywhere, Catalog Only, Search Only OR Nowhere.
  • Supplier – Admin can select the default PrestaShop supplier of the newly imported product.
  • Options – Set default Options for the newly imported product – Available for order,  Show price, Online only (not sold in your retail store).
  • Tax rule – Admin can select the default PrestaShop tax rule for the newly imported product.
  • Carriers –  Admin can select the PrestaShop carriers available for newly imported products.

Price Settings During Import Process

When a product is imported from AliExpress to Prestashop, it is a major challenge to manage price. To do this we have our Product Price Settings section is the module configuration.

Sometimes on AliExpress prices are set at a particular range. So, there is a choice for the admin where he can select whether he wants the product’s Minimum Price or Maximum Price to be imported on Prestashop.

Also, there are four options to select the pricing mechanism of the newly imported product.

  • Same as AliExpress – Here the product price will be the same on PrestaShop end as it was on AliExpress.
  • Custom Price –  Here Admin can set an altogether new custom price for the newly imported product.
  • Increase –  Here Admin can choose to add an increased impact on AliExpress price when product is imported on Prestashop. (Impact will be set in percentage form).
  • Decrease –Here Admin can choose to add a decreased impact on AliExpress price when product is imported on Prestashop. (Impact will be set in percentage form)

Product Combination Image Settings

Admin also has the Product Combination Image Settings section in the module configuration. From here Admin can decide whether to add product images with the combination product images of the Imported Products on AliExpress end or not. If disabled only selected combination images with combination products will be displayed.

Automatic Update Settings

Admin has the Quantity Update Settings section in the module configuration. From here Admin can automatically Update the Product quantity of the Imported Products when they are updated on the AliExpress end by using the "Cron task manager" module or by setting "cron as per specific time interval".

Product Update Settings

Admin also has the Product Update Settings section in the module configuration. From here Admin can Update Product information of the Imported Products when they are updated on the AliExpress end.  Admin also has an option to select which parameters will be updated. Options available at the Admin end are Product Name, Product Price, Product Images, Product Features, Product Description, Product Packaging Details.

  • Regenerate Product Combinations -  Admin decides whether combinations of the imported product will be regenerated at PrestaShop end. While regenerating combinations the old quantity is lost.

Note: If the admin regenerates product combinations then there will be no stock management for all pending orders.


The following functionalities are not working in the new AliExpress theme:

  • Admin cannot import the products through cron.
  • Admin can import the products to Prestashop from the product page but cannot import from the category page.

Prestashop AliExpress Dropshipping Support -

For any query or issue, please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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based on 10 reviews
Posted On - January 2, 2021
Awesome module
i just can't stop buying modules from. great modules from fatastic company. they have excellent support team ready to answere all your queiries
Posted On - June 16, 2020
A very good module
Works perfectly after some support provided.
Posted On - June 10, 2020
Posted On - June 4, 2020
Support with 5 STARS :)
Support with 5 STARS :)
Posted On - May 20, 2020
han respondido todas mis preguntas muy rápido y claro.
Tuve un problema con el producto y no fui capaz de solucionarlo con la documentación. Se importaban los productos vacíos, sin nombre ni fotos, sólo precio. Me lo solucionaron sin ningún problema y me han respondido todas mis preguntas muy rápido y claro.
Posted On - May 7, 2020
Module works fine. 5 stars
This module works fine. In the beginning had some issues but the help center was fine and helped in good time. So because all issues were corrected I give 5 stars and recomend this module.
Posted On - March 27, 2020
5 Etoiles
J'adore ce produit, E-Commerçant très réactif. 5 Etoiles.
Posted On - February 6, 2020
Excellent technical service
Perfect importer for aliexpres products, excellent and resolutive technical service
Posted On - May 3, 2018
Nice product & amazing support service ! 5 stars minimum
thanks for your help and for this module development. Exactly what I'm looking for.
Vitor Manuel Freitas
www.2buy4you.com (PT)
Posted On - December 19, 2017
The best
The best that I can find in the market. Very smooth. The best and excellent assistance on the web.
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