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Magento 2 Delivery Date and Time


Magento 2 Delivery Date and Time - With the help of this extension the customers can choose their preferred date as well time for the product delivery. Magento 2 Delivery Date and Time extension allow the admin to create multiple slots for each day of the week. For each slot, the admin can set the maximum orders quota better time management.

Highlighted Features

 Add Delivery Scheduler for Customers

Advance the store with the delivery scheduler tool, let the customer pick their suitable date and time to plan their order delivery.

 Define allowed days for delivery

Enables the store owner to define allowed days for delivery, and based on the setting delivery slot appears on the storefront.

 Select Delivery Date and Time

This extension facilitates the shoppers to choose a suitable date and time for quick order delivery as per their convenience availability.

 Time Required to Process the Order

Allows the admin to set the buffer time (in days) for the delivery slots.

 Delivery Slot Unavailability Message

Enables the admin to set a custom message for the frontend when no delivery slots are available.

 Delivery Slots Layout for Storefront

This extension comes up with Dropdown Type Select and Chip Type Selection layout for the storefront.

 Delivery Slot Management By Admin

Allows admin to structure out multiple delivery time slots and arrange their order to make the delivery scheduling process easy and beneficial for customers.

 Easy and Convenient for Customers

Easy and convenient for customers to plan delivery slots using the calendar view or attractive slot tab.

What is the use of this module and why should I use it

Magento 2 Delivery Date and Time extension are very useful for allowing customers to choose their preferred time for product delivery. Nowadays, people are too busy managing their time schedule, what happens when your product is delivered to your address, but no one is available to receive the item.

Instead of sending the item back, or calling delivery service guy, the customers will be able to decide when and on which date they want to receive the product. This will greatly help in order fulfillment and management for both the store owner and the customer.

 Setup Delivery Scheduler

First, the admin needs to configure the delivery date and time module configuration. The following options are available.

  • Enable or disable the module
  • Select allowed days for delivery
  • Set how many delivery days to show to the customer
  • Set minimum buffer-time (in days) required for processing the order
  • Enter the error message for the customer when no delivery slot is available
  • Allows admin to choose the delivery slot layout for the storefront.

 Create Delivery Slots

The admin can create any number of delivery slots for each day of the week. To create a new delivery slot simply click 'Add New Slot' and enter the required information.

  • Select day
  • Enter the start time and end time
  • Set maximum order quota for each delivery slot
  • Set delivery slot status - enabled or disabled
  • Edit or delete the delivery slot

 Choosing Delivery Slot

During the checkout process, the customer will see the 'Delivery Time Slots' section. Here, the customer will select any one of the available slots for the delivery.

  • View available slots
  • Only one slot can be selected
  • Various colors are shown for delivery slots - available, unavailable, booked

 Delivery Slot Information

The selected delivery slot information is visible on the order information. The admin and the customer can see the preferred date and time information after placing an order.

  • Shown in sales order to the customer
  • Shown in sales email to customer
  • Shown in sales order to admin
  • Visible in invoice and PDF
  • Visible in shipping slip and PDF
  • Visible in credit memo and PDF

 Time Slot Orders

The admin can see all the orders received for the slot with the delivery date and time information in a detailed grid view layout. This allows the admin to manage all the delivery slots efficiently and process the orders for the selected date and time.

  • View all the orders for the slots
  • View delivery date and time of the order
  • Various filter options are available for quick search
  • View order link is available


  • Enable or disable the module
  • The admin can select the available days for the delivery
  • Mention how many days to display to the customer
  • Set minimum order time required for order processing
  • Display error when no delivery slot is available
  • The admin can create and edit multiple slots for each day of the week
  • The admin can set the order quotas for each slot for better management
  • View all the orders received for the delivery slot
  • Delivery information appears in the sales order and email
  • Delivery information is visible on PDF documents – invoice, shipping slip, and credit memo
  • The module supports multiple-languages translations
  • Source code is 100% open for customization

Virtual Mart - Delivery System

Virtual Mart - One of Jamaica’s largest online food and grocery store. In alliance with a number of players within the grocery sector of Jamaica, it is ready to provide over 3,000 daily needs items from over 100 brands in the catalog. 

Virtual Mart delivery systems are uniquely designed to provide the ability to select a convenient time to receive your purchases either during the day or night. You can pre-book your delivery slot during check-out and be assured that the goods will be delivered as per your booked slot.


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