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Marketplace USPS Endicia: With the help of this marketplace add-on, the seller and the store owner can generate USPS shipments via Endicia. From the Magento panel, the seller and the admin can purchase the Endicia postage and even check the account balance as well. After creating the shipment, customized Endicia shipment label can be generated.

Important Notes:

  • This is a marketplace add-on, so you must be using Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Marketplace. Otherwise, this module will not work.
  • Origin address must be from the United States.
  • The seller or the admin needs to have an active account on Endicia and USPS.

 Highlighted Features

 Easy Configuration

The seller can easily configure the module with the minimum number of steps.

 Fetch USPS Shipping Rates

Can fetch USPS shipping rates via Endicia API.

 Manage Endicia Account

Vendors can easily manage their Endicia account and credentials from front-end.

 Supported Language

This module support multiple languages & translations.

Endicia Integrated Partner

Endicia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stamps.com (Nasdaq: STMP), is a leading provider of internet-based postage services for e-commerce businesses of all sizes.

Webkul is proud to be partnered with Endicia in providing best U.S. Postal Service® (USPS) shipping rates to merchants.

  • Sign up via. Webkul Partner Portal to get the benefits
  • Create shipping labels with an advanced, feature-rich shipping solution
  • Endicia Professional plan enables you to seamlessly integrate USPS® fulfillment into your shipping operations
  • Take advantage of special negotiated postage rates.

 Endicia Shipping Configuration

Once the module has been installed, the admin has the following options for configuring the Endicia Shipping module. Please contact Endicia technical support team for obtaining your account credentials.

  • Enable or disable the shipping method
  • Use development or production (live) mode
  • Set shipping method title for storefront
  • Generate new passphrase
  • Select machinable as yes or no
  • Select allowed mailpiece shape - letter, parcel, flat-rate envelope, etc
  • Select mail class to show on storefront
  • Allow vendors to manage their Endicia account
  • Enter error message content when shipping is not available

 View Estimated  Shipping Cost

A customer can check the USPS-Endicia shipping rates before proceeding to checkout. After entering the delivery details, all the available shipping methods will be visible to the customer. Following delivery options will be available:

  • Priority Mail Express,
  • First-Class Package Service,
  • First-Class Mail Parcel,
  • Library Mail,
  • Media Mail,
  • Priority Mail.

 Endicia Account Management by Vendor

The admin can configure whether the vendor can manage their Endicia account or not. After logging into the seller account, the vendors can enter their Endicia shipping credentials and manage their accounts.

  • Check account balance
  • Buy additional postage
  • Generate new passphrase
  • Enter Endicia account credentials

 USPS-Endicia Shipping Label

With the help of this module, the vendors can print USPS Endicia shipping label. Once, the order is received, the vendor can generate USPS Endicia shipment by simply tick the checkbox. The tracking number will be added automatically.

  • Print USPS Endicia shipping label
  • Print invoice slip
  • Print packing slip
  • Send tracking information to customer

 Endicia Account Management by Admin

Just like marketplace vendors, the admin can also manage its Endicia shipping account from Magento admin panel and create USPS Endicia shipments.

  • Check balance amount
  • Purchase additional postage
  • Generate USPS shipment via Endicia
  • Print Endicia USPS shipping slip
  • Print invoice
  • Send tracking information to customer

 Complete Features list

  • Fetch USPS shipping rates via Endicia API.
  • Purchase Endicia postage stamps from Magento.
  • Check Endicia account balance details from Magento.
  • Generate and print USPS Endicia shipping labels in PDF format.
  • Tracking information is added automatically to the order.
  • Enable or disable Marketplace USPS Endicia shipping method.
  • Set shipping method name that will be shown on the storefront.
  • Set packages request type.
  • Vendors can manage their Endicia account and credentials from front-end.
  • Endicia shipping rates will be calculated from seller’s address.
  • Print and download invoice and packing slips.
  • Module compatible with Magento 2.2.x version.
  • Source code is 100% open for customization.
  • Supports multiple languages and translations.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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