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Odoo Akeneo Connector: Odoo-Akeneo Connector module will allow you to integrate Odoo eCommerce store with Akeneo PIM (Product Information Management). With the help of Odoo-Akeneo integration, you can export hundreds and thousands of product data from Akeneo to Odoo. The product data can be imported into Akeneo using CSV or Excel file. The export execution process can be done either manually or using a cronjob.

Features -

  • Import product data using CSV or XLSX files
  • Export categories from Akeneo
  • Export attributes from Akeneo
  • Export attribute options from Akeneo to Odoo
  • Send multiple product mages
  • Works with product variations
  • Map Akeneo categories to Odoo categories
  • Odoo product field mapping
  • Add new mapping field
  • Set default value for product field mapping
  • Multiple export job profiles available - all, categories, attributes, attribute options, product models, products
  • Filter exported products based on category, family, time conditions, status, completeness, language, currency, etc
  • Export specific products using identifier (SKU)
  • View mapped entries log in Akeneo
  • Source code is open for customization

 Product Fields Mapping

When you export products from Akeneo to Odoo eCommerce store, you can decide what all product information should be sent. By default, you can map various Akeneo attributes with Odoo such as name, sale price, cost price, internal reference, barcode, weight, volume, descriptions.

  • Set any fixed value for exported products
  • Map additional product fields with Akeneo attributes

 Export Categories

You can export all the categories of Akeneo to Odoo using these two job profiles - Export Category or Export All. Please note all the categories will be created in Odoo store.

  • Export categories and sub-categories
  • Sent multi-language content to Odoo

 Export Products with Variants

You can export thousands of products from Akeneo to Odoo and also export their variations as well. Using Export All or Export Product job profiles you can decide which all products to export to Odoo ecommerce store.

  • Mention detailed information about variant products
  • Send translations with product information
  • Separate export job for exporting variants information

 Export Multiple Images

As images are the most important information about a product listing, you need to show high-resolution images to customers. Using this module, all the product images are exported with the product data.

  • Support .jpg extension
  • Send variant product images

 Filter Export Data

Using various filters you can decide which products will be exported to Odoo ecommerce store. You don't have export all the product data to Odoo, you can send products according to category, status, family, completeness, or time condition.

  • Export specific products using SKU
  • Export products according to category selected
  • Select default channel, locale, and currency

 Export Attributes with Values

You can create various types of attributes in Akeneo and export them to Odoo ecommerce store. Attributes allow you to show detailed information about a product.

  • Export attributes to Odoo
  • Send translations content

 Send Multi-Language Content

Akeneo allows you to manage product content in multiple languages. At the time product export job, you can decide which locales will be included in the product data.

  • Support multiple languages
  • Send translations for categories, products, attributes, and attribute values

 View Mapped Entries

For avoiding the duplication of product data in Odoo store, you can view and manage mapped attributes and categories between Akeneo and Odoo.

  • Add new mapping entry - category and attribute
  • Delete old mapped entries to remove exported data

Akeneo 3.0 and 3.1 Compatible

Akeneo 3.0 (Akeneo 3.1) is Long Term Supported (LTS) version which includes three main terms:

  • Managing reference entities,
  • Support for Single Sign-On, and
  • Performance improvements.

Akeneo has done some technical improvements like:

  • Elasticsearch 6.5.4 Support,
  • PHP 7.2 Support, and
  • MySQL Encoding (Utf8mb4) Support.

Now it is easy to load 1,000,000 products and 20,000 categories in two seconds in Akeneo grid. Also, export 100 products in 10 min (with images + reindexing) for two store views.

We have made all our Akeneo modules compatible with Akeneo 3.0 & 3.1. And implemented RabbitMQ to make the export process faster.

We have added Automated Process to export products using automate CSV upload and made it work with Akeneo Community and Enterprise editions with latest features.

Customer Success Stories

Cascade Rack -is a retail store established in Colorado, United States. Cascade Rack provide the services for Bike Racks, Kayak Racks, Canoe Racks, Ski Racks, Snowboard Racks, Surfboard Racks, or Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) Racks.

Cascade Racks provides apparatus to furnish the vehicle and homes for the adventures. Cascade Rack started his e-commerce business on Magento2 platforms. For managing the ERP system, Cascade Racks started using Odoo open source ERP and CRM.

Cascade Rack deals with a large number of products. Nowadays, it is difficult to manage products manually. It takes more time and cost. To automate product management for the e-commerce business, Cascade Rack is looking for the PIM solution. Finally, they got the solution as Akeneo PIM. For more click here.

Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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