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Prestashop Point Of Sale System (POS)
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Prestashop Point Of Sale System - It refers to a system where the POS employees or sales agents can create the order from physical store using the POS and the order will be generated in the Prestashop. Easily create multiple POS outlets and assign the products and sales agents to the outlets. With the help of this module, sales agebts can manage their inventory and customers. Sales agents can quickly place orders by connecting the POS system with printer and barcode. POS extension works in both online and offline mode. Sales agents can process the orders even if there is no internet connection and then synchronize the orders from offline to online in presence of internet.

Prestashop Point Of Sale System Features -

  • Admin can add/manage multiple outlets and assign products to the outlets.
  • Add new employees and assign them to POS outlets.
  • Select the parameters through which sales employees can search products on POS.
  • Set the product qty. for low stock warning so that when product qty. gets equal to or less than specified qty. a warning sign will be displayed on POS.
  • Display voucher field and message box on POS cart.
  • Enable/Disable the guest checkout on POS.
  • Enable/Disable the display of product discount, order discount, and barcode on order receipt.
  • A separate dashboard to view sales, orders received, average cart value, and net profits from POS.
  • Automatically connects POS system to printer on page load.
  • POS employee can update qty. and price of products added to cart, give discount on product & order, and remove products from cart.
  • Option to put a cart on hold and start a new cart.
  • POS employee can apply voucher and set a message for order reference on cart.
  • Partial payment option i.e customers can pay using more than one payment method.
  • Prestashop Point of Sale system works even in offline mode i.e an employee can process the orders even if there is no internet connection.
  • POS employee can synchronize offline orders to online orders when the internet connection is available.
  • An employee can return the order and process the refund.
  • Supports raw and HTML printing both.
  • Search customers on the basis of phone, email and name at the POS end.
  • The module is compatible with desktop & tablet.
  • Assign customer groups to customers while creating customers at POS end.
  • Supports multi-language and multi-currency feature.

Module Configuration -

Admin can configure the module by navigating through POS->Manage POS->Configuration. Search parameters through which a POS user can search the products at the front end can be set by admin. Admin can enable or disable the Guest checkout.

  • Admin can set a default email id which is used for placing the guest orders.
  • Admin can set cash or card payment as the payment method or both.
  • Shipping can be managed by admin.
  • Admin can view POS sales reports, total number of orders placed, average cart value and net profits earned on a separate dashboard.

Adding or Managing Outlets -

Admin can add or manage outlets by navigating through POS->Manage POS->Outlets. Admin can add a POS outlet by entering outlet name and address details.

  • Admin can assign all the products available with him to a particular outlet at once.
  • Admin can also assign the specific products to a particular outlet.

Workflow -

On front end, a POS employee can search the products by its name, product ID or the search parameters set by admin and add to the cart. Once the products have been added to cart, an employee can update the quantity of products, price of products, give discount on product, give cash discount on order etc.

  • A POS user can add or delete a cart.
  • After adding the products to the cart, a POS user can update the quantity or price of a product.
  • A POS user can give discount on a product or cash discount on order once he has added a product to the cart.
  • A POS user can add a new customer by entering his name, email id, date of birth and address details.

Orders -

In Prestashop Point of Sale System, a POS user can process the orders even if there is no internet connection. All the orders which are processed offline are visible to a sales employee under Offline Orders tab. A POS user can also put a cart on hold.

  • All the offline orders will be synchronized to online orders once the internet connection gets established in POS user’s system.
  • In case a customer does not want to share his details then a POS user can process his order via guest email id set by admin.
  • A POS user can put a cart on hold.

Prestashop Point Of Sale System Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

based on 23 reviews
Posted On - September 11, 2020
Webkul is a reliable and consolidated company with contrasted experience.
They helped us to connects and improve some issues in real time.
Posted On - July 7, 2020
Développeurs au top
Développeurs au top et réactifs module facile a installer
Posted On - July 4, 2020
Webkul is a really good developer
Answer quickly, very experienced, can help you to configure the module if you need it! Best of the best. Thank you!
Posted On - July 3, 2020
Product is working as expected.
With the vendor support, we were able to put this working in production. So far so good.
Posted On - July 2, 2020
Five stars at the service.
I had a problem with the integration and they were able to solve it quickly and efficiently.
Posted On - June 30, 2020
Better customer service
What a wonder project. Well done team!!!
Posted On - June 29, 2020
The Team is very responsive
A very interesting module for those who have both a website and a shop.
Posted On - June 24, 2020
Posted On - June 22, 2020
I would recommend these guys. Their customer service is A+
There were a couple of things that needed looking at just after the module was loaded, and they did it quickly and professionally. Like most module descriptions on here, as I am a complete technical noob, it would really sell the products to have even more description about them. I know, a lot of work but most people are embarressed to keep asking about basic stuff. :)
Posted On - June 18, 2020
Very satisfied with this module!
Looks good and works perfectly. I had some custom requests and got a quick response. Great support and more than willing to help you out. Definitely worth it!
Posted On - June 16, 2020
Posted On - June 15, 2020
Développeurs au top et réactifs module facile a installer
Développeurs au top et réactifs module facile a installer
Posted On - June 11, 2020
Muy recomendable.
Al instalarlo en la última versión de Prestashop tuvimos algunos errores, pero al comunicarme con el desarrollador los solucionó muy rápidamente. Muy buen módulo, agiliza el proceso de venta muchísimo, ya que se carga una vez y luego todo opera sin esperas.
Posted On - June 5, 2020
Posted On - May 21, 2020
Works very well
Very professional after-sales service
Posted On - May 11, 2020
Good looking POS
Good looking POS and very supportive developer.
Posted On - April 25, 2020
Posted On - February 13, 2020
Awesome Module
Module is overall awesome. After some issue with my older presta, patient developer fixed everything and also agreed with extra customization. Lets do business now!
Posted On - November 14, 2019
Good Support
Very good support and excellent module.
Posted On - March 11, 2019
good program
We are starting to use the POS with our prestashop, ran into some problems, which were solved by the team of webkul. Really fast and efficient.
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