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PrestaShop Point of Sale System - The module offers merchants to manage their retail as well as their online store effectively. Options like automatic stock synchronization, printing of order receipts etc. only help merchants in increasing the process efficiency of the store.

POS connects barcode scanner, printer, and cash drawer to POS to speed up the checkout process so your customers won't have to wait impatiently for their turn.

Imagine that 10 customers visit your store to buy something but they are waiting in long queues to get their orders processed. The more time your sales system takes to complete the checkout the more impatient the customers become and some of them may leave your store to never come back.

The above problem also seems to be solved cause sales agent can now add the products to the cart just with a single click, select customer, accept payment, and the order is placed.

Highlighted Features

 Create multiple POS outlets

Add as many offline stores as you need and associate sales agents with the offline stores.

 Low Stock Notification

Low stock indicator on the product at POS panel.

 Offline Orders

Create orders on POS in the event of internet crash and fluctuations.

 Support Guest Checkout

Complete orders for customers who are not willing to share their personal information.

 Fast Checkout Service

Connect POS to barcode scanner, printer, and cash drawer for quick checkout process.

 Easily Find the Products

Search the product via product name, ID, EAN, UPC, or barcode.

 Quick Customer Search

Easily search customer via name, phone number, and email at POS end.

  Return Order

Sales agents can return the order and process the refund.

 Manage POS Users

Add, enable, disable, delete sales agents from the back office.

  Hassle-free Payment

Customers can pay via cash, card, or split method.

PrestaShop Point of Sale System Features -

  • Add multiple physical stores and associate products with them.
  • Add multiple sales agents and assign them to POS outlets.
  • A separate panel for sales agents from where they can manage sales and customers.
  • Add products to the POS cart in two ways: on clicking the product or by scanning the barcode.
  • Update product quantity, price, and apply the discount on products & orders.
  • Add customer profile from POS panel by entering the basic details.
  • Edit customer details while processing an order.
  • Create order from POS panel in an offline mode.
  • POS system automatically sync offline orders to online once the internet connection is restored.
  • Customers can choose to pay for their orders via cash or card or in split form(partial payment via cash or card).
  • Put an order on hold and retrieve it to complete the order at a later stage.
  • Supports multiple languages and currencies.
  • Print the sales receipt after the order is completed.
  • Connect cash drawer to POS printer to open after printing the sales receipt.
  • Synchronize PrestaShop product quantity with POS outlet quantity.
  • Stock quantity for each product is displayed in the POS panel.
  • A new stock update button is added to the POS panel to synchronize stock between PrestaShop store and POS.
  • Number of products added in cart is also displayed in the POS panel.
  • POS dashboard to view sales, the number of orders received, and net profits from a particular POS outlet.
  • Also, view top cashier and top selling products in the POS dashboard.
  • POS system supports guest checkout.
  • Admin can easily enable/disable/delete the POS outlet.
  • Option given to add custom product on POS at run time.
  • Ability to redeem voucher partially.
  • It supports the PS Specific Price Rule.
  • The PrestaShop POS module is multi-shop compatible.

Add Outlets/Sales Agent

PrestaShop Point of Sale System is a web-based online solution that helps you manage physical stores efficiently. Add as many POS outlets you need for physical stores and assign your PrestaShop store products to the outlets. Also, you can select multiple currencies and languages for the outlets. This extension enables you to create sales agent profiles who will physically manage the store. Create multiple sales agents and assign them to respective POS outlets.

Manage Customers

All the customers that are registered on your PrestaShop store will appear in a separate tab in POS panel. After adding the product to cart, the sales agent can select the customer and proceed to checkout. If the customer is not registered then he/she can be added at the moment by entering few basic details. Sometimes customers don't prefer sharing their personal information to avoid promotional messages or email. In that case, sales agent can complete the order using a default email id set up from the back office for placing guest orders.

Hardware Support

  • Barcode Scanner - Allow sales agents to add the products to the POS cart by scanning the barcode. Speed up and simplify the purchase process on your physical stores with barcode scanning. Connect barcode scanner with your POS device via Bluetooth, Bluetooth Dongle, OTG, or USB.
  • Printer - This extension automatically connects the POS system to the printer on page load. The sales agent can print the order receipt with the help of a printer. Connect the printer with your POS device via Bluetooth, Wi-fi, or USB port. Please note the printer should be compatible with POS.
  • Cash Drawer - Manage daily transactions of a POS outlet with the cash drawer. The cash drawer is not directly connected to a POS device. It is connected with a printer via RJ11/RJ12. The cash drawer will open on the command of invoice printing.

Connecting your POS system with the above-mentioned hardware will help you speed up the checkout process on your offline stores and enhance the user experience.

Flexible Payments

PrestaShop Point of Sale System supports multiple payment methods such as cash, credit card, or debit card. Also, there is a possibility to split the payment of order into different payment methods. Now, the customers can pay, for example, half by cash and half by debit card. Make the ordering process seamless by allowing customers to pay in various ways.

Offline Orders

Unable to process orders due to internet crash. If you can't process orders when the customers are there, you are basically losing sales. Thanks to the offline orders functionality of our POS system, your sales agents can place orders in the event an internet connection is unavailable. Orders can be placed by accepting cash payment and once the internet connection is restored those orders are automatically synced to online orders.

Dedicated Dashboard

A versatile dashboard is available in the PrestaShop back office to analyze the performance of each POS outlet by monitoring their orders and revenue. Track daily, weekly, and monthly sales of a POS outlet using the statistical dashboard. View average cart value and net profits of a particular physical store. Moreover, you can view the top cashier with the number of orders and sales.

Hold Order

Suppose a sales agent was adding products into cart for a customer and the customer suddenly realized that he forgot his wallet at home or wants to check few more products. In this case, the sales agent can temporarily put the current cart on hold and start a new cart to process the order of another customer. Once the customer (whose cart was put on hold) is back, the sales agent can resume the cart for the checkout process.

PrestaShop Point of Sale System Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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based on 40 reviews
Posted On - September 29, 2022
Great POS
Very good POS and with full support , when you have a trouble the are very fast to reply.
Posted On - August 25, 2022
Very friendly to use
The POS system is very clean and friendly to use. Looking forward to going live in our store.
Posted On - April 28, 2022
Fast and helpful support!
Great tool for POS.
Posted On - November 22, 2021
Amazing Support Team
The support team was amazing! I love their products as well.
Sergio Jimenez Ortega
Posted On - August 9, 2021
Buen servicio tecnico
El modulo se ajusta muy bien a las posibilidades de una tienda física, también se sincroniza bien con prestahop aunque necesita algunos pequeños ajustes, de idiomas en los tickets, actualizaciones de productos y stock. Pero aconsejable.
Posted On - April 29, 2021
Posted On - April 28, 2021
The addon is very modern and easy to use
The support responds to all requests and enables a lot. I can recommend this addon for every beginner and advanced user.
Posted On - March 16, 2021
Very reactive and efficient support
The module is working well, and the support is very reactive and efficient.
Posted On - February 12, 2021
Support réactif
Ideal pour avoir une interface point de vente plus pratique et rapide que les commandes via le back-office de Prestashop.
Posted On - January 25, 2021
Super module
Super module qui nous permet de regrouper toutes les ventes au même endroit :)
Posted On - January 25, 2021
I have installed and configured the module in a moment although I am not an advanced user. The module works very very well and is what I was looking for, to be able to select a delivery date during the purchase process.
Posted On - December 21, 2020
Very satisfied
Posted On - December 15, 2020
Top Customer Service!
Aucun soucis avec eux, service client au top et en 2 jours mon problème résolu (Module POS sur prestashop).
Posted On - December 14, 2020
Awesome customer support
As always with Webkul, awesome customer support and great modules
Posted On - December 10, 2020
Posted On - December 3, 2020
muy contento con estos desarrolladores
tuve un problema por mi culpa y finalmente me lo resolvieron, modulo recomendable, quizas el mas recomendable de la tienda prostashop para su cometido
Posted On - October 29, 2020
100% happy for this product !
I had some troubles for instal/set this module correctly... i used "contact dev" for help me !!! i Received directly an answer in 30 minutes !!!! in only 1 day, everything works very well !
Posted On - September 11, 2020
Webkul is a reliable and consolidated company with contrasted experience.
They helped us to connects and improve some issues in real time.
Posted On - July 7, 2020
Développeurs au top
Développeurs au top et réactifs module facile a installer
Posted On - July 4, 2020
Webkul is a really good developer
Answer quickly, very experienced, can help you to configure the module if you need it! Best of the best. Thank you!
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