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BigCommerce Akeneo Connector: This module allows you to connect your BigCommerce store with the Akeneo PIM platform. With the help of this integration, you can manage your entire catalog from Akeneo. Using this module, you can export products, categories, product options, attributes, custom fields, multiple images, from Akeneo to BigCommerce store.

Please Note:

  • If you want to use this extension on Akeneo EE Serenity mode, please contact us.
  • For the Akeneo installation, your Akeneo server should meet these system requirements.

Highlighted Features

Export category

With this module, you can create and export category and subcategory from Akeneo to BigCommerce.

Export Product and Product model

With this module, you can export the product and product model from Akeneo to BigCommerce.

Export Multiple Images

With this module, you can export multiple images from Akeneo to BigCommerce.

Quick Export Currency Mapping

In this, you can set the default currency mapping while exporting a product using the quick export feature.

API Request log

With this, if there will be any error or warning in the export job then you can download the resulting logs from API logs.

Filter the Data

With this module, you can filter the product data before exporting the product.

 Export Video URL

BigCommerce Akeneo Connector allows you to export the video as a URL.

 Export Metric Unit

The admin can export a metric unit from Akeneo to BigCommerce Custom Field.

Compatibility with All Akeneo Edition

Akeneo PIM helps to centralize all your Product Information in a single place. You can create, manage, and enrich the product information and distribute it to various channels like ERP, eCommerce, Mobile App, POS, and Marketplaces. Webkul is the largest Akeneo solution provider in the World. We have covered more than ⅓ extensions among all the Akeneo extensions at their marketplace.

We have also started to provide the solution on the All Akeneo version including Akeneo Community Edition, Akeneo Growth, Akeneo Flexibility, and Akeneo Serenity Edition.

On Self-Hosted Server & PaaS(Platform as a Service)

Akeneo PIM provides open-source PIM software. Open-Source software is released under a license with source code and provides the rights to the users to modify the code. Anyone can easily access the code to create a set of tools or apps which are required for the integrations.

Akeneo Community Edition

Akeneo Community Edition is open-source. It is being trusted by many Enterprise Customers and downloaded more than 80K times. Akeneo Community Edition is the most popular PIM that can be hosted on any dedicated server which meets the installation requirements. We provide end-to-end support for Community Edition for Customization, Module Development, Support, and Training.

Akeneo Enterprise Flexibility Mode

Akeneo has an Enterprise version also. Akeneo Enterprise contains Akeneo Flexibility(PaaS) and Akeneo Serenity mode(SaaS). We do provide complete support for Akeneo Flexibility(PaaS). PaaS(Platform as a Service) is a service to allows customers to controls the software deployment with a limited option. The service provider provides the server, database, integration to the consumers. All the Webkul modules are compatible with the Akeneo Enterprise Flexibility.

SaaS-Based Akeneo

SaaS(Software as a service) is a software distribution model and a way of delivering the application over the internet. A SaaS product is centrally hosted and is licensed based on a subscription model. Saas is being popular as they are fast and bring limitless opportunities in development.

Akeneo Growth Edition

Akeneo Growth Edtion is a SaaS PIM. The Growth Edition provides Fast Deployment, Automatic Upgrades, Scalable, and Adaptable PIM solutions. All the Webkul Extension is compatible with the Akeneo Growth Edition. We do configure the Extension with Middleware software. It uses the Akeneo API for integration.

Akeneo Enterprise Serenity Mode

Akeneo Enterprise Serenity is also a SaaS-based like Growth. Akeneo EE has some advanced features like Asset Manager, Reference Entities, and Advance Rights Management. All the Webkul Extension is compatible with the Akeneo EE Serenity with Middleware software(Developed by Webkul).

Attribute Mapping

You can mention detailed information about your products in Akeneo. But first, you need to do the mapping of Akeneo attributes with BigCommerce product fields. So that all the product information is synchronized accurately.

  • Sync BigCommerce product fields with Akeneo attributes
  • You can mention any fixed value for the exported products
  • Mention Akeneo attributes for images
  • Mention Akeneo attributes for custom fields

 Export Product Categories

Categories allow you group products that are similar to each other. While running the product export job, the categories are automatically created in BigCommerce. Also, the products are auto-assigned to their categories, if any category is already available in BigCommerce.

  • Auto export categories
  • Auto-assign categories to the product
  • Works with sub-categories as well

 Export Multiple Images

Upload high-resolution product images and export them to your BigCommerce store. All the product images are exported with product export data. Please make sure you have mentioned image attribute codes in the configuration.

  • Send high-resolution images
  • Works with various extensions
  • The model image becomes a thumbnail image

 Send SEO Information

Export SEO related information for your product pages. Optimize the SEO content for the search engine listing and get user traffic. The following SEO data can be sent from Akeneo to BigCommece:-

  • Page Title
  • Meta Keywords
  • Meta Description

 Filter Export Data

Using various built-in filters in Akeneo you can decide which products will be exported to the BigCommerce store. You don't have export all the catalog to your store, you can send products according to category, status, family, completeness, or time condition.

  • Export specific products using SKU
  • Export products according to the category selected
  • Select the default channel, locale, and currency
  • Select which attributes will be exported to BigCommerce

Export Product and Product Model

With the help of this module, you can create products and you can export the product from Akeneo to BigCommerce.

You can also create variant products in Akeneo using the Product Model and export the variant product from Akeneo to your BigCommerce store.

  • You can create a product.
  • You can create a variant product.
  • Separate export job to export product.
  • You can export products and variant products.
  • Separate export job to export variant products.

Brand Lighting (United States)

Brand Lighting is a showroom full of branded chandeliers, pendants, and other lighting equipment decorates Brand Lighting. The website consists of over 1000 pages and has over 5000 products on their website.

The company was finding difficulties in manage and enrichment of the products on the website. Finally, they found their solution as Akeneo Bigcommerce connector. With this connector, now they can easily connect the store, enrich the product and upload it to the store in less time.

Akeneo 7.0.x Compatible -

  • In Akeneo Version 7, SKU is no longer mandatory to create a product and now UUID is the new product identifier. (CE, EE).
  • Smoother mapping and faster importing. (CE, EE).
  • Tailored export can help to improve the readability of your product information export by defining rounding operations for measurement values. (EE)
  • In Akeneo Version 7, you can now map columns in your source data to additional attribute types. (EE)
  • Tailored imports help you to clean up your HTML Characters (EE).
  • Using Tailored imports, we can find and replace specific words in Text and Text Area Attributes. (EE).
  • Now we are creating a table attribute you can take advantage of measurement. (EE).
  • Now we can use reference entities as a column type in the table attribute(EE).

 Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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based on 3 reviews
Posted On - December 5, 2023
Excellent Support and service
The technical support is very professional and timely, also very patient, and very efficient problem solving, was a great experience, I will contact them in the future if there is any need.
Christian Friedland
Posted On - January 3, 2023
They had a great ERP system and a team that helped provide a different portion of the project
Webkul successfully performed the integration process. They effectively streamlined the workflow and utilized their own ERP, which was pivotal to the project's success. Above all, their service fee, execution speed, and customer service were the highlights of the engagement.
www.joshuaberkowitz.us (US)
Posted On - August 22, 2018
Saved a ton of time developing a custom connector!
First off , the connector for Akeneo to Bigcommerce was a must for a current project and until I found that WebKul had a solution we had spec'd the job to develop our own. With the time and money I was able to save my client with the connector they were not only happy but impressed.

There were some issues during installation, however the team at Webkul were quick to respond and RESOLVE all issues I had. Over the last several years I have directed clients to use WebKul plugins and have always been delighted with the strong support team and quality code delivered. I look forward to working with you again!

Keep up the good work !
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