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CS-Cart Vendor Subdomain: This module can easily create more traffic for the store wherein, the main motive of the online store is to catch customers’ attention towards our store which results would be generating more sales.

So in this module, the admin can assign separate domains or subdomains to the vendors where the customers can visit the vendor’s domain or subdomains and have access to the same without visiting the marketplace.

This module works with the default Cs-Cart vendor plan add-on. It allows the admin to create a domain or subdomain at the vendor panel as the vendor opts for the plans.

Please Note - To use this add-on, make sure that the default add-ons Vendor Plans and SEO are installed and active. Also, note that to configure sub-domains you need to make a wildcard A-record entry on your domain using your hosting control panel and then map that to your root directory.

For example, if your domain is example.com(bold content) then allow wildcard subdomains *.example.com(bold content), it will allow n numbers of subdomains but the add-on will allow only those that the vendor itself registers.

Highlighted Features

 Vendor’s Subdomain Access

Customers can directly access the vendor's subdomain or domain to purchase the vendor's products as the vendor has their subdomains.

 Separate Domain or Subdomain

In this module, the admin can assign a domain or subdomain for the vendors and they can showcase their product on a separate page.

 Display Product Page

The vendor can allow domain or subdomain for showing only the products.

 Vendor Panel

From this panel, the customer can directly purchase the product from the subdomain URL set by the vendor.

 Restrict Vendor Permissions

The admin can allow additional page (cart page, checkout, wishlist, comparison list) permission to any specific seller. To show specific pages to the customers.

 Edit Subdomain

The admin and vendor both can edit the sub-domain prefix from their respective panel.

Why Need CS-Cart Vendor Subdomain Extension?

In this module, the vendors have their own space which means they have their subdomain to showcase their product by creating sub-domains for their products on multi-vendor websites. The customer can have direct access to the vendor's domain or subdomain and can shop for the product. The admin can easily manage and control the vendor’s URL at the admin end.

Vendor Plans Section

  • In this section, the subdomain is created at the vendor panel according to the vendor plan opted by the vendor.
  • The seller need not have to register or create a new website for inserting any keyword into the URL.
  • The admin can check the status and can also disable the plans.

Subdomain Settings

The admin configures the subdomain for the vendor as per the vendor plan and the admin can:

  • Create the subdomain for the vendors.
  • Managing or controlling the status can enable or disable the vendor's domain URL.
  • Set the subdomain prefix of the vendor.
  • The priority is on the domain if the admin enables both domain and subdomain.

Domain Frontend for the Customers

The admin configures the vendor domain and once the admin has configured the setting for the domain, the URL is displayed on the frontend.

  • Customers can visit the vendor's store page directly by accessing the vendor domain URL.
  • The vendor makes the store interactive by creating their domain for each store view-wise.

Subdomain Frontend for the Customers

Once the admin configures the vendor subdomain to enable and the enable domain to disable then the URL is displayed on the frontend

  • Customers can visit the subdomain page on the vendor and can purchase the product of their own choice.
  • The admin can set the vendor’s subdomain.

 CS-Cart Vendor Subdomain Features -

  • The vendor can have their own sub-domain.
  • The admin can provide the subdomain feature on the basis of the vendor plan opted by the vendor.
  • Customers can directly access the vendor’s subdomain or domain to purchase the vendor’s products.
  • Easy to read and identify URLs for vendor’s sub-domain.
  • A seller with a sub-domain enabled will have all views on the sub-domain. ie; login and all other sessions will be there across the sub-domain.
  • Easy to configure and manage at the admin end.

 CS-Cart Vendor Subdomain Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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based on 6 reviews
Posted On - September 17, 2021
You get to have vendors with their own subdomains for improved branding and marketing strategy.
Very useful plugin and great quick support! I definitely recommend this subdomain add-on.
Posted On - February 19, 2020
i was purchased and installed to my fulfillment ecommerce platform, it's User Friendly, Easy Use and Great function, good services support and reliable services.
Как обстоят дела с этим модулем?
Posted On - March 11, 2019
Как обстоят дела с этим модулем? Он работает, он обновляется ?
Нужен такой модуль но нет понимания, что с ним?
Posted On - March 11, 2019
Техподдержка живая или нет?
Техподдержка живая или нет? Демо не работает, как в живую посмотреть? Заинтересовал ваш модуль, но есть вопросы по функционалу и поддержке.
Posted On - March 11, 2019
Nice addon
Интересно, кто несет гарантию, что это модуль будет работать ?
Cs-cart несет ответственность за этих ребят, если вдруг он не рабочии?
Jordi Magem
barnashops.com (US)
Posted On - January 21, 2019
Excellent module
Excellent module, it works perfectly! And best of all it is the technical support, fast and good!
I recommend this module without a doubt!
Congratulations to Webkul and its technicians and thanks for the good work you do!
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