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PrestaShop Product Auction - The module provide merchants to offer products via fair & competitive bidding process to customers. It not only provides fair chance to customer to acquire the product but also give a merchant a chance to sell the product at the demand price of the product.

Auction is a process in which a person hosting the auction hopes to sell the products through competitive bidding process. They host such events to offer a fair chance to interested parties to acquire the product.

Now, such functionality can also be integrated to your eCommerce website too via PrestaShop Product Auction module. The module has several useful features like auction timer, various bidding process such as automatic, reverse, standard & incremental.

Note: PrestaShop Product Auction module is MultiShop Compatible.

Highlighted Features

 Create Auction Products

Offer certain products for auction by enabling auction functionality on them.

 Bidding Type

Set a bidding type from the various available options like standard, incremental, reverse or automatic.

 Auction Timer

Show auction timer on the product page to show the time left to place bid on product.

 Notify via Mail

Notify the customer on winning the bid via mail.

 Auction Completion Price

Set the price after which no more bids will be allowed and the person to bid at that price first will be winner.

 Auction Products Listing

Show all the auction products on one page at the front-end under the "Auction" tab.

PrestaShop Product Auction Features -

  • Supports standard, incremental, automatic, and reverse bidding.
  • Add auction on in-stock active products.
  • Stop the bidding process on the product at your own convenience.
  • Enable or disable the bidder name to show on the front end.
  • Choose to add tax in the final price of auction product.
  • Enable or disable the auction tab on the top menu bar.
  • Set the incremental bidding on the product.
  • Enable or disable the automatic bidding for the product.
  • Set the minimum difference between two bids in the case of a normal bid.
  • Enable or disable the “Increase Auction Time” and “Increase Buy Now Price”.
  • Option to set the bidding price at which auction will complete.
  • Customize the winning message to display to the bidder after winning the bid.
  • Set the number of hours within which customers can buy the product after winning an auction.
  • When an auction is there on any product, then the buyer can also buy it from the “buy now” button.
  • Enable or disable the selling of products after the auction ends.
  • Enable or disable continuing the auction after the customer purchases the auction product via the “buy it now” button.
  • Allow buyers to bid on more than one auction on the store.
  • Set the status of the auction as running, completed or stopped.
  • Admin can cancel auction bids.
  • Admin can ban the bidder from a particular auction.
  • Send bid cancellation email to customer.
  • Admin will receive an email when a customer places a bid or win the auction.
  • Customers can view all the auction products on the home page.
  • Customers can filter the auction product by name and auction type.
  • Make second highest bidder as auction winner, if the first winner does not complete the purchase in given time.
  • Create auction in bulk using CSV file.
  • Display upcoming auctions by start time or as coming soon on auction page and auction listing page.
  • Supports bids in multiple currency. Customers can now bid on auction as per their context currency.
  • Prestashop Product Auction module is multi-shop compatible.

Prestashop Product Auction Merchant Benefits -

  • Merchant will have frequent visitors to their store.
  • Merchant  will have frequent purchase of products.
  • Merchant  can manage the auction customer configuration.
  • Merchant  can set configuration for incremental bidding.
  • Merchant  can set the time to purchase the auctioned product.

Prestashop Product Auction Customer Benefits -

  • Customer can have seasonal or discontinued products on less amount.
  • Customer may have product better price due to auction.
  • Customer can see countdown for bidding on product page.

Email Notifications

Notify your customers on winning the bid by sending them a customized mail. Email notification to the winner will let him know that he acquired that product on the amount he bid & now he can buy that product.

Standard Bidding

This is one of the types of bidding supported by our module. In this type of bidding, Admin sets the base amount of the product to start the bidding. Now any customer can come & bid at any price higher than the set base amount. Highest amount bidder among all the bidders will win the bid & product will be sold to him/her on his/her bid price.

Incremental Bidding

In this type of bidding A range for the bidding & minimum increment for susbsequent biddings lying in that range is set by admin. Now, if a customer wants to bid for lets say 50$ & the minimum increment set by admin in 1 to 100$ range is 5$ then next bid which should be made in order to lead the bid should be 55$.

Automatic Bidding

In this type of bidding, bidder bids the maximum amount which he is willing to pay for the product. Rest of the bidder's bid with the increment necessary to bid next. In case if any of the bidder's cross the maximum amount set in automatic bidding, then that bidder will get the message that someone has crossed your automatic bid.

Create Demand

Make the product exclusive to auction by disabling the product sales after the auction ends to boost the demand of product in market. Avoid financial losses on sale items by setting the minimum bid price high enough to cover costs.

PrestaShop Product Auction Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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based on 19 reviews
Posted On - February 26, 2024
Highly Recommended!
I purchased the auction module for Prestashop from webkul, but I needed a lot of modifications to make it work for me. The Webkul team has delivered on every functionality request I have asked for, and they are extremely fast, and responsive to feedback. I am not an easy customer to work with. I never leave reviews, but I see they don't have any yet (I'm first!) - and they have done such an amazing job so far.

If you're looking for a team to get behind your ideas and make them happen - I recommend Webkul (and I don't do this lightly. )
Posted On - February 2, 2024
We love the module
Initially we had problems with adapting the module to our Prestashop, but the technical service solved all the problems very quickly. 100% recommendable.
Posted On - October 13, 2022
Great module, lots of options, everything thought out. It attracts customers. I am very pleased.
Posted On - February 8, 2022
Hi, I bought the "auction" module... which had some bugs.

However Webkul support solved it pretty fast.
I'm actually really surprised of the reactivity of the team.
I don't know how they can be so reactive.... nowaday, this is absolutely not seen anymore. 'just' for 49usd ...

So, I'm happy with the service.
Posted On - April 3, 2021
Posted On - April 3, 2021
Outstanding service
Outstanding service. This module is definitely recommended.
Posted On - March 11, 2021
Fast and efficient support
The module works perfectly as described. It does not take great knowledge to handle and configure it, very usable. In addition, the extra customization I needed, purchased separately, has been very quickly scheduled and their support service for questions and corrections very fast and efficient. Very happy to have purchased the module with extra customization. Many thanks for everything! Luis M.
Posted On - October 2, 2020
Excellent Assistance
Excellent Assistance from them and very helpful.
very speedy response and fast communication
Posted On - June 13, 2020
Posted On - June 8, 2020
Good technical service
Not so easy to install but technical service has been good for me to give me all the necessary help
Posted On - June 1, 2020
Customer service is good!
They responded very quickly and helped me configure the module. Thanks
Posted On - May 15, 2020
Posted On - April 17, 2020
Carles Prats
Posted On - February 24, 2020
Perfect customization
The module is excellent, and customizations made by Webkul's professionals are even better. I can only recommend this company to anyone: fast, good service, and outstanding results.
Carles Prats
Posted On - August 21, 2019
Excellent support
Fantastic module and amazing support if customizations are required. Top level coders and customer care personnel: professional people, fast response, totally knowledgeable. I would recommend Webkul.
www.quattrobajocchi.com (IT)
Posted On - June 7, 2019
I would recommend this product.
Ottimo modulo, la configurazione standard è soddisfacente per aste in piccole quantità, altrimenti sono necessarie personalizzazioni a pagamento e proprio su questo aspetto tutto il team si mostra efficiente e professionale con prezzi corretti, tempi di risposta veloci. Per una corretta comunicazione occorre un buon inglese, buona capacità relazionale e saper gestire immagini e/o video. 5 stelle. AAA+++
mythclothperuica.com/ (PE)
Posted On - December 22, 2017
I would recommend this product.
Muy recomendado 100% genial
originegravure.ca/en/ (CA)
Posted On - September 4, 2017
Congratulations for this super module, thank you,
Ce module est parfait, facile à installer, facile à gérer. J'adore le fait qu'il s'installe en utilisant les couleur de la boutique. Pouvoir gérer le temps de l'achat suite à l'enchère c'est génial. Le visuel est parfait, facile pour le client de voir la mise minimum. Vraiment super! Nous avions acheté un autre module semblable d'un autre développeur et rien ne fonctionnait correctement. Félicitations pour ce super module, merci, merci , merci!

This module is perfect, easy to install, easy to manage. I love the fact that it is installed using the color of the shop. Being able to manage the time of the purchase following the auction is great. The visual is perfect, easy for the customer to see the minimum bet. Really great! We bought another similar module from another developer and nothing worked properly. Congratulations for this super module, thank you, thank you, thank you!
Gérard Vaubourg
www.gemmes-pierres.com (FR)
Posted On - June 6, 2017
Excellent module
Excellent module pour un plus à votre boutique en ligne et toucher un plus grand nombre de visiteurs. De plus les développeurs sont non seulement efficace , réactif , mais vous aide gracieusement à l'installation sur des versions autres que celles pour lequel ce module d'enchères à été conçu. Un reproche toutefois. Le désign manque un peu de recherche celui ci paraissant un peu trop austère à mon goût - Une suggestion : l'ensemble des enchères devraient ce trouver aussi sur la page d’accueil ( exemple : à la place des produits phares ) avec pour chaque produits le compteur du temps restant - Enfin , pour ma part j'aurais davantage aimé le module en place plus centré sur la page produit. Bon courage à tous et merci encore au développeur pour leurs soutiens et la mise en place d'un module intéressant . Cordialement www.gemmes-pierres.com
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