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      Prestashop 1.7 Compatible
      PrestaShop, 1.6.x.x​, 1.7.x.x​

      Prestashop Product Auction

      Prestashop Product Auction : With the help of this module, admin can add auction on any product. Admin can set the start date and the end date for the bidding. Admin can stop the bidding at any time.


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      Prestashop Product Auction - With the help of this module, admin can add auction on any product. Admin can set the start date and the end date for the bidding. Admin can stop the bidding at any time.

      Prestashop Product Auction Features -

      • Prestashop Product Auction module is multi shop compatible.
      • Supports standard, incremental, automatic, and reverse bidding.
      • Admin can add auction on in-stock active products.
      • Admin can stop the bidding process on the product.
      • Admin can enable or disable the bidder name to be shown on the front end.
      • Admin can enable/disable the auction tab on the top menu bar.
      • Admin can set incremental bidding.
      • Admin can enable/disable automatic bidding for the product.
      • Admin can set minimum difference between two bid in case of normal bid.
      • Admin can enable/disable “Increase Auction Time” and “Increase Buy Now Price”.
      • Option to set bidding price at which auction gets completed.
      • Admin can customize the winning message to be displayed to the bidder after winning the bid.
      • Admin can set the number of days within which customer can buy the product after winning auction.
      • When auction is there on any product, then buyer can also buy it from “buy now” button when “buy it now” has been enabled from backend.
      • Admin can enable/disable the selling of product after the auction ends.
      • Admin can enable/disable continuing the auction after the auctioned product is purchased by “buy it now” button.
      • Admin can allow buyers to bid on more than one auction on store.
      • Admin can set the status of auction as running, completed or stopped.

      Prestashop Product Auction Merchant Benefits -

      • Merchant will have frequent visitors to their store.
      • Merchant  will have frequent purchase of products.
      • Merchant  can manage the auction customer configuration.
      • Merchant  can set configuration for incremental bidding.
      • Merchant  can set the time to purchase the auctioned product.

      Prestashop Product Auction Customer Benefits -

      • Customer can have seasonal or discontinued products on less amount.
      • Customer may have product better price due to auction.
      • Customer can see countdown for bidding on product page.

      Email Notifications

      Notify your customers on winning the bid by sending them a customized mail. Email notification to the winner will let him know that he acquired that product on the amount he bid & now he can buy that product.


      Standard bidding

      This is one of the types of bidding supported by our module. In this type of bidding, Admin sets the base amount of the product to start the bidding. Now any customer can come & bid at any price higher than the set base amount. Highest amount bidder among all the bidders will win the bid & product will be sold to him/her on his/her bid price.


      Incremental Bidding

      In this type of bidding A range for the bidding & minimum increment for susbsequent biddings lying in that range is set by admin. Now, if a customer wants to bid for lets say 50$ & the minimum increment set by admin in 1 to 100$ range is 5$ then next bid which should be made in order to lead the bid should be 55$.


      Automatic Bidding

      In this type of bidding, bidder bids the maximum amount which he is willing to pay for the product. Rest of the bidder's bid with the increment necessary to bid next. In case if any of the bidder's cross the maximum amount set in automatic bidding, then that bidder will get the message that someone has crossed your automatic bid.


      Create demand

      Make the product exclusive to auction by disabling the product sales after the auction ends to boost the demand of product in market. Avoid financial losses on sale items by setting the minimum bid price high enough to cover costs.

      Prestashop Product Auction Support -

      For any query or issue please create a support ticket here

      Rating 4.6
      based on 15 reviews

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      Posted On - April 3, 2021


      Outstanding service

      Posted On - April 3, 2021

      Outstanding service. This module is definitely recommended.

      Fast and efficient support

      Posted On - March 11, 2021

      The module works perfectly as described. It does not take great knowledge to handle and configure it, very usable. In addition, the extra customization I needed, purchased separately, has been very quickly scheduled and their support service for questions and corrections very fast and efficient. Very happy to have purchased the module with extra customization. Many thanks for everything! Luis M.

      Excellent Assistance

      Posted On - October 2, 2020

      Excellent Assistance from them and very helpful.
      very speedy response and fast communication


      Posted On - June 13, 2020


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