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Opencart Etsy Connector: Customers like shopping out from stores that offer a lot of products with competitive pricing. Using the OpenCart Etsy connector the store owner can sync hundreds of products, categories, and orders from Etsy store to the OpenCart store. Apart from this, the store owner can import products from Etsy to his OpenCart store and export products from the OpenCart Store to Etsy.

Highlighted Features

 Map Categories

This module allows mapping Etsy categories with Opencart categories.

 Import/Export Multiple Image

Import/export multiple product images from Etsy to OpenCart

 Import Multiple Product

The admin can import multiple products from Etsy to OpenCart

 Export Order from Etsy

The admin can import Orders by – All Receipts, Receipts by Status, Search Receipts, and Search Receipts by ID to OpenCart store.

 Update Imported Product

Once the product gets imported on the Opencart store, you can update the product data as you require.

 Set Import Order Status

The admin can set default order status and import orders based on receipt Status.

 Integrate Etsy Account to Opencart Store

After the successful installation of the extension, the admin will configure the module in the first place. To do so, the admin will -

  • Enable the module. Enter the – OAuth Consumer Key and the OAuth Consumer Secret.
  • Select the Default Store in Opencart for Syncing orders from Etsy.
  • Set the Imported order status of the Etsy imported orders.
  • Select the default store where products synced from Etsy will be assigned.
  • Set up the Etsy Product Variation name as option name for the OpenCart store.
  • Select Enable/disable option to update imported products on Etsy store.
  • Select Enable/disable option to update exported products on Etsy store.

 Connect Multiple Etsy Stores with OpenCart Store

Using this connector allows you to integrate multiple Etsy stores with the OpenCart store. The admin will be able to add, edit, and update various Etsy seller accounts and do synchronization of products and orders. Here, the admin will -

  • Add multiple seller accounts.
  • Delete Accounts.
  • Authenticate Accounts.

 Category Mapping

After entering the Etsy seller account details and authenticating them, the admin needs to map the correct Etsy category with OpenCart category. So that after importing the products from Etsy, they’ll be added to the correct OpenCart category. Here, the admin will -

  • Select the OpenCart category and then accordingly select the Etsy category and subcategories to which you want to map the OpenCart category with.
  • Click the save categories button to save the category mapping.
  • Be able to edit the mapped categories.
  • Be able to delete the categories.

 Import Products

The admin can import products from Etsy very easily. The admin will be able to import multiple and single product(s) using the Etsy listing Id. The admin can also select the Etsy listing type as active, expired, draft, etc. Here, the admin will -

  • Import Multiple Products.
  • Import Single Product.

 Order Synchronization with OpenCart Store

The admin can import the orders from Etsy to OpenCart Store. Here the admin will be able to import the orders based on -

  • Search All Receipts.
  • Search Receipts by Status.
  • Search Receipts.
  • Search Receipts by ID.

 Export Products to Etsy

Before exporting the products to Etsy, you will have to select the default values for the product being exported to Etsy. The admin will select the values for - State, Who Made it, When Made, Is Supply, and Shipping Template. After this, the admin can now -

  • Select the Product to export.
  • Click the Export to Etsy button.

  Opencart Etsy Connector Features -

  • Connect multiple Etsy seller accounts.
  • Import products from Etsy to your OpenCart store.
  • Export products from OpenCart store to Etsy.
  • Import multiple products to Etsy.
  • Import a single product using Etsy listing Id.
  • Select the default store for Etsy Order sync.
  • Select default order status for Etsy Orders.
  • Orders can be imported from Etsy to OpenCart Store.
  • Import Orders by – All Receipts, Receipts by Status, Search Receipts and Search Receipts by ID.
  • Map Etsy categories with the OpenCart categories.
  • Set Etsy product variation name as Option name for OpenCart store.
  • Multiple Image export for both the imported and exported products.
  • Select Enable/disable option to update imported products on Etsy store.
  • Select Enable/disable option to update exported products on Etsy store.
  • List of mapped products is visible for both the imported and exported products.

Opencart Etsy Connector Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/

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