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Magento 2 Booking App -Magento 2 Booking App is a great tool to convert your Booking and reservation website on Magento 2 platform to a native app that can be used anywhere and anytime. This will help the customer create dynamic booking and reservations like Appointment, Event, Rental, Hotel, and Restaurant Booking. It restricts the usage of the laptop/desktop, easing the customer. The app feature can prove to increase the sales of the store to provide high profitability in the store. The customer gets a user-friendly and enhanced user experience, which will increase customer engagement over the application. The app proves to be highly successful when the customer urgently needs a service and is missing the time to look for the place to hire the service.

Please Note- 

Highlighted Features

 Booking Product Type Support

The customer can create a book an appointment, event ticket, rental booking, hotel reservation, and restaurant table booking.

 Slot Based Booking

The store owner can create multiple slots for Appointment, Event, Rental, Hotel, and Restaurant Booking which customers can book.

 Impressive UI/UX

The app can engage the user by best features and user-friendly design.

 Unlimited Notifications

The store owner can share numerous notification with the customer to allow them to stay connected with the store.

 Review and Rating

The customer post taking advantage of services can share feedback using the app. Thus, helping the store owner to work more efficiently in the customer satisfaction part.


The booking product can be saved to a wishlist to be purchased in the future just like any other e-Commerce product.

Why use the advance app for booking and reservations?

The Magento 2 Booking app allows the customer to save their time in booking appointments, event tickets, rental bookings, hotel reservations, and restaurant table reservations. The customer need not visit a place physically to book or reserve it. Rather they can sit anywhere and process it. The app is highly user friendly to offer the best UI and easy navigation.

 An extended feature of Magento 2 Mobikul Mobile App Builder

This is an extended facility given to the app user from where they can do booking or reservation of the product.

The customer now no more required to struggle with the bookings of various things which may vary among doctor's appointments, hotel/restaurant booking, rental products, and event ticket booking with the help of the mobile app.

  • Add-on product type sales to increase sales.
  • No need to wait in the booking and reservation queues.
  • Pre-booked services can be handled easily.
  • No conflicts with booking the service.

 Banner sliders

The products and categories are easily attached to the banner which can slide through. This gives the admin the power to advertise in a better way and customers can easily look at the banner to purchase the product from them.

  • Improves the display in the application.
  • Can attract many customers.
  • Increment in the profitability of the store.

 Featured Products

The customer can purchase from various booking products. These can be displayed by admin on the homepage as exclusive products. This will give a better user experience, as they can easily find the best service on the very homepage.

  • Gives enhanced user experience.
  • A better showcase of product.

 Booking type Product Supported

The app gives the advantage to the customer to purchase from various booking products. the product can be-

  • Appointment- Under appointment the customer can book an appointment for either doctor clinic, parlor service, and other.
  • Rental- The customer can rent out any product from the car, bicycle, furniture, etc. for the required period of time from the given time slots.
  • Hotel-The customer needs not surf the whole web to look for the desired hotel to stay. They can just look for the desired hotel in the app as given by admin.
  • Restaurant- The customer can book the table of a restaurant right away from the app, from anywhere at any time from the available bookings.
  • Event- The customer can book the tickets for any event from the app, this will make the booking process easier.

 Easy and Convenient Booking and Reservation

  • The customer now no more need to worry about the appointment, booking, or, reservation of them for availing the service of a doctor, beautician, other such people.
  • As now they can just take their mobile phone easily look at for the required service and select from multiple choices available to them.
  • They no more need to look for a laptop or desktop for the services.
  • A faster way to book as compared to other modes.
  • Can select the time slot of their choice among the available once.
  • App gives the customer the power to book a service of their choice from the available services.

 Multiple Booking By Customers

  • The customer can book from multiple slots created by the admin.
  • The customer need not struggle anymore to get multiple appointments for the same service required.
  • The customer can book multiple slots for a day.
  • The customer can book for multiple days, for availing the service at the same time or at different times on different days.
  • Can put multiple booking on the cart and can easily checkout with the same.

 Easy sharing of Various Type of Booking Products

  • It is said that communication is the greatest tool to increase the demand, it creates royalty among the customers.
  • So the customer can easily share the booking product with their family, friends, etc.
  • This is a great feature to increase the popularity of your service as the customer now can share the liked service from the app.
  • The products from the app can be shared easily which improvises the marketing of the product.
  • The user can prescribe the booking product or service to anyone. This helps in more conventions.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/.

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