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Prestashop Reservation and Booking : “Online booking is trending’. An Online booking system allows you to receive booking 24 hours a day; therefore, your booking service is always open. It gives your business a kickstart. Using this module admin can make prestashop store as online reservation and booking store for any kind of ticket booking/ rental or hotel booking system . It gives your website an awesome functionality.

Not only this module will allow your customers to book products online but it will also allow admin to be able to add various benefits / features / discounts/ impacts with the booking product. Booking products can be made to be booked for a date range or for a time slot. Exciting booking price rules functionality of this module can also make your reservation site unique and user friendly.

Highlighted Features

 Efficiently Manage Booking Products

Add, preview, enable, disable, edit, or delete booking products from a single place.

 Add Booking Time Slots

Configure time slots for specific days or weekdays for booking services.

 Show Social Media Icons on Event Page

Increase the visibility of your events by letting users share them on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

 Add Flexible Price Rules

Create multiple price rules to offer discounts on bookings.

 Monitor Bookings

The extension includes a calendar where you can view the number of bookings done on a specific date.

 Show related events

Grab customers’ attention towards other events by showcasing them on the event page.

 Manually Create Bookings

Select the booking product, choose the date, and assign booking to the user.

Hotel Booking System

Easily manage hotel bookings with our Prestashop Reservation And Booking System module. Create a date range booking product type and add details like name, description, price, quantity, image, etc. Also, you can select days and dates for which you do not want to accept bookings. Set the minimum and maximum number of days for which customers can make bookings. View the number of rooms booked for specific dates using a calendar.

Create Bookable Services

The extension enables you to enable online bookings for multiple services. Whether a customer wants to book an appointment with the physician or book a table at his favorite restaurant. With Prestashop Reservation And Booking System, you can create multiple time slots for specific dates or days of the week. Customers can view the available time slots with price and book as per convenience. The admin can check the scheduled bookings with the calendar from the back office.

Event Booking

Convert your PrestaShop store into an event-driven site. Create event booking product by adding details like:

  • Start and end date & time of the event.
  • Language in which the event will be organized.
  • Age group of people who can book the event.
  • Category of event.
  • Banner image for an event.

Display the location of the event on the event booking page with Google Maps. Customers can view the event information and book the event as per convenience.

Rental Booking

Move your offline rental business to online with ease with the Prestashop Reservation And Booking System. Now you can rent anything on your website. You can rent out cars, jewelry, bikes, etc. You can easily create a rental booking product type in the PrestaShop back office. Set up rent price and minimum & maximum days for which customers can rent the product. Customers can select the date and rent the product.

Create Price Rules to Manage Discounts

With price rules, you can increase or decrease the price of your booking products. For example, you can decrease the prices of hotel rooms in September month as it can be off-season to encourage users to book your products. Also, you can increase prices for days like Saturday and Sunday when people usually plan their bookings.

Add any number of price rules and associate them with your booking products. All the price rules added by the admin are displayed on the booking product page.

Prestashop Reservation And Booking Features -

  • Support four booking product types: time slot, date range, event, and rental.
  • While adding date range and rental booking, set the minimum and maximum days for which products can be booked.
  • Display Google Maps on the booking product page.
  • For date range, time slot, and rental booking product type, disable bookings for special days i.e. Mon, Tue, Wed, etc and specific dates.
  • Add multiple time slots for different date ranges.
  • Set different price for different time slots.
  • Set different time slots each day of the week.
  • For the event booking product type, set language, age group, category, and banner image.
  • Add multiple time slots for an event for specific date.
  • Show event booking product in a separate page on the store.
  • Display WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter icons on event booking page.
  • Show copy to clipboard link on event booking page.
  • Show related events on event booking page.
  • Set how many hours before the customer can make bookings.
  • View available quantity, booked quantity, and price of a booking product for a specific date under Availability & Rates tab.
  • View available quantity, price, booked quantity, and status of a booking product for different time slots for a specific date and special days under the Availability & Rates tab.
  • Add, enable, disable, preview, edit, or delete booking product from a single grid.
  • Create multiple price rules and associate them with booking products.
  • Add price rule for date range or specific date.
  • The admin can also add price rule for special days in a specific date range.
  • Set impact of the price rule as increase price or decrease price.
  • Set the priority for price calculation that will be considered if a customer fits into multiple booking price rules.
  • Add, enable, disable, edit, or delete price rules from a single place.
  • Create orders for booking products on customer’s behalf from the back office.
  • Choose to consider ‘date to’ or ‘last date’ for price calculation while booking the product.
  • Show or hide booking price rules on product page.
  • Display booking products link in header navigation bar.
  • Show the price of a booking product before discount in strikethrough.
  • Choose to show Monday as first day of the week.

Prestashop Reservation And Booking Support -

For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com

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based on 13 reviews
Posted On - October 10, 2023
Functional module
Developer available quickly for every question asked.
Posted On - June 13, 2023
Very good module
Very friendly and responsive service, which helps in case of need.
Posted On - June 9, 2023
5 stars
Outstanding support and extensive module modifications availability. Highly recommended!
Posted On - January 12, 2022
100% recommended!
Excellent module and good support. I recommend it 100%. Perfect module to make reservations of different types.
Posted On - April 26, 2021
Absolutely great support
The product did not installed successfully at first time (probably due to an incompatibility with another installed module), but the support was absolutely great to give me help, resolving the issue quickly. They also kindly did some additional optimizations, deserving a 5 star rating on customer caring.
Posted On - April 23, 2021
Support was absolutely great to help
The product did not installed successfully at first time (probably due to an incompatibility with another installed module), but the support was absolutely great to give me help, resolving the issue quickly. They also kindly did some additional optimizations, deserving a 5 star rating on customer caring.
Posted On - March 13, 2021
Module Fonctionne bien
Fonctionne bien et très bon service après vente
Posted On - February 8, 2021
All my queries were resolved
These guys helped me a lot... I had a few changes within the functionality and they helped met with that. All questions I had where answered within a day and the module is doing what i needed it to do. So hereby my 5 stars. Thanks
Posted On - August 14, 2020
Good Module and very good customer service. Very professional
Competence, so good support , very available to help. It's a so big pleasure to work with.

Keep up your great work! And for new customer , don't hesitate , you will be happy with the result.
Posted On - June 3, 2020
The module didn't do exactly what we wanted but they developed the functionality for us :)
Posted On - March 20, 2020
Great support and very professional
Great support and product assistance availability. Competence in the analysis of customizations. Very professional !
Posted On - January 20, 2020
Excellent Support
This is a very good module. Easy to install and setup. I also got some custom work done and the support provided was excellent!
AB Consultores
Posted On - August 12, 2019
Booking and Reserve Module
The module is very complete, fits perfectly in the business lines that my company follows and aligned to the digital transformation in Peru, with direct solutions that reduce the learning curve.
The most important thing about Webkul is the personalization service they perform, very serious, accurate and to the user's satisfaction. It's a great team and I recommend it
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