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Etsy is a famous e-commerce website for hand-crafted and vintage items. The Etsy Connector Marketplace Add-on will integrate your Magento 2 Marketplace store to the Etsy store. The extension allows the admin and the marketplace sellers to be able to sync products, orders, and categories from Etsy to the Adobe Commerce store.

Also, the products can get exported from Magento 2 to the Etsy store. The admin can also set the option for the marketplace sellers that allows them to use his mapped categories or not.

Important Note:

  • To use Magento 2 Marketplace Etsy Connector add-on, Webkul Magento 2 Multi Vendor Marketplace must be installed.
  • You must contact the Etsy team to get the Etsy credentials.

 Highlighted Features

 Easy Integration

Flexible settings to integrate the marketplace into Etsy.

 Category Sync

Map categories to automate category assignment of products.

 Import Product

Import the products and start selling Etsy products on Magento.

 Export Product

Export the products and start selling Magento products on Etsy.

 Order Sync

Import Etsy orders and track the orders in a single place.

 Inventory Management

Cron for order import at every hour to update inventory.

 Add Etsy Seller Account

After the successful installation of the extension, the admin will have the Etsy Account Manager menu option available under the admin side panel. Here, the admin can add/edit or update the Etsy seller accounts as required. To add a new Etsy seller account, the admin will -

  • Enter the Etsy Shop Name which should be the same as your Etsy account.
  • Select the default Attribute Set.
  • Select the seller for whom you are adding the Etsy Account Information.
  • Enter the OAuth Consumer Key.
  • Enter the OAuth Consumer Secret.
  • Click the Save Etsy Account button to save the credentials.
  • Now, authenticate the account credentials by tapping the authenticate button.
  • Lastly, click the Save Etsy Account to save the Etsy Seller Account.

 General Settings

Under the general settings, the admin can configure 2 more settings related to - the Default setting for Import Etsy Products, and the default setting for Etsy Products. Under the general settings, the admin will -

  • Select the default store view for order sync.
  • Set default status for orders imported from the Etsy store.
  • The selected website will be assigned to all Etsy products by default.
  • Select Yes so that the product will get revised on Etsy whenever you update mapped products with Etsy on Magento.
  • Set Yes so that the product gets removed from Magento whenever you delete mapped products record with Etsy on Magento.

 Map Categories

  • Category mapping enables the imported products automatically get assigned to the mapped category only.
  • Select the Magento category and then accordingly select the Etsy category and subcategories with which you want to map the Magento category.
  • The sellers cannot map the parent categories.
  • The sellers need to select the leaf or sub-categories for mapping.
  • Only one category can be mapped at a time.
  • Separate list to view all the mapped categories.
  • Can delete or remove the existing mapped categories.
  • For product sync, the admin-mapped categories can be used if the seller hasn’t mapped the categories.

 Import Products

The admin and the seller can import the products from the Etsy store to its Magento 2 store. This module allows to:

  • First, select the status of the product that’s being imported.
  • Importing Products From the Etsy store will create the temporary product data and store it in the Magento store database.
  • And then create the imported products in the Magento store.
  • If a category is not mapped then, no category gets assigned to an imported product.
  • If the category mapping is done for the Etsy product category, then the imported products will automatically get assigned to the mapped category only.
  • The product information like product name, product images, SKU, description, price, quantity, product variations for a configurable product, Who made it? What is it?, When did you make it? get synced along with the product.

 Export Products

The admin and the seller can export the Magento store products to the Etsy shop. For this, the admin can:

  • Select as many as products you want to export to the Etsy store.
  • Check the exported product by navigating to the Etsy account page.
  • Can edit the exported product details by navigating to the Etsy account page.
  • Export simple, configurable, grouped and bundled product types.
  • The product information like Product name, Product images, SKU, Description, Price, Quantity, and product variations for a configurable product, Who made it? What is it?, When did you make it? get exported along with the product.

Note: Check the exported product after 15 minutes because the process of exporting products takes 10-15 minutes to reflect the exported products on the Etsy store.

 Complete Features List

  • The admin & seller can import and export products from Etsy.
  • The admin & seller can import orders from Etsy.
  • Simple, configurable, grouped and bundle products are exported.
  • The admin & seller can map categories of Etsy.
  • The admin can allow using his mapped categories.
  • Assign imported products to the correct Magento category.
  • The admin can add multiple seller Etsy accounts from the admin back-end panel.
  • Synchronized Etsy products work like same as Magento marketplace products.
  • The product can sync with Specifications and Variations.
  • Import Etsy orders according to selected dates.
  • Select the default website for importing products.
  • Select the Attribute Set ID for each Etsy account.
  • View mapping process result after execution.
  • Delete record entries from the product and order sync list.
  • Set default shipping template for exporting products.


For any query or issue please create a support ticket here http://webkul.uvdesk.com/. You may also check our top-quality Magento 2 Extensions.

based on 3 reviews
Matthew Sibberas
Posted On - December 22, 2023
Good Support and Service
Always very prompt, a great help
Jason Doan
Posted On - February 1, 2021
Great Support from Webkul!
I bought a software connector from Webkul that requires a good bit of setup and tweaking. Webkul's support helped me through the entire process. They were very responsive. I always got responses back in less than 24 hours or better. I am very happy with their support and am grateful that they have been so helpful. Highly recommended!!
Nazia Butt
Posted On - September 4, 2019
Fast and appropriate support
Very fast and dedicated team, Always help at hand and guide you the whole way! Thanks alot to Rajat- who has always been clear, supportive and polite for over a year now!!!
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